Little Lies and Secrets

Little Lies and Secrets

Pippin and Emmy have just recently quit their jobs and have returned to hunting full time again. They happily look for any excuse to join the Winchester brothers and their Angel, Castiel, on the hunt for a witch that seems to have it out for anyone who looks remotely close to Pippin. But like the Winchesters, the girls have their own brand of bad luck and nothing ever goes to plan. Eventually Pippin decides enough is enough...

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Chapter 1.

The Winchester Five

  The motel door slammed shut with a satisfying bang, rattling the shelves along the ugly cream colored walls as Pippin (what she went by since no one knew her real name) stalked into the room. Her strawberry-blonde hair was an fluffy mess of an elegant bob and the bags under her dark green eyes were made even more noticeable by the pale complexion of her skin. Emmy hardly looked up from her laptop, stationed on the bed closest to the door, before she brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes.
        “I’m guessing you found them?” Emmy asked quietly as she closed the laptop with a soft click before pushing it to the side and turning to follow her friends progress across the room. Pip shot Emmy a nasty look that clearly meant yes before she started to pace back and forth across the little space they had between their scattered stuff and duffle bags. She patted her hands against her thighs, a nervous habit, and chewed on the bottom of her lip before Emmy finally couldn’t take how much her friend was pacing. The toxicologist stood up and brought the looping process to a halt before it could repeat again.
        “When was the last time you had something like coffee or mint leaves?” Em asked seriously and Pip ran a hand through her hair before deciding it was in her best interest to answer the quiet hunter.
        “The Friday before we came back to Oregon?” She answered, almost evasive about it before her shoulders dropped, slouching at last; posture be damned. She had practically run herself into the ground looking for the frickin Winchester brothers and, even though she should have, she refused to pray to Castiel to just take the two women to the brothers location. Pip was much too stubborn to admit that neither of them could find the boys. A sudden knock on the door shook the silence and both hunters gave each other a look. If it hadn't been for the fact that Pippin started scowling again Emmy would have most certainly jumped for her sawed off shot gun on the bedside table.
        “Was that really necessary?” The low voice asked in exasperation, causing Pippin to lift her head up from where she was hunched over and she barely resisted rolling her eyes at the men entering the motel. Emmy frowned at the three men before she turned her gaze back to Pippin, the older hunter having a retort about to fall from her lips like the Niagara Falls. Instead she hesitated a moment before letting her head flop down on the bed along with the rest of her body as she let out an over dramatic gasp, grasping her own plaid flannel and tank top over where her heart would be.

        "Oh God Dean you wound me!" She cried and Dean simply rolled his eyes at the strawberry-blonde before she continued on in her mock dramatic acting voice.

        "How about you take that pretty Colt and shove it up your a-"

        "Coffee anyone?" She asked and Dean shot a smirk her way before she turned her gaze away, blushing, to look at Sam and Castiel. She knew Cas didn't need nor want to drink anything so her unnerving gaze was turned fully upon the youngest Winchester. Sam shifted a bit uncomfortably as Pippin moved in the background and suddenly Sam shrugged.
        "Sure." He said with a small cough and Emmy turned around to begin the coffee. Cas stood awkwardly next to Pip as she collapsed onto the bed, closing her eyes in exhaustion. She closed her eyes in exhaustion, firmly ignoring the annoying older Winchester. If the five vamp hunts hadn't drained all of her patience and energy then finding the brothers had. She wasn't just bruised and sore from the hunts and the searching but mentally she was just done with everybody excluding Emmy, Castiel, and Sam...oh wait that meant she was 110% done with just Dean. That sounded about right. She wrinkled her nose at the strong smell of coffee and she immediately regretted not packing that big bottle of Ibuprofen before they left. She hated coffee and only drank it if she desperately needed it. Normally it had to have been one shitty night for Pippin to tolerate coffee in any form.
        "We've got this case here in town. Pip thinks it's a demon but I'm thinking it's witches." Emmy's voice wafted from the counter where she was finishing up the three cups of coffee. She whistled sharply and Pippin lifted her head, opening her eyes as well, and Em tossed her a small decorative jar. Pip barely caught it, the jar teetering on the tips of her fingers for a brief moment, before she set it on the bed and opened it. Instantly anyone within a foot or two of the jar caught a strong whiff of mint, the smell tapering off as they adjusted to it. Castiel leaned over Pip's shoulder, his dark blue eyes narrowing slightly as he tilted his head to one side in confusion and curiosity.
        "What is that?" He asked in a low voice, oblivious to how Pip straightened suddenly with a blush creeping across her freckled cheeks. At this point any conversation going on between the others was lost on the two. She shifted around on the bed until she was sitting, with her legs crossed, in front of Cas. The small jar was full of tiny little mint leaves and Castiel leaned in closer, curious as to how it might taste. He'd never seen these delicate little leaves during his time with the Winchesters. A small smile graced Pip's lips and she pulled a leaf out of the jar.
        "They're mint leaves. Here try one." She offered and Castiel took it carefully from between her fingers, examining it before deeming it safe and putting it into his mouth. He chewed for a second before his eyes widened almost comically causing Pip to giggle a bit.
        "Oh sorry Cas. I might have given you one of the stronger ones like spearmint. I always have three different kinds in the jar for variety." She apologized, still grinning at Cas' reaction to the spearmint. He swallowed and shrugged.
        "I just wasn't expecting it to be so...colorful." He remarked and Pippin couldn't help but get lost in his gaze.
        "Hey did you lovebirds hear a word we said?" Dean butted in and Pip's face flushed red with embarrassment as she turned to glare at the older Winchester.
        "I assumed you were just gonna flirt with Em." She slung back at him and the tips of his ears slowly turned red as a faded pink color dusted his freckled cheeks.
        "Pip behave." Em warned as the two older hunters glared each other down before huffing at the same time and looking away at Emmy's words. Yeah behave wasn't a word when the Winchesters were around. Dean needled and teased both woman on purpose and while Emmy could handle it, Dean managed to piss Pippin off in more ways than just one and all he had to do was open his mouth.
        "Sam and Dean agree that it's a witch and since we've never hunted a witch bef-" Em started when Pip cut her off abruptly.
        "You're the only one who hasn't hunted a witch. I hunted one back before I met you." She muttered tiredly, a dark tone contaminating her voice. Emmy watched her friend for a second longer before resuming her explanation, hiding the fact that the look that had crossed her friends face was...she almost couldn't find the words to describe it. Dark yeah but more foreboding than anything and it sent shivers down her spine.
        "Then you can watch my back. Anyways we're going to head out tomorrow and gank them before heading back out with the Winchesters." She explained and Pip nodded in agreement, seeming to like the idea.
        "Sounds like a plan." Pip said before turning to the brothers.
        "Now shoo so we can actually sleep." She said and Dean opened his mouth to object before Sam elbowed him and shook his head. Castiel reached out to both brothers and in a moment they were gone. Pippin didn't even get undressed as she flopped down into bed and rolled over onto her side with her back to the wall, facing the door and window.
        "Hey Pip?" Emmy whispered as she leaned over her friend in worry.
        "Are you okay?"
        "Are you sure? I mean you look sick and when you mentioned that hunt..."Emmy trailed off, knowing not to push too far or Pippin would retreat in herself and try to lie or manipulate her way out of the situation if it was something from her past she wasn't ready to talk about it. Pippin sighed before rolling over and pressing her forehead against the cool wall.
        "It's nothing I'm just drained after dealing with you know..."Pip waved her hand around vaguely before finding the words. "them." She finished lamely and Emmy frowned but didn't press the subject any further than that. She stepped away, out of the small range of the older hunters aura and grace. The difference was immediate and freeing and Emmy couldn't help but sigh at the sensation. She cast one last glance at her old friend before getting ready for bed and pulling up the covers, falling asleep almost immediately.

        Pippin shot up in the bed, covered in a cold sweat and barely choked back a terrified and pained scream. Dean, Emmy, and Castiel were talking while Sam was taking inventory of their weapons but she noticed both Sam and Castiel were watching her with worried or concerned expressions. She attempted to smile their worry away but only managed a grimace before she got up.
        "Ah! Sleeping Beauty decided to join the living." Dean teased and Emmy giggled at the overly dramatic tone of voice he was using. Emmy couldn't help it but the more they talked and joked around the more she fell in love with the hunter. Yeah Em wasn't good with human interaction unless it included geeking out in some awkward way and Dean flirting with her didn't at ALL. It didn't help that he was good looking either, what with the way his bottle green eyes sparkled when talking about certain subjects or the way he ran his hand through his hair, messing it up further. Emmy could tell from her seat that Pippin was seriously considering if she could smite him by glaring at him hard enough. Eventually she gave in with a pout, disappointed that it hadn't worked and moved to get up.
        "Em?" Dean's concerned voice broke through the blonde's thoughts and she realized with a start that she was staring at him.
        "Um...y-yeah?" She sputtered out, feeling the heat creep up her neck and face at being caught daydreaming about Dean by the man himself. Dean looked a little flustered but it could have been been a trick of the shitty lighting. Em seriously doubted it.
        "We better hit the road now that Pippi Longstocking has loaded that hunk of metal she calls a car." He responded confidently, getting to his feet and grabbing the keys to his precious Impala. Emmy chuckled at the jab to Pippin's baby while shaking her head.
        "Don't insult Ghost Dean." She warned and Dean smirked mischievously at her as they walked outside. Sitting next to each other was Dean's precious Impala, Baby, and Pippin's prized possession Ghost. The body of the car was an obsidian black like the Impala but the factor that made this 97 Chevy Stingray stand out was the purple flames spreading out from the front and sides. Pippin leaned against the driver side door, Castiel nearby, head tilted back and basking in the warmth of the rare sunlight. Emmy squinted against the sunlight, completely concerned for her friends health now that she could see her skin was paler than it should have been. She shrugged it off, knowing Pip would dismiss it as Em needing to get her eyes "fricking checked out because you're tripping balls."
        "Ready to go Bubbles?" Pip asked, referencing the Powerpuff Girls for the millionth time that week. Emmy couldn't fight the smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth before she rolled her eyes and got in the car. Pippin slid into the driver's seat gracefully before turning the key and hearing the engine roar. Course her smile became a frown when they heard another engine roar just as loud and Emmy twisted in her seat to see Dean behind the wheel of the Impala with a shit eating grin while Sam was, what seemed like, face palming against the dashboard. Was he challenging them to a race?
        "Oh it's on." Pip growled as they lined up evenly and she glanced at Emmy from the corner of her eye.
        "Emmy do me a favor and play AC/DC's Highway To Hell." She instructed and Em happily obeyed. Once the music was blasting loud enough for the Winchesters to hear Pippin took off, burning out a bit before Ghost shot off down the highway like a rocket, the Impala close on his tail.
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