BR: The New Girl

Can Broken, the new girl, try to make amends with Rose, or will hatred keep them apart? Find out soon, and happy reading!

published on January 25, 201616 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Problem

Rose screamed, "Jane, EJ's hurt badly!" Jane ran over. "Oh, dear..." His whole midsection was almost in half. "Even with powers, he'll heal to slow for the blood to regenerate." She ran away. Black Rose turned to EJ. "Toby, help me stop the bleeding. Put your hands on the wound, and press down, not too hard." She helped Toby press done on the wound. She did the same. "Come on, EJ, don't leave me." Broken screamed. "Leave me alone!" Jane was holding her down, with the help of LJ and Masky. "Shut up! You're hurting my ears!" Slender walked toward Broken, he smacked her head, and she went unconscious. Then Slendy came to EJ, with a kit. She looked up. "Tell me what to do." She said. "Back up, let me look." She let her hands free. The blood almost stuck to her hands. "Now, help me get him inside." Rose stopped him. "It looks okay now, but we tried to get him inside earlier, and we almost ripped him in two."
Slender sighed. "Get the girl inside." Jane and Rose picked her up, and dragged her in Roses room. She was still out, so they cuffed her to bed. The bed was stuck to the floor, she Broken couldn't go anywhere. Rose was about to run out the room, but Jane grabbed her. "Don't. Slendy's doing what he can. I'm sure he's plenty pressured right now. It's okay." Rose turned. "I can't! I love him! It's not as simple as that!"
Jane let go of her. "You're wrong. I know exactly what you mean." Rose walked to her. "What?" Jane nodded. "When Jeff killed Liu, he wasn't himself. He was this twisted version of a killer. When he went to his house to kill him parents, normally, the same day, Lui was dead, in his own bed. Lui was trying to escape. He never made it out." She sighed. "When Jeff came home, he was in tears. We used to love each other then. But when I tried to make him feel better, he almost killed me. He told me the whole thing. Then, we grew apart. I never forgave him." Broken stirred. "Huh?"
They turned. "Don't say anything. I want to help you, but your being a bit of a jerk." Rose said, rudely. "Well, excuse me, if I wake up, get attacked, and then get chained to a bed. I'm the intruder?" Broken snarled. "Excuse me for wanting to be left alone." She continued. Rose almost jumped on her, but LJ came in. "Rose, come see this."
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