A Love Story - Valentines Day!

A Love Story - Valentines Day!

tis story is about the unconditional love between Phil and jade- but Phil is older than jade and she cant seem to see him because they live far apart! how can this work?

published on February 11, 201517 reads 5 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
He is cute

He is cute

I never thought I would get over it. get over the fact that my first ever boyfriend had dumped me for a prettier more popular girl. anyway how could I ever think he would want someone like me anyway, we'd only been going out for one month and he treated me like something you would find on the bottom of your shoe. but that didn't matter as soon as I laid eyes on him, Phil I think is his name friend call for him. I stared for a few hours and then all of a sudden he clapped his eyes on me and smiled. I was so confused, I mean is he looking at me? I looked around but there was no one else, I blushed and looked a him. oh no he was walking over, I went bright red as he stood right in front of me. "hey" he said blushing himself. "hey" I replied shyly. "I noticed you looking over, I thought you maybe wanna come hang out with us" he said with a bit more confidence, "sure, I'd love to!" I said. we went to the park and just chilled and talked and he was so cute, and I think he knew I liked him, but that's the thing I don't think he minded. maybe he likes me back.
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on February 15, 2015