Good Girl Turned Bad

Good Girl Turned Bad

I'd always thought I'd be that model student who had only A's because if I didn't my parents would roast me over a spitfire. I always did the right thing, never disobeyed, never broke the rules or got in trouble. It was who I was. I mean, sure, I occasionally ate a cookie before dinner, or I didn't do my homework-- but that's typical stuff-- right? I thought my life was always going to be this way. I was a born nerd; and nerds never changed. Little did I know that when college started, it was gonna be the first step to a whole new beginning.

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"Paris... Paris, wake up. Paris. Paris! Paaaaris. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up."

"Go 'way." I mumbled, shoving my head under the covers deeper.

"Paris, you have to get up." My roommate, Liza, exclaimed. "If you don't, we'll be late for class."

"Ugh." I sighed and sat up, my hair sticking this way and that. I hated mornings. And Mondays. And Tuesdays. And school days. All days. They all sucked.

"Hurry up!" She said, and ran to the bathroom. I heard the water running and the sound of her brushing her teeth, then a loud steam of profanities as she dropped the toothbrush on the ground.
I only chuckled and stood up slowly, patting my hair down in places. It was stick straight blond and I loved it. Most people hate their hair, but not me. My hair was perfect.

I grabbed some appropriate jean shorts and slipped them on while simultaneously brushing my teeth and buttoning the top. Then I grabbed a new bra and a not-too-low v-neck tee while slipping on my flip-flops. I spit in the sink of the bathroom and pulled my shirt over my head with a final tug. Last but not least I grabbed my hairbrush and gave my hair a nice side swept look. Perfect.

"Done!" I sang into the air. Of course I didn't wear make-up, pretty much because I was too lazy. Oh well, I didn't really care what people thought of me. I was perfect the way I was, and I honestly believed that.

"Good, now let's go!" Liza grabbed my hand and I grabbed my backpack and we ran down the stairs and out to her car giggling. We lived in an apartment not too far away from the university we attended, and paid for it all by ourselves. We usually split the rent, but lately I'd been paying a bit more while Liza got her job back on track. She didn't know that, of course, because she was always determined to keep things fair. I, on the other hand, was more than happy to help out.

We both piled into her blue Honda and peeled out of the parking lot before I could buckle. "Step on it!" I hollered, and step on it she did! Soon we were going about 60 on a 40 mph road. God, she was going to get us arrested!

We made it to the college without any injury, and I laughed my head off the whole way. Liza just gave me a stupid grin and hit me on the head with her thick math textbook. D4mn, that thing hurt!

I hoisted my bag onto my shoulder and ran directly into the school building and straight up to my first class of the day; history. Now, don't get me wrong, history is great and all. It really helps in today's society. But frankly? I really don't care about all that mumbo jumbo. And here I am still called a nerd.

"Hey Nerd, do my homework for me?" Joseph Collins, the head football athlete, called out to me. He was here to major in the sports section, but I honestly think he got the wrong school. My college did all sorts of majors; sports, lawyers, policeman... You name it, Prep University had it. We just did everything! We had nerds, we had dummies, we had assholes, and we had goody two shoes. This was honestly like high school all over again, in my opinion. Yet even though we had sports here, a lot of kids who joined any team after graduating from here either made the team they joined fail, as in never winning another game again, or was absolutely no help whatsoever and was useless to the team. It's like this school had a stroke of bad luck.

I rolled my eyes at Joseph, "If you get me a Cuppa Joe." I winked while he blushed and laughed. Everyone knew what I meant. God, I loved college already, and first period hadn't even started!

"Let's gooo." Liza whined in my ear, so I let her drag me to history class while the jocks nearly died of laughter in the background.


"So, as far as the first day was, what do you have to say about your new school?" Mom chirped excitedly into the phone.

I shrugged, "Oh, nothing big. Just like high school except more homework." I internally groaned as I looked over at the mountain of work beside me.

"Well, I'm sure you'll do fine, honey." Mom assured.

"I know, thanks." I sighed.

"Make sure to get it all done, too."

"Yes, Mom." I rolled my eyes. Jeez, I'm totally not 18 already and able to handle myself yet.

"Good girl. Now, I've got to get back to work, I have a patient. Talk to you soon, love."

"Alright. Love you."

"You too, munchkin!" The phone line went dead and I sighed tiredly. Jeez, she really didn't understand that I had grown up, eh? I was 18 for God's sake, I knew I had to do my homework, it wasn't that difficult to figure out. I knew what to do in order to get the job I wanted.

No, not the job I wanted.

What job they wanted.

They wanted me to be a nurse, or a doctor. Just like them. They insisted day to day that I keep my grades up if I ever wanted to become a doctor, and because that was the best job it was the one I should try to get, even though they both had confidence that I totally could.

I shook my head. Parents. Who needs 'em, anyways? Sure, they're not terrible. They really only want for me to get a solid job and make a good living for myself... But I'm 18 years old now, I think I know how to make my own decisions. I don't need them telling me what to do anymore. I needed to take a walk, I was getting too d4mn flustered just thinking about this. With a shrug of my shoulders and a chuckle escaping my lips, I walked out and left to take a walk, leaving my math book wide open and pencil distributed on the floor.


Sooooo what do you lovelies think? This is by far the longest chapter I have typed for any book, as it  has 1000+ words!!! I really hope you enjoy this book, it has taken me all day to just write this chapter, mostly because I fell asleep...
Anyways!!! Please feel free to leave me a comment for some feedback! I love hearing from my followers.
Alright, that's it! I hope you enjoy this little blurb from my crazy and messed up head, as a lot of my energy will be focused into this book as opposed to others.
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