Cupid's Victim (J-Dog x Leona Williams) || By: emoangel28

Cupid's Victim (J-Dog x Leona Williams) || By: emoangel28

A Hollywood undead story. Leona Williams falls in love with her nextdoor neighbor Jorel Decker AKA J-dog but his ex-girlfriend ruins for Leona and J-dog. I take no credit for the plot line, but the characters are mine besides Vanessa and the members of HU.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: The Boy

One again I will say I do not own the plot line I got it from a book I like. I also don't own the Hollywood Undead characters. I wish I did, but I don't. Leona, Faith, Cyle, Charity, & C.J are my characters I made/know these people.
--Start of the story--
        All I can really remember is a loud bang then screaming and a warm liquid on my face and hands. Then I woke up in a dark cold room on a not so comfortable bed. I was looking around for any hint to give a way where I was, but everything was so plain. The door opened and a nurse walked in. ‘Oh I’m in a mental hospital’ I told myself. In a couple months my dad will come to pick me up from The Doncaster Phycratic Hospital and take to L.A a whole city full of mentally ill people. Either actually mentally ill or metaphorically mentally ill. I found out that my mom died and that caused me to have a mental breakdown so that's why I was here. ‘Hi I’m Leona Williams. Welcome to my life’ I tell myself.
        I was pulling up to this big house in Bellair. I hate big cities and houses. This is both of the two mixed into one, but I have no choice now because my mom passed away so I have to live with my dad. I’m petting my dog Grace as we are driving so I don’t have an anxiety attack as much. I’m not very fond of cars. Never have and never will. I got out as soon as the driver hit the breaks I opened the door and jumped out. Grace followed me. Grace is a red and white purebred Siberian Husky and she is my service dog. My dad was just barely getting out of the taxi when I walked onto the sidewalk.
         A little girl yelling makes me turn around to the house next to my dad’s. “Jorel dinners ready!” she yelled. There was no reply. “JOREL-!” she was cut off by a deep voice. “I’m coming Danielle! God cool your tits!”. Her reply made me giggle. “I don’t have any to cool.” All I see is a person in a black hoodie with short black hair climbing down from the tree house in the backyard. Before he gets to the ground he glances back at me. This intrigued me more and I wanted to get to know him. “So ready to head in?” My dad said snapping my attention back on to him. “Oh that's Jorel Decker he's the oldest kid over there. He is your age actually.” my dad realized that I was focused on them. “Oh okay” I said and we started to drag my luggage in.
        We got all my stuff in the room I will be staying in. The room was a light grey color all around. Even the furniture was grey. It didn’t bother me too much since I will be decorating it this weekend to the way I want it. I had everything put away and all of my stuff will be coming some time this week. I sat at my desk in front of the window. The window faced the house where I saw the black haired boy. I thought about him for some reason. What is the exact color or colors of his eyes? What does his voice sound like up close? How tall was he? Is his hair naturally black or is it dyed like mine? I don’t know why, but my thoughts were filled with the misterius boy living next to me.
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