Then Came Issac

I wrote this story hoping to when a scholarship, but I didn't 😔 Enjoy it 🙃

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Then Came Issac

A few years ago, I met an incredible man. He was a pale, young man who was from England. The story starts on a drizzle day in Chicago. I was singing at the local coffee shop and he walked through the door. Suddenly, I look over and there he was smiling at me. When I finished my song, he got up from his chair and asked me if I wanted a drink. Our conversation started at being just basic, but soon got deep. I felt like we had known each other an eternity. Over the next couple of days we talked everyday when I was off. My job was always keeping me busy and I felt bad. I was the number one private detective within the city. All the times that I got to talk to Isaac, was always memorable. He seem to make my day and even when I was upset he changed my mood. Two months have went by and we were doing great with our relationship. Our dates were always fun and I could never stop smiling. Soon the day came to were my parents wanted me to visit. They lived in Nashville, Tennessee. I finally got to take some days off from work, which was a blessing. Isaac had not asked me if he could go, but I figured he would want to. So on our next date, I started to hint around on the subject. When he did not catch on, I finally came out with it. I asked him if he would like to go to Nashville with me, but he did not give me an answer. He then looked over at me, with a whole new attitude. "What's wrong!I thought maybe you would want to go with me, to see my parents"? Still no answer, but then he started to speak. "Not saying I have a problem with you, but I really do not like country people. I mean I am not against southerners, but I just do not go well with them".

I wondered why he never told me this, he never mentioned to me that he disliked southerners. After that argument, the conversation became silent. I did not understand where he was coming from, or how he felt.When our meal was finally over, we headed home. Got in his car and there was total silence. Arriving at my house, we did not speak. I faced him, saying my goodbyes and that I loved him, wondering what he was thinking.  I thought there had to be more to this, but he kept holding it in. I waited and waited for a text back. Either saying I am sorry or telling me the reason why he acted like that. Two hours, three hours, four hours and no text or call. That morning I unlock my phone to see that he did call, twenty times.Deciding to call him, but he did not pick up. I figured maybe he went to bed late and was just sleeping in. A few hours later a knock was on my door. I put my slippers on and turned the knob. There Isaac was holding a pie, teddy bear, and a cup of coffee. "I am so sorry I blew up at you for something stupid. If you want me to go with you to Nashville I certainly will". I gave him the biggest hug and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you so much and I never want to argue like that again". He nodded his head as I started to drink my coffee. Later on that night I had to work a little over time. I texted Isaac telling him, I would be home a few hours later than normal. He replied back and I continued working. The next week we headed to Nashville, to see my parents.

They were so excited, to finally meet Isaac. Dinner with all us there, was the greatest part of the trip. The week, flew by and we had to get back to Chicago. It was soon going to be our year together, so I had been planning a romantic dinner for the two of us. One of Isaac's favorite restaurants was the the Japanese place outside of the city. We never went because it was to expensive. I was not really sure what he was planning for me, but I had hoped it would be great. Right before the big day, Isaac got a new job. He had an office and had to wear a suit. The job gave us more money to use towards bills and we could go do fun things as a couple.

Finally, it was our year anniversary. He made me breakfast in bed and got me a pitbull puppy, which it had a bow around its neck. He kept trying to figure out what I was getting him, but I would not tell him. "Come on babe tell me". "No, you will see later". The bad thing was we still had to go to work no matter what. Well I picked my first surprise, to bring him lunch at work, without him knowing. I parked in a parking spot and headed to the door. Thats when the trouble happened.  The office lady looked up from her paperwork. "Ma'am, are you for a meeting"? Was she confused, I mean I guess Isaac had not told anyone about me. "No ma'am, I am here to see my boyfriend Isaac". She looked shocked and pointed to the left direction. As I was walking, people were staring at me in an odd way. I knocked on the door and began to open it. What I seen was disgusting, a women was sitting on Isaac's lap. Her name tag read Alison, she was super thin and had a cleaning uniform on. He jumped up and tried to confess, but I wouldn't listen. I soon arrived home and I swore to myself, never fall for someone again.
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