The Ghost-Cat of Blossomclan (Follow-up)

A story about a ghost-cat, but not just any ghost-cat. The creepiest one you could ever imagine. Please read this because if you do, you'll get a better understanding about Part 1. I should have created the trailer before this, though. Never mind. Read on, reader...

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Chapter 1.

The Festival

It was a lovely day. just the best day to run in the fresh grass. The Festival of The Flowers was in five days. Everyone was excited!
Pebblekit rushed into Goldenkit's room, his invitation bag empty.

"Goldenkit! Did you set up those banners?" screamed Pebblekit, a young white kitten with black patches and a 'fresh' tone, as some kits would call it.
"Yes," replied Goldenkit, a yellow kittten who was very 'bossy', according to Pebblekit. "I did. But I hope you invited Blossomkit, because you had a falling-out with her.
"Yeah, whatever"
"Well, DID YOU?!"
"I didn't." said Pebblekit shamelessly
Goldenkit sighed a long sigh. "You BEAST!"
"Hey! Let's not shout. It's still five days, pal." reassured Pebblekit.
Goldenkit walked out of the door and slammed it.
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