Loving the animals

I just want to show my love for animals-rodents- so I want to show it through this story. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Tears through valentines day weekend

It was February tenth, on a rainy day, thirteen year old Jane was playing with her friends-Bree, Mason, Sara and her best friend, Elenour.
They where watching Jane's gerbil-Hazel- run on her wheel, "Go! Hazel! Go!" Shouted Bree, playfully. "Bree! Calm down! It's just a gerbil on her wheel! No need to get SO excited!" Said Sara, even though she gets playful herself very often, "hey! Wouldn't it be fun to to take Hazel out.", Jane said, knowing Bree would want to do it. " Yes! Yes! Can I hold her!? Can I hold her!?" Bree asked, "Pleeeaasse!" She said sweetly. "Aw! Alright! Fine!"
So Jane reached her hand in once Hazel stopped running on her wheel and showed Bree the correct way to hold her. "I wanna hold Runny!" Mason and Elenour said at the same time. "Jinx!" Said Mason, and they both giggled for a few seconds. "Woah, woah, umm.. Eeny meenie miney moe..."
Jane said "catch a tiger by the toe... Mason!" Jane said, "here... Mason... Do it like Bree did.. Remember, I named her Runny for a reason!"
Jane said, giving mason the gerbil. A few hours later, Jane told them that she is going to check on her guinea pig,
"Sooooo" Mason said, the room was silent for about five minutes, and then they all perked up at the same time to hear loud sobbing and crieing, and Jane came running slugishly to her friends, crying, "W-w-why... M-m-martin!" Jane sobbed "Hey! What's up, girl? Hey... Tell us everything!" Elenour said sweetly, the room was silent, other than Jane's loud sobbing, "OK, so I..I...was.. Checking on Martin... And I took him out... And... I petted him.. But..." Sobbed Jane "So.. I took... Jack out.. But... He started getting agressive.. I tried to separate them.. But Jack wouldn 't.. This was the most aggressive guinea pig I've seen..he eventually...Killed Martin!" Jane sobbed, and for an hour she was staying in her room petting Hazel.
But eventually Jane came out, still sobbing once and a while, she told mom the whole story.
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Comments (3)

So sorry I made this so short!
on October 10, 2016
awesome! So glad you liked it! It's my first story.
on October 09, 2016
My name is in here. Yay!
on October 09, 2016