Povs with music and short stories

I create POVs to go with a song, and write a short story about it. My writing isn't the best so please be kind! <3

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Povs with music and short stories

Pov: A young boy with a poor family has a nightly visitor that soothes him.

TW: Verbal fights, mild swearing.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNANMMT7siE  (The Night - Narrow Skies) LISTEN TO THIS AS YOU READ!

Mark lay on his bed, staring at the window, tears pouring down his cheeks. “Where are you?” He whispered and closed his eyes again as shouting erupted from elsewhere in the house.
The moon shone on his bed, and even though his eyes were closed, he could imagine its beams of light dripping on the old wood floor, caressing the patterns in the woods, and filling up the cracks with golden light.
“You fvcking retard! You spent the last of our money on lottery tickets?! How could you! We have a house to feed!” His mother’s cries rattled from downstairs, followed by angry footsteps.
“Maybe if you didn’t buy Mark new shoes, we would have money for food!”
Mark turned to his side, looking desperately at the trees just outside his window. “Please come….” It was his own fault, wasn’t it? It was Mark’s fault his mom had to buy him shoes, now they had no money. No food. And now his angel wouldn’t come. He ruined everything. Maybe if he had just sucked it up it put cardboard on his feet everything would be alright…

“He didn’t have shoes, what was I supposed to do? Send him to school barefoot in the snow?!” His mom screeched, her voice breaking and sounding like a dying cat.
“You bitch, he could have stayed at home! He doesn’t need school; all they do is teach them useless shit.”
There were more shouts, indistinguishable, but nonetheless terrifying. He was the cause of those shouts, wasn’t he? All because of some shoes….
Mark slid off his bed timidly and crept to the door with the intentions of closing it. Yet as soon as he walked, he was crippled with hunger cramps. He hadn’t eaten all day, and it was taking its toll. He crawled to the door and shut it, immediately the yelling faded somewhat, and he propped himself up against the door.
“I should leave.” He murmured to himself, his eyes flitting around his room, spying his new shoes next to his bed, under the light of the moon.
He looked up and saw the most beautiful woman smiling down at him, her hair was like a white mist, and she had the kindest face he had ever seen. Her clothes were white too, and she seemed to be made of light, as the floor around her was illuminated. It was his angel.
“It’s not your fault, Mark.” She whispered, reaching out for his hand, her voice soft and soothing like a calm river. She pulled him off the cold ground and led him back to his bed, pulling the blankets around him.
“Do you want to hear a song?” She asked.
“Yes, please.” Mark wiped the tears off his cheeks and sat up against his pillow, waiting.
“Why do you think we have the night?”
“What do you mean?”
She smiled, “Let me sing to you:  >>(skip to 1:42 in the music video)<<
        “Tell your heart: don't hide away. For the night was made for times like these.
          Let the dark hold your pain. In a whisper only we could understand.
         Tell your heart: don't fade away. For the night was made to save us.
         Let the dark carry this pain. With a voice only we could understand.”

“God loves you, Mark.” She whispered at the end, “Don’t forget that. Everything will be alright.”


True to her word, the angel was right. The very next day, his mother opened the door only to find boxes and boxes of canned goods and clothes, mittens and even a pair of shoes among them.
“Where did this all come from?” Mark asked his mother as he helped her unload everything into the cupboards.
“Your dad said he got a call from the village this morning, apparently everyone chipped in.”
“How did they know?”
“Who doesn’t know, Mark? It’s no big secret we’re the poorest family around.”
“Just accept it, Mark, it doesn’t matter as long as we have food. Oh, and guess what?”
“I finally got a job at the local grocery store.”
“Oh wow! That’s awesome!” He beamed brightly, “Everything’s working out!”

“It seems that way, maybe you’ll even be able to go to university!”
“Yeah!” For once, that dream didn’t seem out of total reach, and he happily stuffed the last can into the shelves.
They would eat well tonight.

Let me know what you thought of this, I know it had religious undertones, I just thought it kinda fit in well so yeah. I'll make another pov soon, with different characters and settings too.
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