Andre Winchester, age twelve when she first meets the Winchester boys in small town Gettysburg PA. Her parents were killed in a fire that the boys started to kill the demons within. The boys teach her all they know, and when she turns thirteen, she takes off. She creates a name in the hunting world, and the legal world. When the silver eyed demon comes, she realizes that he isn't really a demon. He was a hunter too. He is turning great hunters into something much stronger. And that's what he turns Andre into. And then she meets Castiel.

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Chapter 1.
How We Met

How We Met

I met the Winchester boys when I was twelve. My parents had taken me to Gettysburg that morning, gave me a few bucks and let me wander around. It was a bit odd, since they wouldn't let me walk five feet from them in the grocery store, but I took my opportunity and ran. I had some ice cream, got some new clothes and continued just wandering around looking. I walked past a small shop, preparing to go in, but a car pulls up beside me. The window rolls down and a voice echoes from within.
"Get in the car." The man's voice demands. I frown and think of a good way to buy time.
"Make me." I reply. A gun barrel sticks out of the small crack and this is threat enough. I jump into the back of the old but pretty awesome looking car. "Where are we going?"
"A place," I frown.
"Where are my parents?" It is quiet for a long time, and I begin to figure I won't get an answer. I feel the car turn onto a gravel road. The driver and passenger jump out once the car is stopped and then I am drug out.
"They're dead,"A shorter man responds.
"What do you mean?" They sigh.
"Well since you've been adopted as our little sister, we should tell you..." They sigh heavily. "We're hunters. We hunt and kill demons, ghosts and monsters." After a while of convincing I figure it out. They aren't lying.

I spend about a year with them before one night taking off on my own. Here I am, age seventeen and just killed one of five genes in this small town. It's the last one though. I hurry to my Mustang and write in my journal my findings. I start the engine and haul butt out of the area. I head for Texas, as there have been some signs of demon activity in Frost.
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Well done. Very awesome
on May 18, 2014