Torn Sky

Torn Sky

A young fae girl is thrust into a political world when she comes of age. Will her brothers and sisters protect her or will the King get what he wants... her

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Chapter 1.


My first memory is

of sun, sky, sand, and sand for I was born at Latia. A city on the banks of the endless ocean but for the city is small. My family had live in the capital Talla until my mother began to expect me. A kings soothsayer saw that a baby born of sky and sand would be the most powerful fae to exist. He had asked a way to make sure the baby did not take his crown and the soothsayer had told him it was to marry her. My mother is the fae in charge of the sand while my father is sky. When word reached my family of the vision we escaped the city to Latia my sister Iris has always resented me a little for it but loves me anyway. My name is Iridessa and I have two sisters and one brother. My brother Cardrew is the eldest than it is Gwenn and last Iris. I am an ocean fae the most powerful and have full dominion over the sea. My mother died giving birth to me and grief stricken my father tried to kill me but instead he gave me dominion over the ocean. When he put rocks in a
blanket and then wrapped me in it then put me into the ocean the water choose me. He left about a month later to go to the human world and we haven't heard of him. My siblings nurtured me but kept me hidden from the king who has never stopped looking for me. My sister Gwenn is betrothed to a kind forest faerie in Latia while Cardrew is my teacher. Iridessa is my fashion expert and is a simple cloud faerie like Gwenn. While Gwenn is a sunny cloud faerie Iridessa is responsible for storms and darkness
and suffering. Iridessa is unpredictable and simply being annoyed can start a storm. I am even worse because the ocean is always changing and that means so am I. My temper is horrid but my kindness is legendary. Though I stick out with my fierce red hair and shock blue eyes people don't like to notice me. If the king discovers me here everyone will be punished unless they prove they didn't know. We keep our heads down and only socialize when someone comes to call. Gwenn met Artin at a bread shop and it was love at first sight. He soon learned of me and how we were fugitives of the king he didn't care though he had already thought of us as family.

We start my tale on my sixteenth birthday and my siblings are nervous.
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Cool! Write more soon
on July 21, 2014