A pokemon girl story !

A pokemon girl story !

I got bored so I decided to make a pokemon story so I hope you enjoy it

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Chapter 2.

Sage's first pokemon !

"Sage !" Erica cried as she felt blood come from her leg. You see, Sage has 3 sisters, Erica being the youngest.Erica was riding her bike without training wheels and she just started on practicing riding her two wheeler yesterday and Sage and Sara were helping but Erica felt weak and useless since everyone had to help her with just about everything so today she tried riding her two wheeler by herself but that obviously failed. Sage rushed out of the house and saw her sister sprawled out on the ground with blood oozing out of her leg "oh my gosh ! Erica what the heck happened ?" She said as she rushed to her sisters side "I tried riding my two wheeler..." She replied "without anyone helping you ?" Sage then helped her sister stand up, wiping Erica's tears off her face "I just feel weak" Erica said looking up at Sage with sadness in her eyes "Erica your not weak, you just have some flaws" Sage smiled at Erica and took her hand and walked her into the house,and then sat her down on the couch. Sage then got a band-aid and put it on Erica's leg after wiping the blood off with a tissue, Amber walked up to them "something happen ?" She asked "yeah Erica tried riding her bike without one of us there" Sage answered, Amber sat down next to Erica "why did you ride your bike without anyone there ?" She snapped (sometimes Amber can get upset easily especially if Erica does something wrong) Erica looked down at her feet and then back up at Amber "I just feel like I'm useless and weak..." She said tears forming in her eyes (Erica is sensitive, like me !) and like magic or something, Amber's face went from angry to uh..non angry ? It wasn't happy but...something "well Erica I know for a fact your not useless but at times your we-" Sage nudged Amber in the side "ow !" She yelped, glaring at Sage "I mean your not useless and your defiantly not weak" Amber then smiled at Erica "I'm gonna go make dinner now" Amber said as she stood up and walked toward the kitchen. After that Erica and Sage watched tv and soon Sara joined in and once Amber finished making dinner the 4 siblings ate dinner and then went to bed.

The next morning, Sage woke up happily because today she was going to get her first pokemon and her options were: Torchic,Treeko and Mudkip. Amber told her last night that she could get her first pokemon tomorrow but she has to bring Erica with her since the two share a very close bond and Erica is attached to her and she doesn't want to deal with Erica's crying. Sage agreed to it, she put on a pikachu t-shirt that said 'gotta catch em all !' and shorts with a poke ball on the left side, then she put on her blue baseball cap and went downstairs "morning !" Sara greeted "are you going on your pokemon journey today ?"  "Yeah but once I get all eight gym badges and beat the Hoenn league I'll come home,okay ?" Sage said smiling "ok !" Sara then hugged Sage

The two then went to the kitchen where they found Amber making bacon and eggs "morning you two" Amber greeted "morning" Sara and Sage said in unison. Sage sat down next to Erica and Sara sat across from Erica. "So are we going to travel together ?" Erica asked excitedly "yup and so are Kisa and Angela"  "Angela too ?! This keeps getting better and better" (Erica and Angela are best friends) after they ate breakfast Erica got out of her pajamas and put on her pichu t-shirt and yellow shorts (pichu is Erica's favorite pokemon) after that Erica and Sage went over to Kisa and Angela's house. Sage rang there door bell,Angela answered "h-hello ?" She had a bat in her hands "oh ! Erica and Sage,morning !" She greeted putting on her sweet smile that could break anyone's heart "why did you have a bat in your hands ?" Erica asked "I uh thought maybe you guys were kidnappers trying to abduct me and murder me...but I was wrong !" She said as she let the two in and put her bat back in her room under her bed (she is scared that someone might hurt her) "Kisa-chan is upstairs" (I've been watching so many Japanese animes so I might put 'kun' or 'chan' in someone's name..just a heads up) "hey mom ! Dad ! Erica and Sage are here" Angela yelled to her mother and father "ok honey ! Can you please get Kisa down here ? Professor Birch has been waiting for a long time now so you guys should get going" Myra yelled back  "ok !" Angela then went upstairs and got Kisa "hey guys" she said "hi" Erica said "hey" after that there was awkward silence "well what are we waiting for ? Let's get our pokemon !" (Except for Erica and Angela they aren't 10 and up)

The 4 went to professor Birch's lab "hello you 4 ! So Kisa and Sage,you ready to get your first pokemon ?" He said "yup"they said in unison. Sage picked  Mudkip and Kisa picked Torchic.
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