Creeepypasta: Laughing Mio

Creeepypasta: Laughing Mio

I was looking out the window looking forward for school... but then it struck me.. WHO AM I? and why do I have rainbow hair??

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Chapter 1: The Memory

Chapter 1: The Memory

I was playing with my brother Laughing Jack, when Issac Grossman came in. Jack hid me from Issac to protect me!
"Jacky?" I asked.
"Shhh..." Jack shushed me. Issac looked at Jack then went back to killing. Jack was very upset that he had to hide the second person he loved, other than Laughing Jill. Jill... Oh how I missed Jilly! She was very calm.. but Jacky said it was for the best. I still haven't tapped into my powers yet..
I hate my new family because they we're abusing me. Above there was a flashback but that's not the point! The point is I'm going to find my brother and sister! I just hope my f*cking foster parents don't find out! They are evil, EVIL I tell you! When I find my brother and sister, there was a knock on the door then the door opened.
"Get ready brat!" My foster mother snapped at me, then spoke once again. "We're going to have company!"  she sighed then spoke once more. "Oh, and put makeup on those ugly scars!" my foster mother walked out the room. I rolled my eyes once she got out the room then I got up. I walked to my closet and grabbed the tattered blue dress that my mother 'supposedly' bought for me. I put my rainbow hair in a ponytail, then put makeup on. Once I was satisfied, I walked out the room to the dining room. I sat down at the table and thought to myself. 'I'm so glad I planned for this night...' that was when it hit me.. I had to get rid of the phones, but how? After the years, all I had thought about was this plan, BUT, there was some setbacks from this plan. 1- Foster Parents, 2- The people coming over, 3- The phones and 4- the yelling. Oh how I hated yelling! But it is what it is.. First I have to wait. After a few hours, the people finally came in! The people looked like drug addicts. But eh, this plan will still work. Here my plan will start! I waited a few minutes after everyone was settled and eating to grab a knife. I grasped the knife on the table and threw it at my Foster Mothers head.. The blood splattered all over, while her head swung back and her chair fell down. My face shadowed in glee while I smirked. My Foster Father was about to call the police when I grabbed another knife and threw it at his phone, CRACK, the phone shattered. My foster father looked at me then growled. He yelled,
I laughed then smirked at him, grabbing another knife, I swung it at him hitting his head, making it bleed tremendously. The other people called the police but I grasped another knife on the table and stabbed them both until I was satisfied. I heard sirens. I scurried out the house into the woods. I ran until I reached the supposed 'Slender Territory'. I then stopped running knowing the police believed in this. I walked further into the woods until I heard a rustle in the bushes. I turned around quickly, saw nothing then turned back around and continued walking. After a few minutes, I heard two rustles of bushes. I turned around afraid after I saw nothing I turned back around and saw the one and only... Masky.. I backed away and hit something. I looked up and saw Toby. I turned around to face Toby while Masky was walking toward me. Masky put his hands on my shoulders.
I yelled, "R*PE!" and grabbed one of Masky's arms and threw him on Toby. The proxies groaned then spoke.
"That's one strong kid..." they were hurt. I heard something talking in my mind, so I turned around. I then saw HIM. It was the one and only Slenderman... Slenderman spoke in my head, "Child, we're trying to help you, don't you want to see your siblings?" That shocked me, he knew my siblings!
"m-my siblings?" I said cautiously!
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