this is a story about a 21 year old man who becomes an assassin and helps keep his village safe from the Templars. will he survive the onslaught or will he perish?

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Chapter 1.


September 1st 1512
Ezio woke up to the sound of screaming citizens and yelling children. "what is going on" Ezio said to himself. He got out of bed, put on fresh clothes and glanced out of the window only to see bodies laying in the street  and running people tripping over each other. Ezio ran outside and asked a nearby citizen what was going on. The citizen told him they were being attacked by the templars. Ezio ran as fast as he can but then all of a sudden a man jumped in Ezio sword in hand. ezio grabbed him by the throat and choked him. the man jumped off and attempted to stab him. Ezio flinched and waited with his eyes closed waiting for his enemy to finish him off, but the blow never came. Ezio opened his eyes and saw the man laying on the ground dead. Ezio scanned his surroundings and something caught his eye. There was a man standing on a nearby roof of a building. He was dressed in white clothing and had a sword and dagger in his sheaths and crossbow in hand. Ezio looked at the dead mans body and saw an arrow sticking out of his back. Then it came to him. That man saved his life. Ezio loooked back up at where he had saw the man but he was gone. Meanwhile the Templars will still at large and killed everyone that dared to go near them. Ezio ran trough the village when he saw the man that had saved his life battling against a gang of Templars. Ezio grabbed a sword from a dead templar and ran towards the gang of Templars. He swung his sword at a nearby templar and struck him on the neck and killed him instantly. The man saw Ezio and told him to run. Ezio didn't listen to the man. he just kept swinging at nearby templars and killing them. After 10 minutes Ezio and the man had killed the gang. The man went up to Ezio and bowed "you are a gifted killer" Said the man "join us" "join who" said Ezio "the assassins" "if i can help people as you helped me" said Ezio "I most certainly will" "Im dagur" said the man. "Ezio"said Ezio. "follow me" said dagur
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