The Golden Fire in the Sunset

The Golden Fire in the Sunset

This story is about a girl who went into a wonderous forest. Then, she was too hot that the sun fell on her! She realizes that she has heat and sun-related powers! But she doesn't want them! Will she be able to get rid of her powers? Or will she live with them throughout her entire life? Find out and read my story!

published on January 15, 20168 reads 2 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Adventure Time

  Hi. My name is Jessica. I'm 13 years old. I was washing dishes, cleaning my room, and I had to go to my baby-sitting job. I just had my 2-hour nap, and I'm ready to start an adventure. Last time, I went to Hollow Forest. I found some pink delicious berries. Then, before I knew it, everyone in my house was sickly and needed to be in an ER. Every adventure I've been in ends in a disaster! I don't know what keeps me going. I guess I just really love adventures. Anyway, I grabbed my adventure bag and headed out to The Forbidden Forest of Sunsets. That sounds nice. What could go wrong there?
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I think I wrote a very great story
on January 15, 2016