What Am I Going To Do Now? (Ianthony)

What Am I Going To Do Now? (Ianthony)

It's an Ianthony story.(Ian and Anthony from Smosh) It's kinda depressing. Enjoy the story.

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"I will always remember that day. The best and worst day of my life. I wish the worst never happened and now I have to deal with it." Anthony whispered to himself.

15 year old Anthony Padilla was having a normal day walking to the park just to stay away from his house. Headphones in and walking in a quick paste, to fast that he bumped to a boy about his age. "Oh my gosh! I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Anthony whispered to the kid. "Y-yeah, i'm okay." The boy quickly smiled. "Umm. What's your name?" He asked. "I-Ian" Ian smiled and looked his eyes. "I'm Anthony, nice to meet you. Where were you going?" "I'm going to the park by East Road. How about you?" "Oh! Same here!" Anthony smiled. "Want to walk with me?" "Sure!" They both looked at each other and walked to the park. They got to know each other more, got each others numbers, and both went home with a smile on both of their faces. "I like him" Anthony said.

It was the day that Anthony could never forget besides asking him out. It was challenging for him but he was glad he did so.

6 months later, Anthony and Ian were the best friends. They pretty much hung out all lot. Even though they weren't in the same school they would hang out after school at the same park where they met. "Hey Ian, can I ask you something?" Anthony said nervously. "Yeah dude, what is it?" Ian smiled. "Umm. Uhh.." "Yeah?" Ian leans closer. "I want to to ask you if you could be-" "boyfriend?" Anthony gasped and Ian giggled" "Of course!" Ian leans in and kisses Anthony. It lasted for ten seconds before Ian stopped the kiss. "I didn't know you were gay" "Well bisexual but just because I love you" Anthony's heart skipped a beat. "I love you too." They both smiled and hugged until they need to leave.

Since they were in a relationship, they did more and more things more than friends would do. They would have sleepovers almost every night and cuddle with each other while watching movies or going to bed. They were both lucky that both parents were very supportive. They loved each other so much, more than anything in the world. Until a year later, two months after their first year together. Something bad happened. The day that Anthony never hoped that happened.

Anthony was walking home from school with a smile on his face. So excited to meet Ian at the park until he got a phone call. Anthony picked up his phone and answered. "Hello?" "Is this Anthony Padilla?" This random lady answered. "Yes it is why?" "Your friend Ian Hecox has been in a terrible car accident and his parents wanted you to know the information." Anthony's smile faded "Can I see him?" "Yes you can sir but he is more likely not going to live. Please come quickly." "Alright thanks" Anthony had tears in his eyes and ran home tell his parents what happened. They drove and got to the hospital. Anthony got out of the car and ran into the hospital. He got to the check up and asked he could see Ian. The check up lady let him and lead him way to him. He still have tears in his eyes while they were walking. When he got to the room and walked in there, he saw Ian with bruises everywhere, and could hardly breath. Ian saw him and weakly smiled. "I am so sorry you have to see me this way." "It's okay. What happened?" His mom spoke "he was on his way from school, when he was at the street to our house, a drunk driver bumped into him. I heard the crash and ran outside and saw it. I immediately called the ambulance" She finished speaking before crying. "I'm so sorry." Ian spoke. "My goodness Ian, you didn't do anything! It was the drivers fault!" Anthony spoke. Ian's heart rate was getting slower and slower and his voice was getting lower and lower. Ian spoke for the last time. "An-Anthony, I love you" and then his heart rate was gone. Anthony crashed to the ground started crying. Ian's parents went with him and all cried. Anthony never felt so sad in his life. He said goodbye to Ian's parents and left still crying. He went to his parents and they saw what happened by his emotions. They hugged him and went to the car. He got home and went to his bedroom and hasn't came out for the rest of the night.

Since that day, Anthony became depressed. His life has changed forever. Anthony just wants to end it all, just to be back with Ian. His best friend who got to be his boyfriend. He had girlfriends in the past but Ian was way better. He harms himself and talks to Ian every night before going to bed. He doesn't want to be in relationships with other people because they weren't Ian. "What am I going to do now?" Anthony whispered to himself.
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Damn it!!! Feels!!!!
on April 18, 2016