The Abducted Ones

In 2029, aliens came to earth. They're not your typical aliens, more like meta-humans, humans with powers. They came to replace six of their own. Adapting some kids when they were in a treehouse, they experimented on them. BTW while they were there was a war between the meta-humans and humans after finishing the project the experiments were sent back after being rejected. Now it's 2060. They are teenagers and live in the world blending in. But the government spot them. Now the humans will reject them...with execution.

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The Bullet

Leniah was woken by the call of her name and a brown hand tugging her purple crop top sweater. Her favorite , it had a gray smiley face on getting front with xes for eyes and sticking out it's tongue. Her long eye lashes fluttered open and her wide yellow owl like eyes appeared,alert. She thought it was her twin brother Lance, but when she lifted her head off the desk, she didn't see green empty eyes, or brown short dreads, or an expressionless bored face.

instead she saw another  browned face boy, with brown eyes looking down at her with a cute but annoying smile that edged more to the right then the left. A beauty mark on his cheeks that seemed as soft as his perfect jaw line and thick eyebrows with a long sturdy nose and curly dark blue  hair that at one point a curl got in his eye. It was cus short though. Like the bottom of his head was shaven so it wasn't really an afro.
" Leniah. Lance." He said still smiling

Lance looked up from his colorful cube. He looked over the figure in front of him. Very clean leather blue jacket, neat gray tank top, leather dark gray pants with blue pockets. He seemed like he  was calm from the perspective. He chuckled in his mind. Unlikely. He scanned his face. Excited eyes. Impatient eager smile,kinda like a smirk. No. This kid was a mess.
He replies smoothly "how do you my twin sister and I name?" He said still with no interest. No intentions. No harshness. Just emotionless.

Terrence was so thrilled at those words. He grinned wider looking over the Bennette twins clothing. Lance was wearing his white shirt that was green at the top and sleeves, and red pants with a vertical white line down each leg. His brown overcoat was thrown over his chair casually,and he,too, was looking Terrence up and down. He switched his gaze to leniah  puff balls of hair made her look like Minny mouse minus the curly strand in her face. She was staring at him impatiently.

Just as he was going to reply to Lance,he froze. His mouth set,and his eyes hardened. He felt ...a presence..about...a mile away . His eyes slid sideways as he glared out the window.

The sniper stopped, a finger hovering over the trigger . He gritted his teeth,rolls of sweat making it's way down his face. C-could it be possible that the boy could see him aiming inside the library of their camp at them?
All the way from a building?

He shook his head and counted down again. Aim..ready...
The eye tightened harder

Terrence shoved the twins down as a silver and gold bullet nearly missed his hair.
That bullet...
He thought in his mind shaking violently
That's no human bullet, nor meant to kill humans.
He recognized the bullet perfectly from the  Alien War .
The same bullet used to kill aliens
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