Gimme those rep points

Gimme those rep points

Literally do not care if you know me or not please ust star or comment or whatever so i can have some poiiints im desperate here, man.

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Rep points

Once upon a time i was pretty popular on this site, that was back in like, 2015. So thats gross. Now ive got no rep points because i deleted everything and i just want to be able to go onto lindseys wall and post random bs. Let me do the things for christ sakes.
Okay im just gonna type stuff none of this matters im just trying to fill in space that way Qfeast will make it public. I literally am so desperate for rep poins but i wanna put no effort into it.
AHHHHH ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahh ahhh ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhh aahahah   ahhaha hhahhahh iuhfieuhf hdiupwehf duhadis diuhdihc auhipifuidhf h dhufias s juhsu hc spafhpisa

I hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site
stuff and things and stuff and things and stuff and things and stuff and things and stuff and things
this sucks. if this flops imma be real sad man,
yeehaw hawyee yeehonk
clowns are pretty cool i like clowns. These run on sentences are a horror, but thats life man. Clowns are cool though and theyre cute. i like clowns a whole lot
relatable moment: when you still know a lot of things about someone and you just have that information but nothing to do with it so you just vibe. Youre like "i could take them to lunch and know what theyd order" but its not gonna happen and so you dont know why its even important information anymore. but a sandwhich order is still good. Maybe one day youll be going to that sandwhich place, and youll know theyre having a bad day, and even though you dont talk anymore youll wanna help so you buy them their sandwhich, chips, and fruit punch and maybe youll give it to them and be like "this doesnt mean i like you so dont read into it i just heard youre sad" and then itll make them haopy and maybe youll be friends again.
give me the rep points, i think this is is almost done i think i can publish this soon but better to be safe than sorry
i wanna go get coffee
i cannot go get coffee so ill just have to make some
ducks are pretty cool i like ducks. ducks are cute. but frogs and snakes are where its at
whats up with guys ive dated wanting to adopt old dogs only? like im not mad, i love dogs, its just a really strange pattern
i really want a snake so bad. theyre so prettyyyyyy and i love them !!!
me n my friend are going to try and earn friendship from the crows that hang out at our school next year. We doing our research on how to make sure they stay safe and stuff. dont worry im responsible. but itll be great and im very excited.
Okay this should be enough rigjt??
aihjaisufhuefb aiudh asiudghi saduhiuashd auid aidjasoidh a8dayd agyd ayg diuass dasudhoais dady dyaudy aiuhdiuahsd uyasdioadj vu  iufeh eif ose j fuih sihf  yfsu esiuh iuyefh iooif hiufhesiuhfidsh  ufsdih i hiusd iudshsio diuh iudsh sudh isduh sdhjh oifjois id ihdsiu hs iusiuch siufh iufh isuhfisoiaojd ssvj huih fh iusfhiu oi i  i fiu uhfiuh isdchiu shis iusd ius dsh jcd iuhsdf iuisdhdfiuh iu  uif iufu iufs iusfiiu hdiufuihfdsis knvnv nsn vjhxuyggadsjnvcoivo fu hd vsanl aljgeqiurpeavn hf iushpspiu  fhuipfeh hdjhcis uisf iudsuhf idhcji cjidc ispdfj psijao  hjdif hsihc ishd cih iuh iusudh iusdhpijcdi iusdh d dfusih fdin i cn iuh sdiuhc nc ii  iudhciu hscdiuhnc sidhc siuuhc ishv  ibsndv  sidjc icijnc kjnck hhuiduchihc hdsicjn hduashnuij h asiudhiuhd uhds hsud ihdsiuhs us dhshdh dh auhids hia waiuhw        w3 dhuis a9uwud chd siuc 8scc  cuidhish iuihc98e89efy h4 f  hfdygwfuyg 3 ruy487f fhwe87fye7y fwheuifh dshdsj bcjbsdcusdhf egseufbh ehbfiwuefhgefgewfkj iuhe diuggefgeuigei uh ai oqw iqhw iqwiufhiuewgfiegeue7 eygh eiu3 efhb fhuieh iuehieuhiheiuhhuiuhiuhfiuh f iueh iufehjnc ch iuch  uiewihadwk asks haiuh duew iudh hf iuhfiuwnx xnaisji diuh diuhdnc hdech nxknx uhediuhfb ehwb iuheihiuh uhc uiheuhc cu  ui efiuh wehbf.
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i give ya rep points
on April 21