the yellow eyes

the yellow eyes

this is my first story and its probley gonna be really bad so yeah and this is a story about a boy who lives in a secret country and is an outcast

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the begining

There once was a war that almost killed off half of the worlds population and destroyed  most of the country's there was one country that had an idea to make another country but to make it secret from all the dangers of the war.The first thing they had to do was make the country's  government   but they just left that one up to the people that are going to live there then they had to recruit allies or 500 people to join there country but they soon had that amount.years later they made a advanced government system and trading system,but there was one flaw that one person that was  born that could change all this and make this secret country not a secret and that boy was named Ty Jean

Yeah am the flaw in the system am Ty Jean and i don't really care i'l just explain why i am the flaw.Well when i was born i had these weird powers i guess you could say am a vampire but yeah i guess you could but my power is to well make people forget about things hmm  now that i think about it my power seems kinda useless i guess i can tell you what i look like well i have black grayish hair,yellow eyes weird right? i usually just wear a yellow and white jacket,jeans,sneakers and yellow and white headphones i guess i tend to like the color yellow and white. now what i act like well some people call me a pervert so i guess i might be a pervert and am usually bored and i say i guess to much and now to my wonderful family note the sarcasm OK  well i have a twin her name is Kate she has white hair and ice blue eyes i guess we both are weird i keep on saying i guess to much sorry its a habit and Kate is hyper  and sometimes bossy but what can ya parents are divorced so not much there we live with my mom shes nice but that's pretty much about me and my family.

so tell me what you guys think this is my first story and all :3
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