Merge madness 3

Merge madness 3

Second challenge, Which team will win? Team Breakfast or Team rooster?

published on August 13, 201811 reads 2 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Merge cube: We got 13 votes, 7 likes and 6 dislikes. Lets do likes first.
Rubik's cube: can you display the votes please?
Merge cube: i was going to tell you but if you want to see the likes *he turns into a television* than thats fine as Well. Push pin, the redstone chips, Amulet, rafty, wand, and Rubik's cube have 0 votes. *the votes display on the tv*
Amulet: aww.
Merge cube: brick and Ebi have 1.
Brick: better than nothin i guess.
Merge cube: now its down to creeper egg and Blue firey! Creeper egg. You dont get the prize with 2 votes and Blue Firey blazes with the highest votes ever with 3.
Ebi: its the first episode of votes. Before today, zero was the most votes ever.
Merge cube: Shut up! Time for dislikes! Safe with 0 is Amulet, rafty, the chips,  creeper egg, Rubik's cube, Ebi, and Brick.
Red redstone chip: ya. Our alliance is safe! *the three highfive. Ebi used her foot*
Merge cube: next are safe with 1 vote are Wand and Blue Firey. Sorry Push pin but you are out.
Push pin: what! Im sorry for being so murderous and aggressive but before i go i must thank the people who didnt vote me to see my good side. I only survived 2 episodes but it was fun. Ill miss all of you. Bye team and bye readers.
Merge cube: *snaps and Push Pin disappears*
Brick: that pin rip off.
Blue firey: what is my prize?
Merge cube: to decide where the eliminated contestants go when they are eliminated.
Blue firey: hmmmm. How about an abandoned hotel in yoyal city! I know a guy who would really need a job. His name is plus. Him and his friend venty would like to start a business so i think this will be great!
Merge cube: ok then! *he turns back into his foamy cube self*
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The double vote is fair
on August 13, 2018