There was no sound. No sound of her breathing, no sound of her moving, no sound of the ones she loved, no sound of anything, all was silent...

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Is This...?

Her eyes shot open, the images of what had happened flashing in her mind. Her mind was whirling, her breath was shallow and quick, and her eyes hurt. She sniffled but couldn't hear it. She  couldn't hear anything. All was silent...

Angelyna, or as most called her 'Angie', stood. She silently walked through the pitch darkness. She had no clue where she was and no clue of how she got here. She couldn't hear anything, even when she opened her mouth to speak. It was pitch black and silent. The air was cold and tense - so tense not even a knife could break the tension.

She couldn't see anything, but she could feel someone gazing at her from somewhere. Her head jerked around, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't see anything. She tried to call out but as she couldn't hear, she couldn't tell if she had even spoken. Her hand guided her way through the emptiness as she walked, she felt almost as empty as this pitch black place.

She sniffled - or what she assumed to be a sniffle - as she forced back tears. She could feel her dark brown hair fall onto her back as she walked. She was thankful for the jacket that she had been wearing, which she had to wear due to her mother's orders.

Her mouth opened to let out an ear-piercing scream and she ran. She ran for what she assumed to be nothing. She didn't know why, but she felt so uneasy in this place...she still couldn't hear, nor see, anything. But she could smell. And the smell was had a musty and decaying smell. She almost gagged and she ran faster.

Soon, she smelled smoke. The smoke was everywhere, causing her eyes to burn and her breathing to quicken. But...she couldn't see the smoke. She gasped for air but she couldn't breathe.  The smoke filled her lungs. She fell to the ground, coughing up a storm. She still couldn't hear and she could only see darkness...

She squeezed her eyes shut, she didn't want to face reality. She kept on coughing. Well, she assumed it to be herself coughing by the feeling. Her mouth was dry and she felt as if she was on fire. She felt the warm liquid, the liquid being what she assumed to be blood, dripping out of her mouth. She wanted to scream, whimper, cry, anything...

but nothing would come out. She couldn't make a noise, not a single sound. Her breathing was shallow and quick. She felt tears drip down her cheeks and onto the floor. She could feel and smell but she couldn't see nor hear. Well, she assumed she couldn't see, as she couldn't see the smoke, tears, nor blood...

Why am I here? Where is here? Why can't I see? Why cant I scream? Why cant I hear? Why...

Questions ran through her mind, one after another. She almost screamed in pain as she felt something stab into her side. Her crying got harder, her side hurt, it was harder to breathe, and she still couldn't...

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