5 week silent treatment

I decided to put an end to mine and my now ex-bestfriends on going silence.

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Today / Monday .

My friend who this is about, is obsessed with being popular and popularity , you get the idea? ok. lets call her Mindy. Me and mindy where bestfriends from when she first joined last christmas and it was instant. Yeah there have been many ups and downs but weve always pulled through i guess? but i cant pull through this. Our friendship is over...
Shes always been possesive yet ive always been dropped to second best whenever one of the populars appeared. I try make a new friend and she freaks out, which leads to an argument. hower it is fine for her to ditch me for the populars, and its fine for her to invite girls to hang with us at break.

Im going to take you back to before the summer holidays, Mindy has made friends with a pair bestfriends, now theyre hanging with us. Every lunch time is as struggle as one of the bestfriends , lets call her Carly, is always rude to me. Ordering me round to fetch things for the table, as though i am a slave. I am tired of this and Mindy sees no reason to put an end to this. May i also mention Carlys incredibly unfortunate looks, she is infact as ugly as her personality.

Now im going to take you to during the summer holidays. I was talking to this girl (lets call her Penny), penny non stop. Mindy being possesive wanted nothing more than an end to the friendship, even though it had no impact on our friendship. she wanted to cut off every line so id have to stick with her, and so its somehow lead to this.

One of the bestfriends i mentioned before (lets call her Ophelia), returned from the summer holidays tanned, prepared and hateful of Carly. For reasons she couldnt explain. and the friendship ended.
It was me, Ophelia and Mindy hanging out every break , + this new girl who resembles Carly...

Anyway one breaktime The new girl isnt there, its just us three and the populars walk by.
Mindys accent changes and so does her behaviour. she full of energy, excitement and unconrtollable laughter around these girls. Ticked off by her fake behavior, me and ophelia leave.
No words are said between us two and Mindy for the next 5 weeks, just like that.

This evening i decide to break the silence by sending a long heartfelt and deep text- which may i say is actually a total understatement (. It was a dare of me i guess , as in it i dropped all my pride and could potentially return to school a laughing stock. so yeah bad decision, but Mindys response only worsened that.
QUOTE: "Apology accepted hope you the best"
I mean wow - what a... id like to know your thoughts on this. Say whatever comes to mind. im open to anything right now.
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