Enerons Journey

Eneron finds an unknown attic in his house, searching for something mischeveous to do. Whilst doing so Eneron discovers a note from long ago that could be able to stop the lord dracularus from over coming. Eneron starts wondering about his way of life and how his life will change throughout his journey.

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The boy stood there horrified of what might be the fate of  himself. The soldiers marching through the city of rusty, big houses, destroying everything and everyone in their way. Fires were burning prodigiously as the farmers and blacksmiths screamed and shouted for their little ones before losing hope. The city of Honiara was under attack. The men all rushed to their houses to grab swords and any other sharp and useful weapons they had. Children of the village ran everywhere moving as fast as they could to get out of the guards' way. Terrified villagers ran fearfully around the town's outskirts but the guards still kept sprinting closer and closer to the stone which had once saved them from this evil. The men guarded the stone surrounding it with stakes and blades knowing that would keep the guards from it. Lord Dracularus, otherwise known as the master of evil, was stirring. The stone that had put him to sleep is endangered and since he was woken up, only a true member of the family of light can destroy him and wield the rocks power. The men stood around knowing that whatever happens they must make sure the stone is safe. Trees sizzled as the children and villagers fought against the sweltering heat of the fires. Gigantic clouds of black, dark smoke rose into the dark night sky. Slash, clink, clang. The sound of swords and other weapons hitting each others' sharp, thin edges.  A young boy ran as fast as he could to the mountains, his mother and father perished in the large, red, hot flames burning the village. He was the only one the guards avoided and he was the only one who survived that night.
He lived in sorrow and spite for the rest of his life growing closer and closer to the answers. He felt selfish for not even thinking of helping his father, mother or even any of the villagers there. He stood as a weakling in the eyes of his parents and the villagers at the tradgedy.The closer he grew to the answer the older he got so the man spread clues all around the land hoping that one day his friend’s son or someone would go on a journey to find and finish his quest.

The boy must have 2 companions as I may say and must always be obedient and responsible. He must be good-hearted and friendly, thoughtful and caring. He must be skillful and smart as well as his two compainions. My clues are hidden in the deepest most treacherous places at each of the most terrible points in the map.
The man wrote down and left it beside his map of Honiara and sword then put it into a box. The man died two days later leaving his letter hidden in that box. The days passed, then months, then years had passed yet no one had found the letter. The only new trees grew older and weaker before dying. For more than 50 years sons of sons and so on have passed the house down and left without knowing the secrets that were lurking in the corners of the house. No one even dared to look into the attic where past people left their stuff. But that was all about to change at last ..........
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