Servant of the devil

Servant of the devil

How will the Tom-girl ever survive this?... Is the demon evil?... Find out right now

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Chapter 1.
Intro- the start of horror

Intro- the start of horror

Servant of the devil
“Hey there again, It’s elina here with a new story and hoping u’ll enjoy.” “this time it’s an ‘actual’ story that ‘actually’ continues.”
“So with no further ado, here’s the story…”

*alarm-clock goes off*
“Uhhh...*yawns* Do I REALLY have to go?...”:Tess
(Rolls over and puts her pillow on her ears)
Suddenly an old hag barges in and screams:
Suddenly 50 girls stand up straight like soldiers
“ow that, that was the land-lord of this huge apartment… and I forgot to mention… we’re in the demon-world… *yawns*”

After every one of us was done and ready to go to school, we left.
“And don’t go thinking that it’s your average type of school.
that thing’s a CASTLE, Even the gym’s a mansion! Can you even imagine how hard it would be to run 30 LAPS, we would break earths record!
But I don’t know if we humans have to do that in this world, in fact…
I actually don’t even know ‘what’ my duty is yet.

Let me explain:
There’s allot of stuff that has to be done in that castle- I mean school, like cleaning, serving food, working in the library ect.
There’s even a job that you become a ‘servant’ of one of those students, but the students chose if they want you as a servant or not… You know how much hard work that would be?!? I mean, you have to do EVERYTHING they ask of you (except killing yourself). But good thing they won’t chose me. they usually chose pretty girls and handsome guys, and I’m just your average Tom-girl…

Your probably still wondering ‘why’ humans suddenly work for demons, I mean, It’s not human-abuse or something like that…
It’s usually cause their family is poor and needs money or their ants-esters made a contract with a demon so they can have a wish in exchange every generation one of their children goes to the demon world to work in the demon-school for the rest of their life, So me in that case…
It’s not like I ‘dis-like’ this place, we do get fed properly, have shelter in a huge apartment and also have vacation ones in a while. Well, the servants of the students are the only ones that don’t really get a vacation, they almost have to go everywhere their master goes, is that INSANE or what! But I actually like the demon-world more than earth, even though this is my first real day here-“

Then suddenly when we arrived at the school and the old hag screams (…again…):
All humans: “Yes, miss dinqle”
So we all followed her into the school building. It all went pretty good, for a screaming old hag that is…
Until at a crossroad I see a girl, about my age, walking with allot of dirty pans and could barely see where she was going, and 2 other male-demons with an averaged sized rock in their hands and… giggling?... one of them throws the rock in front of her feat and BAMM…
Everything falls on her uniform…

“uh-ow… You shouldn't play with your food little human. haven’t you learned anything at the human school, oh wait, you never went to school cause your parents couldn't afford it. I bet your whole family couldn't pay for you just to stand on the school-grounds”
Evily-girly laughs came out of their butts, while you could see the girl tearing up.
So, I had a choice. or I go left, catch up to the group, and pretend I didn't see anything… or… go right, save a girls life from idiots like them, and have a bad reputation at the school since the first day…
So I looked left, right, left and thought “mehh” and headed east.

The few minutes of action-part begins:
“What do you think you idiots are doing to my friend over there?”:tess
The boys turn around looking dangerously at me.
“..and who are you?...”: the left-idiot asked.
“Her friend you idiot!” *slaps left-idiots head* :the right-idiot
(I forgot to say I worked on this with my friend ‘humor’)
“OKE,OKE… but what are you doing here then?...” :the left-idiot
*slaps left-idiot AGAIN* “to save her friend you idiot!” :the right-idiot
“ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, geez… wait, to save her from what again? :the left-idiot.
The right-idiot: *face-palm* “You were lucky this time human!”
“next time you’ll regret ever coming here, come on, lets leave these insects…”

after they left…
“Are you oke *looks at name-tag*  Liz-zana?... ” :tess
“… Y-Yeah…”:Lizz
“ *grabs a hand-towel out of her shoulder-schoolbag* here...” :tess
“... T-thxs... d-did you really mean that... “ :liz
“ what? giving you the towel, sure, if you want to...” :tess
“ *shakes head* ... I mean... you being my friend...” :liz
“ow, THAT... If you want to I guess-” :tess
“ YEAY... but I’ve never seen you around, are you new?...”
(tess; “wow, she changes emotions quikly!...)
“yeah...” :tess
“... aren’t you suppose to be in a tour or something?... *puts her hands on her mouth in shock* O my gosh, I’m so sorry *turns back into shy*”
“... what if you gave me a quick tour?...” :tess
“ *turns back to hyper* Come on then, lets go!"

On the tour
"... what's your name by the way?" :liz
"Oh, my full name is Tesandra, but just call me Tess for short...and you?"
" oke, my name is Lissana- oh wait, You already knew that! *pushes me friendly*"
"Yeah, yeah. I'll just call you...Liz"
"Liz huh, I like it..."
"umhh Liz, why were you holding those heavy-looking pans by the way?"
Liz stands still in shock for about 5 seconds and remembers:
" O My Gosh I totally forgot, I gtg! umm Tess, the way to the room everybody else new is in the room to your right, the fourth door" and then quickly runs away.

In the room
I quietly opened the door to check if nobody else was watching, luckily ever one else was talking and the old hag was nowhere to be seen. I sneak in but then...
"omg, they assigned me as chefs helper" :random girl
"you think YOU got it ruff, I'm a librarian. like, how disgusting can it get":random girl #2
"I'm the one who should say that. I've bin assigned as, cleaner" :random girl #3
all of them:"EEWWW, gross"
"uhhg, why did they NOT make us servants of those hotties, we're OBVIOUSLY the most pretty ones to chose from. I bet they would fall for us and make us there sexy servants, then give us gifts and vacation for like, the hole year" then they all giggle like pigs.
(ow yeah, remember I was talking about that I would not be chosen as a servant cauze all the 'pretty girls' and 'handsome boys' would get the job, yeah, I was talking about these kind of humans. *shivers* Now I feel Sorry for the students...)
(tess: wait, are all the jobs taken?...)
tess looks quick at all the jobs and sees that there all taken indeed...
"*says to herself*I guess I was too late..." and walks away like her new beginning in this life in the demon-world...just ended without ending...

and if that's not enough suddenly miss dinqle comes storming towards her with left-idiot and right-idiot and grabs her at tess's t-shirt . Then there was all this whispering as I say my life slipping away as she yelled: "DID YOU MESS WITH THESE BOYS HUMAN!" "DIDN'T I STRICTLY FORBID ANY ONE TO LEAVE THE TOUR, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING THERE!?!" left-idiot:"Ow, she was saving her friend's li-..." *right-idiot slaps his friend's head before he could say any more* as the room was filled with even more whispering then the only thing I could do is look like I was not gonna die on the spot, but then...
"*old hag looks to my t-shirt that's now slightly ripped to see I didn't have a name-tag* "wait... you don't even have a name tag yet" (that's the first time I heard her speak normally, and maybe the last time too..) "U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS DON'T YA?"
the room was now filled with 'gasps'...
(i knew exactly what that means... There is this rule, that when humans don't get their job on their first day, they will be thrown in the pit of doom were they will spent all eternity in, cauze you can't die in there...) "...AND IT LOOKS LIKE ALL THE JOBS HAVE BIN TAKEN, LITTLE INSECT..."

but suddenly, some one puts their hand in the air. It was a guy, I've heard his names Ethan. He walked up to the center of attentions and said: "I don't have a servant yet"
As the room filled up with gasps again, this time they were sad and angry gasps.
then miss dinqle let me go and took a piece of my t-shirts's cloth with her and went towards Ethan and asks: "and 'why' does the student that always skipped this event every year suddenly need a servant?" as every one looked at him anqusly waiting for an answer.
"well last year and the year before that my school-work wasn't so heavy..."
the old hag:"good enough" then turns around to me and gives me my name tag and says: "you're of the hook for now, but make any mistake and your dead meat!" and walked away...

then suddenly Ethan grabs my hand as he pulls me a meter away from that room and as I stop, bow and say: "*smiled* thnx you so much. I owe you my live" and as he heard that he grabbed my wrist and putted me against a wall. (NO KISSING-SCENE PEOPLE) "yeah, your right, you DO owe me your life now or else you would've bin dead back there" In a instant everything turned serious as he whispered something in my ear,
"I owe your existence now so you gotta sleep in the same room as me."
I pulled my hand away as I said: "I may be in Your depth but I'm NOT a Whore, Master!"
And like that I walked pas him back to the huge mansion as the school-day ended...
Till part 2 comes...

Elina: "that was the first and long (for me at least) part 1..."
"I hope you enjoyed it and will wait for part 2"
"till then, bye ^-^"
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This may seem like a crazy, weird and confusing series now, but I guess it gets more messed up later
I really do hope you enjoyed ^-^ so plaese just read what I got to offer, thnx
on March 24, 2015