Tornado triplets are trouble?

Tornado triplets are trouble?

There has been a crime on mount aris and the the Twister twins (triplets) get accused. They end up blaming eachother and het into more trouble.

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Twister trouble

Twister trouble

   Today, the twister triplets are going to try and get their cutie marks. They just finished homework when their blank flanks were glowing. "That's weird." , Venus said. " Is our cutie marks doing homework. ". Cloud watcher said as he slammed his head in his book. "No, it's flickering in and off." Venus replied. " let's see Twilight! " "Fine." Cloud watcher said as he rushed out of their ally home.
     As they rushed to the school of friendship. "I dont recall giving you two fillies a detention." Said twilight. "You didn't" Venus replied. The two triplets stowed her their glowing flanks. "Your getting called by the map?!?" Twilight said with a gasp. "Huh?" Venus and Cloud watcher said together. "Looks like you are going to Mount aris!" Twilight said. "That is out of Equestria!" Cloud watcher said. "Indeed it is! Its a 1 hour ride, so you should pack some things! Meet me at the station at 5!"
     The triplets rushed to the station at 5, like twilight said. "We packed about everyrhing." Venus said. When thwy hopped on the train, cloud watcher showed a panflip to Venus. "Here it says that this has the highest number of tornado activity!"  "Woah! We stopped a bunch of f1, 2, and 3 in the past. Only 1 f4, but never incountered a place where we have a better chance of getting an f5! Venus said. "Calm down lil sis, we have seen a f5 in the past." Cloud watcher said to venus. "Ya." Tears started forming in their eyes.
     About an hour lader, they arrived. "We are here!" The two triplets screamed. Every griff looked at them weirdly. A tornado alarm sounded. the triplets could see the f1 in the distance. "Eh, no biggy. It wont hurt." Cloud watcher said to twilight and his little sister. They walked as the annoying tornado alarm sounded. They heared somthing magical come from the ocean. When it poped out, it scared Cloud watcher and Venus. "Hi, im ocean Breeze. Dont mind the tornados, its only a..." Cloud watcher interupted her "...f1. Im cloud watcher, this is my little sister, Venus. We are triplets." "Why is there only two of you?" This made venus mad, Cloud watcher stopped her from igniting herself. "Our middle brother, Granimi Sprout, mom, and dad died from an f5." Cloud watcher said saddly. "Oh, let me show you arround!"
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