My Brother's Friend...

This Storry is about a girl (Nancy) Who falls inlove with her brothers friend but has some insecurities because well her last relashionship ened on REALLY bad terms...

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Chapter 1.
Just Met You..

Just Met You..

I was in my room enjoying tv and heard a thump.
"What is that?" And again *thump* I storm out my door and downstairs "Jason!" I Scream "Yeaaah?" He Replies "Whats that thumping?!"
I get no reply at all so I run into the living room and see 4 handsome guys. "Hey Nancy" I say nothing. I scan one guy from head to toe.
His hair was brown and his eyes were ocean blue. I looked away and asked "So who's your friends?" "Oh this is Dustin,Justin (their birthday twins) Chavis, and Zak."  Jason explains to me I quickly run up to my room and something clicks...."That guy's Dustin!".
A few hours later I quixkly fall asleep and hear a knock on my door. "Hellooo" and then theres a giggle "Shes going to punch you dude"
I get up and open the door and see.."Dustin? What do you want?" I say "Can I come in" Dustin says quickly "Y-Yea sure I g-g-guess" I hesitate to say. He comes in and shuts the door. He sits on my bed and hesitates to say something "Urmm THEY TOLD ME TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU." My jaw drops to the ground I whisper "Lets just make .... moans?" Yea yea yea sure...." He replies " I DONT HEAR ANYTHI-"
I start to make loud moans... I do that for about ann hour and they finally let Dustiin out.
The next day comes around and Im getting ready for school. I put on a purple T-shirt and some Blue jeans. "DID HE ACTUALLY F*** YOU NANCY?!" "No dumbass" I reply I storm out the door bumping into him. I finally made it to school and as i was running into class I bumped into Dustin and I fell down "Sorry Nancy!" Dustin says while helping me up. We meet face to face litterally...Our faces are inches apart!
We both hesitate to back away wait no neither of us backaway at all! Dustin slides over and walkes past me.
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Is that pic actually you?
on December 10, 2014
on October 30, 2014