7 Idols One Heart (BTS x Reader)

You are a BigHit trainee, still never been debuted, till one day Bang PD-nim gives you your debut date. You are going to debut one song with BTS. Having to debut a song with them you got very close with them. After a while things started to spice things up...

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7 Idols One Heart (BTS x Reader)
Chapter 1.

The Boys With Wings

You were on your bed listening to music as you started typing words onto your laptop. You were writing a song, a song you might sing if you debut. Of course that wasn't going to happen soon.

Your phone then rang, you picked it up. It was Bang PD-nim.

"Hello?" You asked.

"{Y/n}, hello, I'm glad you picked up, I finally decided to debut you."

You were speechless, this was finally your moment.

"But you will have your first debut song with BTS, is that okay?"

"Oh uh, yes sir, thank you!"

"I'll see you tomorrow at the studio, be there at 5:30 sharp." Band PD-nim then hung up the phone.

You put down your phone then got off your bed and started dancing like a happy dork. You were finally going to debut. You then remembered that you were going to have to sing with the world class famous kpop band BTS. You had to warm up your voice, you didn't want to embarass yourself in front of them. Even if they embarass themselves a lot. You started doing voice warm ups then walked to your closet. You were going to have to practice singing a song with BTS, so you wanted to look your best. You chose a casual look. You chose white t-shirt that had 'Moon Child' written on it in cursive. You also chose high waisted jean shorts. You then took out a beanie and your not all black converse.

'Tomorrow might be chilly.' You thought.

So you took out a light gray knitted sweater that was slightly too big for you. But you loved how it was too big, you thought it was a cute style. You smiled at your adorable outfit then walked back to your bed.

"I guess I'll have to work on my song later,"You looked at the time, it was 9:53 pm,"I gotta get some rest for tomorrow."

You put your laptop on your bed side table at hid underneath all of your blankets. You smiled as you slowly fell asleep.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" your alarm rang.

You stretched out your arm as your hit the off button. You then sat up and rubbed your eyes, you then got out of bed to get ready. This wasn't the normal time you woke up, but you needed this debut. You showered, put on your clothes, and dried your hair. You then looked at your face. To you it wasn't a very pretty face, but it was acceptable. You decided to something simple, you put on mascara, eyeliner, and chapstick. You weren't a huge fan on lip gloss or lipstick. You were pleased with how you looked then grabbed your laptop and your long strap purse and ran out the door.

You rode a taxi to the studio, why didn't you have a car? Well you did have one, but your brother decided to get drunk and crash into a tree. Your brother was fine, but your car was the total opposite, a total wreck.

You walked inside and sat down waiting. You checked the time, it was 5:29. Then it clicked to 5:30.

"I heard we're helping a girl have her first debut." You heard a voice say.

The door then opened and seven guys walked in. It was BTS.

You were so shocked, you could almost...slap yourself. SLAP! You then felt a sharp pain in your cheek. Your face then became hot as you realized that you had slapped yourself.

"Did she just slap herself?" Suga asked.

"Well that's kind of normal for us." Jungkook laughed.

"Hello there, what's your name?" Rap Monster then asked.

"My name is {y/n}." You said as you tried to not stutter.

"{Y/n}? What a pretty name." Rap Monster said with his dimpled smile.

You blushed,"Thank you."

Bang PD-nim then walked in,"Sit down everyone."

All of the members then sat down around you, your heart skipping several beats.

"So you guys have met {y/n}, she's been waiting a while for her first debut and I think it's time for her debut."

"Is she a vocalist or a rapper?" Suga asked.

"She looks like a rapper to me." V spoke.

"Really? To me she hits me as a vocalist." Jungkook said.

"Can she dance?" J-Hope then asked.

Bang PD-nim then cleared his throat,"We will hear her sing and rap, then watch her dance. She is like Jungkook, except a year older."

[A/N: dont complain about your age, I'm making you a nnoona to JK *^* cuz it's a part of his ideal type]

"You're older than me? When's your birthday?" Jungkook asked.

"June 13th, 1996." You smiled.

"Our debut anniversary?" All of the members were shocked.

"Yes, you all debuted on my birthday." You nod.

Bang PD-nim then stood up,"We should listen to {y/n} sing a rap now."

"Alright." Jimin said as they all walked to the sound booth.

You went inside then cleared your throat, you were going to rap and sing to one of their songs. To...impress them.

"I'll sing 'Butterfly'." You said as the melody started.
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Oh my gosh that actually is my birthday day except the year. Dang it's like I was suppose to read this!!!
on October 29, 2017
I love it!!
on October 25, 2017