Maraya's Big Dream: The Sequel

Maraya's Big Dream: The Sequel

This is a sequel to the previous story "Maraya's Big Dream" that I wrote last summer. In this story, Maraya dreams of running into her best friend, Ms. Carolyn, again but this time it's in a different place and that place is in Maraya's favorite restaurant: BK.

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Chapter 1.

Remember Last Summer's Dream?

As all of you know, Maraya's always had dreams where she's run into her best friend, Ms. Carolyn, in certain places she goes to with her husband, Mr. Danny. Maraya thought hard about the big dream she had during her last summer where she and her grandma, Debbie, ran into Ms. Carolyn at the Goodwill that Maraya used to work at when she was a senior at Northgate High School. Then they all had fun at her grandma's house until the sun came down. Maraya was hoping that it would really come true, but it didn't because it was all just a dream.

After Maraya finished thinking about one of her dreams she had last summer, she prayed to herself, lied down in her bed, and turned off her lamp so she can sleep. But before she closed her eyes, she thought to herself, "I wonder what I'm going to dream about tonight." Then she closed her eyes and began dreaming about her next dream.
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