This story is about a girl and her brother that get kidnapped and they don't know exactly where they are. Someone took them in a black van while sitting at the airport. They have to find a way to escape, or they could be trapped in this mystery house forever! Join Katy and Miles in there exciting adventure, to see what happens in the Mystery House.

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Chapter 1.


My brother and were sitting at an airport, ready to leave for Los Angeles for my grandmothers wedding. It was ridiculous because the grandmother was 68 years old. My brother was sitting next to me with an exhausted look.
"Yeah Katy?"
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine Katy"
"Are you sure?"
Well that was our typical conversation. My brother wasn't social, he usually talked to my parents. I continued staring at him until we both fell asleep. I had a dream loud sirens played, and I was taken away in a cop car. I think I was arrested.

When I woke, I WAS being taken away in a car. Not a cop car. In the back a navy blue truck. My hands and legs were tied up in knots from thick ropes. They were rubbing against my leg. It was pitch dark, and it smelt like cigarettes. I could hear police cars around me. Right next to me, was my brother. He was sound asleep and he had a needle point in his neck. He was drugged. I started to holler. I screamed so loud, my lungs started to burn of fire. I couldn't breathe. My eyes felt dry of tears, and my mouth was dry. I could feel Miles' breath on my leg. I sat up, and my head hit the top of the closed truck. I felt like it was bleeding, but I couldn't tell. I touched it, and my hand was wet with blood. I screamed again, and my breath grew quieter. My sound was gone, and I wanted to be dead. My brother wasn't aware of this, and neither was I personally. I didn't know what was going on, and I was scared to the point where my throat almost felt dried up. A wet tear quickly went down my face, and it tickled. I wiped it off. My hand felt like sandpaper. I rolled over on my back, and my neck felt cold from the bottom of the truck. My head hurt from rattling around from the moving truck. After about an hour, the car jerked into a settled position. My brother woke up, and his eyes looked popped out of his head.
"Miles... I don't know where we are, I don't know what all of this is. I don't know who's car this even belongs to-"  
"Katy, just shush. We're stopped. Lets just get out of here" I could see his arms and legs were tied up.
"Miles! How?"
"We can find a way Katy"
He put his teeth around my knots of my legs, and pulled. I heard a click.
"Someone's coming... Katy! Pretend your asleep!"
I closed my eyes, and rested my hands on the truck. I could feel the breeze circle my body. The back of the truck was open. I heard someone shuffling there feet. Muffled voices sounded from farther away. I could hot breath on my arm.
"There alive, but sleeping" The man said. They undid my knots on my legs and arms.
"Bring em' to the basement" A man said. Basement?
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Comments (2)

Woooah.I thought, "she's gonna die", and then I realized this story was written from a first-person point of view... woah! Awesome!
on June 25, 2017
so intense, but such a great story!!
on June 30, 2015