Sylvie and her Adventure

Sylvie and her Adventure

My Oc, Sylvie is sucked into the our world, with where friends, my other OCs at stake. Can she save them?

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Chapter 1.


Sylvie’s POV
Hi. My name is Sylvie. I’m 16 years old. I’m half neko and half demon. My mom, the neko, fell for my dad, the demon. And they had me. But, they unfortunately died. A race called the Electrofry’s didn’t want this interracial relationship to work out. They destroyed the Neko world, and then killed my parents, after Mom gave birth to me.

From then on, Grandpa took care of me, and he told me everything that happened when I was 10. I met a wonderful friend named Sera at age 13. She’s like my older sister. (She’s a year older than me). I’m Satan’s great granddaughter and we’re extremely close. But I’ll talk more about that later. Right now, I’m looking for someone.

I sighed, as I brush my hair out. My blue eyes stared back at me I think he mirror. My white tail with the pink tip swishing back and forth. My ears with the same color scheme as my tail were perked up, listening for anyone who might pass by.

I didn’t expect to have to hide in a dusty motel when the Electrofry’s sent me here, but I’ll do what it takes to find that person.

I have to find her.
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