The Story Of Lapis Lazuli

The Story Of Lapis Lazuli

This is the story of how Lapis Lazuli came to be a homeworld gem and how she got trapped in a mirror anyway please enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
Lapis Lazuli Begins On Homeworld

Lapis Lazuli Begins On Homeworld

So long ago on a planet in space called The Cloud Arena and it was led by a leader named Blue Diamond she had a Pearl of her own and their was a gem with wings named Lapis Lazuli she could summon wings made of water she didn't really have a gem weapon except sorcery water powers and she had hydrokinesis and she was young and she didn't quite have that much control over her hydrokinesis and her water powers would summon everytime she got mad and she was a member of Blue Diamond's court she was quiet and she wanted to betray Blue Diamond and go to homeworld and be a member of Yellow Diamond's court cause it's too quiet on the Cloud Arena

and so she had glasses and a blue dress with a blue see through and she had long sleeves that you could see through and she flew to Blue Diamond and said "my diamond what do you want me to do go on a mission it's too quiet here why do you make us just stand around no one here hardly talks" Blue Diamond said "fine go to Earth and see what's going on and then come back" Lapis Lazuli flew to Earth and she came back and said "my Diamond there was humans playing ball"

So then the Cloud Arena was attacked by rebels from White Diamond's court and Lapis threw icicles at the rebels but they snuck up on her and poofed her with a sword and Blue Diamond threw a sword at the rebels and sent them back to white Diamond's court and then she called white Diamond and let her know to punish the rebels for attacking The Cloud Arena and she was friends with White Diamond like Yellow Diamond was they all were friends.
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