More than Blood

Ever since they were pups they were inseparable. Even though they are brothers by blood, they see no difference. but a war between their kind and the humans break out and the brothers' bond are put to the ultimate test of loyalty and blood.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 - The marks

        I run through the pack's village and into my mother's den with my fluffy tail swaying as I stood on the front porch waiting for my brother to run up and when I see his black fur and I call out to him, "Shadow! Come on, hurry up Mother is waiting for us!". I wait for him to get to me and he stops and shakes off some dirt from his fur and says "You know Kesh, Your orange and white fur pattern makes it harder for us to hide from the guards you know.". I giggled and ran inside and straight to Mother and I sit on the couch and wait for Shadow to sit next to me so Mother can tell us about how day will be the most important day of our lives, Because today was the day we get our marks.

        A few seconds After Shadow sits down, Mother begins talking and says "Alright boys, as the alpha of the pack and your mother, I will be the one who conducts the marking ceremony and I will also be the one giving you two your marks and your marks will depend on how you two do in the tests but no matter what happens today I will still love you both just as much as I do now. so how about lets get going shall we boys.". I jump up excited and so does Shadow and Mother stands and waits for us to each take a hand and then we start walking to the ceremony grounds.

        Soon we arrive at the ceremony and Shadow and I take our positions for the tests and we we allowed to do it together and when the opponents were sent in for the first round we got back to back and waited ready then a opponent ran at me and I swapped my stance then i knocked them to the ground and they slid some then all the rest came running then Shadow and I fought them as best we could and we got hit a few times but we took the blows we could for each other then we finished the last opponent and my arm started hurting but I endured and the next test was agility and Shadow and I shared a look then nodded and ran towards it and got ready.

        The second we were to to Start, Shadow and I took off and right through the course and I help him in some areas and he does the same for me. We soon complete the course in record time. The last test was presented to us and it was a test of what we would do if one of us turned against the other and we both said in unison "I'd fight to bring him back no matter the cost.". I saw a look on mother's face. A Face I didn't recognize. Shadow and I walk towards the marking area and we kneel down and sit on our feet and await for our mother and the elders.
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