A School Trip In The Life Of MikasPrincess

A School Trip In The Life Of MikasPrincess

Today was interesting, and I felt like making a school trip version of my Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess stories, so here is a school trip in the life of me.

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Chapter 1.

People at my school! (Read before continuing!)

In case you don't read my daily posts on here about my days at school, or you've forgotten who everyone at my school is, here is a list of everyone at my school that I might mention:

MikasPrincess/Victoria - Me.

SkyDoesMinecraft Girl - My real life best friend, and probably my only real friend. She is a SkyDoesMinecraft fangirl, and probably the only nice person in my school.

TheDoctorsQueen - My fake best friend. I don't even know if we're friends anymore, really. We were best friends when we were younger, but now we're not really that close anymore because she's become a fake friend and she's started to do things that she knows will hurt me, like telling people that make fun of me very personal things about me. I don't really want to be friends with her anymore, but she forces me to be.

HeyHoHereWeGo - TheDoctorsQueen's best friend. He makes fun of me a lot, and whenever TheDoctorsQueen does something to hurt me, he's usually helping her with whatever she's doing. He's quite annoying as well.

Lollipop Girl - This girl who is a fake Mika fan.

Diamond Girl - This girl who is friends with TheDoctorsQueen and makes fun of me a lot.

Badge Girl - This girl that used to have a lot of badges on her bag. She makes fun of me most of the time, but helps me sometimes when I'm in a difficult situation. She's kind of a fake friend, but we hardly ever talk now because we have different lessons.

Eminem Boy - This boy who is obsessed with Eminem. He's friends with TheDoctorsQueen and HeyHoHereWeGo.

Maths Girl - This girl who is obsessed with maths, even though she's not really that good at it. Last year, we were partners in my old Maths class, and we were playing this game. She spent the entire lesson looking for a number that was both odd and even. She didn't find it. She's a nice person, I guess, but she does a lot of embarrassing things, like dying her hair the colour of tomato soup and trying to flirt with a Year 11 after doing her makeup really badly.

Bars And Melody Girl - This really popular girl who is secretly a fangirl of Bars and Melody, which I found out when I found her Instagram. She doesn't make fun of me very often, but when she does, she says some really horrible things.

Smoking Boy - This boy that smokes all the time, and only ever talks about smoking. He always misses lessons to smoke outside, and he's only thirteen. He also does drugs, and whenever he's not talking about smoking, he's talking about drugs or about doing inappropriate things. It's just disgusting, to be honest.

Hair Colour Girl - This girl that changes her hair colour all the time. First it was blonde, then brown, then purple, then black and then back to blonde again. She's basically a rebel, and she also does drugs and does inappropriate things. Also, she always dates boys that are much too old for her. Her boyfriend is eighteen, and the boy she dated before that was eighteen too. And two years ago, she was actually going to have a baby, and she almost had it in a lesson. I don't actually know what happened to the baby, but it was probably bad. And she's only thirteen as well.

Human Copy Machine Girl - This girl that copies everything I do. She also has better levels than me in English, because she has the best levels in the class, and she always brags about it. And whenever I do something better than her for once, she always insults me to try and ruin it. She always makes fun of Mika as well, and sings Lollipop in a high-pitched voice, which hurts more. She's just horrible, really.

Echosmith Hater Girl - This girl that makes fun of every singer or band that I'm a fan of. I called her Echosmith Hater Girl because she insulted Echosmith first, but she's hated on literally everyone else I like too. She made fun of Mika a few times, which was horrible. She also hates me and bullies me a lot, and she thinks that I don't talk to her because I hate her, even though that isn't the reason.

Football Boy - This boy who is obsessed with football. He makes fun of me every time he sees me, and he always tries to make me talk to him or smile. He's basically just a horrible person.

Goldfish Girl - This girl that has the memory of a goldfish. She never understands questions, and she can't even do the simplest of pieces of work. She is really rebellious, and she always swears at teachers and disrupts lessons. She always goes on her phone in lessons and never does any work, and she always wears makeup to school even though it isn't allowed. Once she actually threw a table at the teacher when she was in my Maths class, which was really scary.

Sore Arm Girl - This girl who once pretended to have a sore arm to get out of lessons. She's quite rebellious too, and she disrupts a lot of lessons.

Golden Girl - Another fake Mika fan. She claims to be a fan of him when she only knows about two of his songs, and she's always talking about me behind my back. From what I've heard, she always talks about me calling her a fake fan, and she says all kinds of horrible things about me. I kind of wish she would just say it to my face, but I also don't, because I'd probably get really upset.

Pop Girl - This girl that is always asking people if they've heard the latest pop songs. I think she's Golden Girl's best friend, and she just doesn't like me.

England Girl - This girl who has the Union Jack on her school bag and sounds a lot more British than everyone else at school.

Mouse Boy - This boy who makes fun of me most of the time. Last year, he did something horrible to me that started with him stealing my food at lunch and ended with a teacher literally telling me that I was 'confused in the head' and that I 'imagine people bullying me'. It's a long story, but it was awful and I don't think I'm going to forgive him for that.

Nirvana Girl - Mouse Boy's best friend. She makes fun of me sometimes, and she is always involved with arguments at school. She is also close friends with Badge Girl. She claims to be depressed and always talks about how awful her life is to her friends, but I'm not sure if she's faking it or not.

Laughing Boy - This boy who laughs all the time. His laugh is really funny, and he makes everyone else laugh as well. He can be kind of funny sometimes, but most of the time he is annoying. I kind of have to be nice to him though, because he basically saved me from a scary situation on Challenge Day at school one time, and he might not help me again if I don't put up with him.

Phone Girl - This popular girl who is always on her phone. She's always yelling at people, and she sometimes makes fun of me.

Gymnastics Girl - This girl who loves gymnastics. She's always showing off because she has the highest level in trampolining, and she is popular. She is best friends with Phone Girl, and she's one of the nicer popular people.

Owl Boy - This boy that has glasses that make him look like an owl, and he thinks he is a lot cooler than he actually is.

Twerking Bat Boy - This boy who once had to be a 'quickly dancing bat' in a Literacy lesson and twerked in the teacher's face. He doesn't really do very much to affect me, but he does make fun of me sometimes.

Forest Boy - This boy who has a rumour about him going around school that he did something bad in a forest. People always make jokes about him in lessons, and he thinks he's popular when he really isn't. He makes fun of me a lot.

Chicken Nugget Boy - This boy who is literally obsessed with chicken nuggets. He finds a way to involve chicken nuggets in everything he does.

Handbag Girl - This girl who takes a big handbag to school as her school bag. She makes fun of me sometimes, and she's friends with Echosmith Hater Girl and her friends.

Blue Bag Boy - This boy with a blue bag who kind of has anger issues. He always tries to attack teachers or other people at school, and he's close friends with Badge Girl.

Farm Boy - This boy who only ever talks about the fact that he lives on a farm. He makes fun of me a lot.

Dog Boy - This boy who is popular and makes fun of me sometimes. He also knows why I can't talk at school, because TheDoctorsQueen told him without my permission, even when I have told her many times that I wasn't comfortable with her telling people that bully me my personal business. He's friends with Owl Boy.

Twenty One Pilots Boy - This boy who is obsessed with Twenty One Pilots. He always finds a way to reference them in lessons, and he's kind of annoying. He makes fun of me sometimes.

Drake Boy - This boy who is obsessed with Drake.

Italian Boy - This boy who thought he was Italian when he was not in any way. He liked to make fun of people, and he was kind of annoying. He didn't really bully me a lot, apart from the time when he called me pretty as a joke because someone dared him to do it. He doesn't go to my school anymore.

Haribo Girl - This girl who always used to sneak Haribos into PE lessons and eat them. She's left the school now.

Perfume Girl - This girl who was basically just a bully. She was really intimidating and scary, and she used to make fun of me and yell at me to talk to her a lot. She also laughed at me for having a panic attack after she shouted at me and made me cry. She's left the school now, and I'm glad she's gone.

Now you know everyone, you can continue reading!
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