Hello, Dolly (Creepypasta story)

Elise didn't know what to expect when she went in the woods, she definitely didn't expect for her friends to leave her. She also didn't expect, TT, a creepypasta to take her in as her slave.

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Chapter 1.

Do you want to be my dolly?

Prom, the best night of people's life, well if you don't include me. Tonight was the worst night ever, and prom didn't help it. The party was lame and my friends didn't even talk to me they all had dates with they're "handsome" boyfriend. There was Jacob who had decided that coming to prom was not mandatory and he decided to ditch. He was supposed to be here, and he was supposed to keep me company. But he always bails out on our plans.

Tonight was the night I was supposed to have fun and let go of myself. And that's when we all dared each other to go into the Terror Woods, on the corner of the street. I was supposed to walk home on the safe path, but no, now that wanted me to walk along the dangerous one instead. And why do they call it Terror woods, am I supposed to scream in terror or something. Anyway we walked into the woods until we got into a small part of it.

"Close you're eyes, Elise." Being the stupid follower I am I close my eyes. I hear rustling around me until I feel a gust of wind coming by. I opened my eyes and saw nobody there. Had they just left me here?

"Guys this isn't funny. You guys need to knock it off right now." I called out into the woods.

"Guys!" Nobody answered. And then a sly creepy voice came from the shadows.

"What's wrong? All alone?" A giggle erupted from the bushes.

"Um...guys. Nice sound effects but I'm not going to get scared with some prank."

"Oh darling. This is not a prank. Don't you know where you are." I did know where I was. I was in Terror woods.

"Yes I'm in terror woods."

"And do you know who I am?" Another sickeningly sweet giggle came from the shadows.

"No, but if I did it would sure be helpful." Then I saw the girl with the voice coming out of the shadows and into where I could see her.

"Oh sweetie......I'm Terror Tara. And you're in my woods." Her smile was deranged but her face was kind.

"Oh. Um. Is this the part where you kill me and I just scream in fright." I asked her.

"Not exactly. This is the part where I ask you a question. Do you want to be my dolly? Say yes or no and we'll see what happens from there." Her smile got wider. I could tell she was scheming something in her head. What it was, well, I had no clue. I decided my best option was to go with yes, because in all horror movies yes is always the answer. At least I think.

"Yes. I'll be your....dolly." It sounded weird coming from my mouth. Dolly? What exactly does that even mean.

She giggled madly.

"Great, you are going to be doing exactly what I say or. Well. I kill you." She smiled, laughing really evil like. "Now, let me show you where you'll be staying."
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