Undertale life story

Undertale life story

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published on November 12, 20172 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The Start

The Start

Lizzy and Nick discorverd Mt ebot Lizzy: OMG cool!!!! *thinks omg undertale :D*  nicky:its just a mounten...

so they climbed mt ebot   Lizzy: OMG YES A DEEP DARK HOLE *screams inside*      Nicky:......you ok?   Lizzy grabes nicks hand and jumps down!    Nicky:AHHHHHHHH WHAT IS WRANG WITH YOU ARE YOU TRY ING TO KILL US!!!!!???!!    Lizzy: X3 nope we wont die     Nicky: T-T   

Nicky: um flowers?  Lizzy:YELLOW FLOWERS YUSS    Nicky:how did we sur...   Lizzy:omg I forgot WE MEET FLOWEY  Nicky: who the freak is flowey....?

Lizzy:you will see.... you will see..
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