Tears Of Pain (2)

Tears Of Pain (2)

I hope you saw tears of pain (1) or you won't understand tears of pain (2)

published on October 04, 201411 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Starting The Part (2)

Starting The Part (2)

Me and justin were waiting in the temple stairs for zooki the master of the temple so he can open it me and justin knew zooki so after half an hour we saw zooki come he had a long white beard he has been there for a long long time after he got there zooki said hello young children we have much to do he could read minds so he knew what we were thinking of so we got in the temple and there was a ball but not a normal ball it was the crystal ball the most important ball in the universe it is kept there for since the world started it was getting weak cause evil people are invading and we need more hero's so zooki sent us to go to the torn temple cause he had things to tell us so i was sitting i in the middle hall of the temple and i asked justin that what if we were stuck her what would happen justin said we would never be and he said if we were we wouldent die ever
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