For the Love of a Lombax

Ratchet gets into a fight. Not with Clank. Not an argumentative fight. A physical fight. With Tachyon. Oneshot. This is AU, it did not really happen. GORE AND BLOOD WARNING YOU HABE BEEN WARNED

published on April 07, 20155 reads 2 readers 1 completed

The Fall of a Hero

His heart pounded within him. This was the creature that killed his father...
That drove out his kind...
Ratchet was driven mad.
Now he was raging, facing this monstrosity they called 'Emperor Tachyon'.
Tachyon sat upon his robotic throne, chortiling an evil laugh.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It was here that your kind fled with their tails between their legs!" He mused.
Ratchet's nose curled up in a snarl.
"Lombaxes don't run!" He yelled.
"OH REALY," Tachyon said, rubbing the side if his throne. "If they don't, WHERE IS YOUR PATHETIC KIND NOW?!'
Ratchet pulled out his blaster.
"Oh-ho please." Tachyon laughed.
Ratchet inhailed, but the pukid scent of the rotting room made his lungs burn.
"Don't make me..." He said.
"I. Will. First."
Ratchet's stomach turned uncomfortably.
He could have sworn his heart stopped.
A leg of Tachyon's throne stuck out, suddenly.
"CLANK GET OFF!" Ratchet screamed.
Ratchet was horrified.
Not for himself, but for his best friend.
Clank obeyed.
He ran out of harm's way.
Ratchet couldn't.
He was too late.
The leg struck him.
There was the sound of bones crunching.
Metal hitting flesh.
Then bone.
Ratchet went flying.
He crashed against the wall.
He landed in a shallow pool of water.
Suddenly, the Dimensionator opened a portal.
Tachyon was sucked in, screaming
The portal closed.
All was quiet.
Talwyn rushed down from her position, screaming,
"Ratchet! RATCHET!"
Clank was already by his side.
Talwyn was horrified by what she saw.
The water Ratchet had landed in was turning from crystaline to a deep red.
Ratchet lay unconscious.
There was a deep gash in his side, starting at his chest, running all the way to his thigh. The whole thing revealed bone.
Talwyn could clearly see the bones that had broken.
The sight made her eyes well with tears.
Ratchet awoke.
His body seared with pain.
He heard Talwyn say.
It was highly echoed, though.
Ratchet said.
His voice was barely audible.
His chest was heaving.
Talwyn placed her hand where Ratchet's heart was.
His heartbeat was slowing.
"Ooohh no..."
Ratchet coughed violently.
He said.
He closed his eyes.
No reply.
Talwyn placed her hand on his chest again.
He was dead.
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