Soul Eater: Fading Blue

Soul Eater: Fading Blue

"When you are fading away, what can you do then...?" - Soul Eater (citation needed ^^;) A story about Soul. Because Soul Eater the anime wasn't really about him and it WASN'T ENOUGH! >.> <.< Just trust me on this one, it'll be good. No promises... >.> Let's go!

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Chapter 1.

From Soul's P.O.V. ~

(a.n: I'm sorry if Soul sounds more punctual than he is... I'm working on making my first person p.o.v's from the characters view sound like them.)

“When you are fading away, what can you do then...?” - Soul Eater

From Soul’s P.O.V.~ “Sorry if he’s ooc?”

A trail of smoke and the revving of a motorcycle filled the air of the barren street I traveled down. “Damn... where the hell is everybody...?” Scorched wood, chunks of metal, and random debree covered the surrounding area. I heard static and turned my head to the left to see a flickering t.v. “What the...?” “The chhhhhhh...! just happened to be caused by chhhhhhhhh! It truly is an chhhhhhh! Back to you, chhhhhhh!” The t.v. ended itself in smoke and caught a flame. I sped off and lowered my eyes. “How the hell could this happen in less than ten minutes!?” I came to a quick stop and got off of my motorcycle, leaning it again a wall. “Maka? Black Star...?” I looked around. “Kid?” I stopped in the middle of nowhere with my hands stuffed in my pockets. “Hey, Tsubaki!? Liz, Patty!? Somebody answer me-!!!” Snuffled crying caught my attention. “Tsubaki...?” I walked to my left and turned a corner, only to see my friends passed out with serious injuries. I ran to Maka and held her up in my arms. “Maka!” Tsubaki was the only one conscious, hovering over Black Star trying to get him to wake up. “H-hey!? Tsubaki what happened...?” “I-I know we’re strong...” She looked up to me and I frowned with discomfort. “and I know it takes courage... but maybe this time we were full of ourselves...” “What are you talking about...?” “They told us we weren’t strong enough... we didn’t listen... we thought we didn’t need help... but this is all it got us...” “Tsubaki...” “We can’t even help each other out!” She was breaking down almost as fast as this situation had even started. “What the hell is going on!?” I asked with an uncertain feeling that I wasn’t gonna get an answer. “All I wanted was some lunch! Some lunch!!!”

Four Days Ago~

The started out just like any other.

Laying in bed.


Blair on top.


Me. Nosebleed.


Maka walks in.


Out of the window.

Crossed that reference right off the list.

It’s a day that starts off like any other could. Nothing more, nothing less. I opened my eyes to find out I landed on top of a parked car. “What the hell was that for, Maka!?” I rubbed my nose on my sleeve and hopped off. Maka managed to meet me at the door and I took a step back. She waved her fist in my face and scowled. “You’re a real baka, you know that!? You always do this! No pride whatsoever! Have some respect, dammit!” She slammed the door in my face, leaving me on the step. I thought for a second. “Screw that! I guess I’ll head to class then, if that’s the case.” Haha! Nothing like sleeping in the clothes you’re gonna put on in the first place! Well, this was only that one time... but still! I hopped onto my motorcycle and sped off, making it to the entrance of the DWMA. I slowly walked up to the door to meet Black Star.
“Dude... what are you doing...?” He cracked his knuckles and laughed. “I’m waiting for any new kids in our class to show up so I can kick their asses! Haha!” I rubbed the center of my forehead and sat down at the wall. “Why am I friends with you again...?” Before he opened that loud ass mouth of his, I put up my hand. “Don’t answer that...” “Fine then! Your loss at hearing about how awesome and great my presence is!” I could feel the idiocy bouncing off into the atmosphere.
Maka soon arrived and hurled her book at my head. “Oww!!! What the hell!? ...Again!?” “You left without me, you baka! Geez...!” “Well, you slammed the door in my face and locked me out! What else was I supposed to do!? Sit there and wait like a dumbass!?” “YES!” I facepalmed myself and growled. “WHY ARE WE YELLING!!!!???” Black Star interrupted.
I hesitated. “I have nothing to say to that.”

“Um... are you guys done...?” An English accent cut the awkward air.

All three of us turned around to see a girl with purple hair and eyes. A guy, who was slightly taller than her, with dirty blonde hair, had his back to hers, looking off into the distance. “Seriously.” He looked back slightly, a glimmer of sea blue shifting back off. I stood up and ran my fingers through my hair. “Yeah, I guess.” “Elizabeth Gardner.” She smiled and did a thumbs up. “Ethan Du Bois.” He smirked and stuck his hands back into his pockets.
Maka nudged me. and of course, Black Star was completely oblivious. “Oh. I’m Soul. That’s Maka-” I jerked my thumb in her direction. “Hi there.” Maka said, smiling. “Nice to meet you.” “-and that’s Black Star.” I pointed to him and that’s when he finally snapped. “I’m the amazing Black Star, and if I should add...” He smirked. “You two are new students... right~?” Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and balled up her fists. “Yah... so what...?” “I’m gonna kick you so far south the penguins’ll start flying!” “That doesn’t make ‘ny sense...”
“It’ll make sense when I beat it into you!” I sat back down at the wall and sighed. “Right, Soul!?” “Oh, no ya don’t! I have nothing to do with this one...” Elizabeth sighed. “Do I have too...? Fine...”

Ten Minutes Later~ in Professor Stein’s Classroom~

“Hey, Soul! I totally won.” Black Star looked up at me while laughing. I looked to him, and then to Elizabeth. “No you didn’t, you egotistical prick. I must’ve been pretty good, Saturn Man, cos’ you had to put up a fight.” “Yeah. Which still makes me better than you, Afro Puff! You beat me because I let you win. I wouldn’t wanna hurt you~” He laughed again. “Black Star, don’t lie to yourself...” I said leaning on my fist. “Alright, alright... I could care less about hurting you.” “Eh- that’s not what I meant! Oh, forget it...” This class had gotten boring, Kid had passed out again, Black Star was gloating, even to a new student, that’s just wrong, and Stein had now decided to dissect a pigeon. What is this world coming to...? Maka closed her book and looked to Black Star. “Can you stop already?” “No! Everyone must know how amazing my power is!” A sweat dropped from our heads and we redirected our attention elsewhere. “The show is right here! Haha!” “Egotistical... prick...” Finally, after what seemed like forever, class was dismissed. “Excuse me. Maka, Black Star, Kid? Can you and your partners come over here for a second?” Near the dead pigeon... I think he was just saying your partners just to make it easier to call all of us. “Oh. Elizabeth too.” We casually walked over to the dissection table and Liz dragged Kid and slapped him to get him up. “Get up, bozo! This could be important.” “Hanh? Oh, excuse me...” He stood up straight and wiped his face. “Accordingly, Lord Death has assigned a new mission for you, so we should head to the Death Room.” Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about us two, Professor Stein...? We just got here...” Stein shrugged and sped off in his rolling chair, flying over the bump into the floor. “Gahh!!!” Elizabeth leaned over to me and whispered, “Is he always this weird?” I sighed. “Unfortunately... yes...” “You get used to it after a while...” Maka said lowering her head. “Uh, huh...”
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