The truth of Silver

The truth of Silver

this story tells how Silver,my oc,becomes who she is now,(please say if you want me to do one of these for my other oc Shadow in the comments)

published on December 16, 20154 reads 2 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


The darkness overwelmed the forest,leaving Silver alone,vulnerable to any creature. The spell has still not worn off,she lays there,dead,no one to revive her. The trees sway in the wind creepily,leaves brush against Silver. The wind blows the hair out of Silvers face,revealing a dark scar across her eye. A sound,a very faint sound,came from deep in the forest,almost as if trying to save Silver with words alone. The spell slowly wears off,Silver jerks away. The wind slows,the trees stop swaying,and the sound goes away,leaving Silver in silence. Silver hisses at the silence,"where is everyone?", she asks quietly. Silver gets up,but she cannot walk. She tries again,realizing something painfully true, her leg is bent the wrong way.

Silver groans, and looks up at the trees canopy. Silver spots something near hear feet covered in leaves, a note. She picks it up,scanning it though not reading the whole thing. Silver spots a word,slightly smudged,"Wolf" the word is writen in almost scratch like handwriting. Just then Silver hears a low growl,She drops the note,and looks around frantically trying to find the note and whatever made the noise. A small tug on her hair makes Silver jump and scream. She looks behind her to see a playful wolf pup,playing with her long silver hair. Silver smiles and reaches to pick up the wolf pup. A growl stops her dead in her tracks. The wolf pup turns his head to the side and waddles over to a bush. Silver finally sees where the growl came from. A large black wolf stands almost face to face with her. Silver stares curiously at the wolf,wondering why it hasnt torn her apart. The wolf lays down in front of silver and rolls over on its back,playfully sticking its tongue out. Silver stares,wide eyed. The wolf just surrendered to Silvers commands. Silver holds out her hand to let the wolf sniff her.
The wolf bolts up and licks her face.
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Sorry guys there are some minor word mistakes in. My story
on December 16, 2015