How pinkie pie made her dress (a headcanon for the fanfic cupcake)

A story I made of how the pinkie pie (of cupcake) made her dress. Story (c) me Cupcake (c) seargent sprinkles

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Cupcake the dress

Pinkie finally finished her cupcakes, but the skins of her victimes remained still on the bodies and wanted to do something usefull with them. Suddenly an idea struck to her mind, she carry the pile of flesh cleaned from the blood and galloped to the rarity's boutique. She screamed:
- Rarity Rarity Rarity! I really really really really... need your help , because it's very, very, very, very, very... important!!
Rarity was working hard on her new dresses, it seemed pretty busy.
-Oh! Huh, what is it Pinkie pie? I am actually working very hard on my new dresses and I'm kinda very busy right now. I hope it's really that important.
- Of course it is silly ! Can you make a dress for me ? I have many ski- uh tissues for make one! They are red, purples, blue, yellow, light green, forest green, pastel orange, yellow sun  ...
- Okay ,okay Pinkie I see...But where does these come from ?
She's started a panic to find a good lies.
-Well... I bought them!
-O-Oh I see...
Rarity was a bit confuse of of what she said, pinkie pie has never cared much about her look and she's never asked her to make anything for her exept for the gala dresses.
-I'll see what I can do. Tell me how you want them to look.
Rarity remember perfectly the day when she has to make dresses with the advice of her friend, it was a really bad idea and it turned into an embarassement for her, Rarity pray  that this time it will not be worse, because with pinkie we can expect anything.
They spent wole the day to making this dress, Pinkie was talking too fast and she was changing her mind everytime for the colors. But the result wasn't bad as we could imagine the dress was fully patched of pony skin and some cutie marks. Of course Rarity is not in current of the acts of murder of her friend. Pinkie was very satisfied of it, but Rarity wasn't, she hate those parts of "tissues" made in patching. Rarity was tired, but of course Pinkie is not.

-Uhh... Pinkie are you sure you want to keep this dress?
-Yes yes yes yes ! It is beautiful thank very much Rarity !
-Your welcome I guess...
Then she collapsed with fatigue
pinkie returned happy and satisfied, to add more fancy on her dress she sewed the pegasus wings of different colors on it, and made a necklace with the horns of unicorns. This time She wont take the white unicorn to her basements during she sleep. She reserved this place for another friend. Rainbow Dash.
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