Yandere Story

There will be a chapter listing all the terrible names i came up with ENJOY

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 3

As she ran off to her Science class, she thought, "Well, i guess its pretty useful. Having his sister on my side could be a huge advantage. But im not sure if i trust her yet." Not noticing where she was going, she ran right into Senpai. "Shit!!!" she muttered under her breath as she fell over. He stumbled backwards, but regained his balance and said "Are you okay?" Going red, she stood up and said "Yeah im fine, just spaced out a bit." "Good." After that, they lapsed into silence. It wasn't until she heard the bell ring that she realized she was going to be late if she didn't get there in about 6 seconds. She shouted "Bye!" over her shoulder as she ran off to class. She managed to make it in the doorway just before the door closed.
Taking her seat, suddenly her teacher shouted "I am Ms.Fryysska and i would like to start by saying IM NOT PLAYIN YALL GAMES EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND EAST I HEARD ABOUT YOU, TRY ME." She looked at the person called "East", and saw that he was a guy about her age. Black, black hair in a tight afro, slightly skinny, tall, with a red racing jacket. He shouted back "Alright then. But be prepared for Hell." He leaned back in his seat, with a sly grin. Yandere didn't realize she was staring until Fryysska said "Yandere! Go in the hall!" She stood up, still staring at East. He noticed, and waved. Going a bit red, she waved back, then walked out to the hall. About 15 minutes later, Fryysska came out and shouted "THERE IS NO TIME TO BE STARING AT BOYS NOW DO YOUR WORK OR ITS A REFFERAL" Everyone inside the class heard, and they started laughing, everyone except East, who just pulled out a notepad, and made another check. When Fryysska and Yandere walked back inside, the class's laughs were still fading. She went redder than she was before, and returned to her seat.
The teacher walked over to the board, and started a lecture on Mitosis. She was starting to fall asleep, when someone passed her a note. "Boring class, ain't it?" Looking around, she didn't see anyone suspicious. She wrote on it "Yeah, i almost fell asleep." and passed it to the person who passed it to her, and told them to pass it to who wrote it. She didn't watch, though, she just turned her attention back to the board. About a minute later, she recieved the note again. This time, it said "Yeah, same here. It's just so boring, especially with Fryysska here. Somehow, she manages to make science boring. It's just sad." She wrote "Uh-huh. Its really disappointing." They continued to pass notes throughout all of class, eventually ending with "Meet me after class, we need to talk. -East" Finally having signed his name on it, he passed it back. When she opened it up, she went a little red again. She responded "What about?" "Stuff. It will be revealed when you meet me after class."
He passed it back, and she responded, but the teacher caught them. She snatched the note, and read it aloud to the class. Yandere went red, but East just flipped off the teacher everytime she wasn't looking. When she finished, she looked between the two, with a triumphant grin on her face. She said "Well? What do you want to say?" East said "You're just jealous because you didn't have any friends to pass notes to when you were in high school." The whole class suddenly erupted with a big, loud chorus of "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Fryysska was about to respond, but the bell rang, and everyone scrambled out.
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