Hell's Eyes, Heaven's Heart

Hell's Eyes, Heaven's Heart

A man named Cinaed Ignus who is a magic user gets an ability to control the powers of the Devil Dragon and goes on adventures with his friend and family and gets paid for his services on these adventures. Although evil lurks in the shadows and what lies a head is unknown. I'd like you to know I started this in 2013 and started writing in early 2015. I've worked really hard but things have been slowing me down so this is what I have so far. Any criticism will help.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 1  
Part 1
And So The Story Begins

Long before time there was a war. A war between Heaven and Hell. No one knew who started it because is was going on for so long. The battlefield was gray plains of dust and ash from the demon’s flesh and the angels blood. The sky was blacker than night without the moon and stars. It was like this all the time unless a clash between Demons and angels. Sometimes the divine beings would clash the demons but this didn’t mean these divine beings were on the angels side. Sometimes they would fight the angles for the most the dumbest things if an angel made a sound a divine being didn’t like they would rampage through the army or armies of angels but the only thing the angel could do is run, hide, or fight them until they were so damaged that you had time to do one of the other 2. No one else knew about where these divine beings came from. These being possessed power that made most people on the regions on the planet think that they were true gods but in all reality they weren’t true to their word they were just what the believers thought and the believers on the word of these divine beings would build temples and give small amounts of power to these beings. Some of these beings were honest to believers and these believers would give these divine beings power conditionally. But there was one thing that made divine beings shake and tremble, angels fly back to the lights of heaven, demons crawl back to the safety of hell. This thing was created with the fires of hell and the flesh of fighting this being was the Devil Dragon. He was made at the end of the war but the war could have gone on for centuries without end until he was made. He had dark crimson scales, eyes yellow like a neon highlighter yellow, claws like rusty knives, on it’s lower arms (it didn’t have more than a pair of arms) were blade kinda things that kinda looked like fire but were the basic design of fire, it was 40 feet tall, it was more or less was looked like the devil’s dragon. He was the strongest being during this but after he defeated the strongest angel in heaven’s army, god made a dragon out everything to fight. The fight between the 2 dragon soon commenced. The Demons and angels went to hell and heaven in the heat rising in the battle and all those who thought it would be a good time to attack to other side died from the attacks the dragons threw at each other like 2 sides in a war the difference was they were way more dangerous than what any war could dish out. The divine beings used their powers to make a world of their own to be saved because they knew they would be destroyed by just one of these things attacks because of the pure power from these things. After a long period of time they were at the end of their rope with the fact that they were both fighting and they both were equally matched and they saw no saw no end to this battle and so they both decided to both use their Dragon’s roar. They both hit their roars (just to let you know dragon’s roar and a normal roar for dragons are different because a dragon’s roar is a more powerful but less controlled form of dragon’s breath). They’re roars hitting both caused a light show that looked not like a strobe or rave light show but like 2 rockets clashing each other with firecrackers exploding around the two rockets. I would have used something else to describe it but I couldn’t think of anything better. And like a lot of things born from this time in this power struggle for the upper hand and the 2 powers exploded. The power sent the Devil Dragon to Hell and the other dragon to heaven. The explosion wiped out this battle field of the holy war. So God did his work and made space and time but didn’t make earth with everything on it he just set up the stage and the rest just came together.

Chapter 1 Part 2        
The Explanation

Many Years later a world called Cleric was formed and on this world many abilities but if you were to put them in this world you would Wizardry. Wizardry is the norm in this world a matter a fact 59% of the population on this planet can use magic but there are drawbacks like if use too much you start to use your life force also you could also be denied magic because of a multitude of reasons like you didn’t start using magic when you were young. Magic users use spells to use their magic or give names to their spells or skills that people use people say they’re spells and abilities to focus their power so it doesn’t get out of hand but people can also not say it because they had enough practice and focus toward that power. Another ability is Alchemy which takes up about 20% of the population of cleric. Alchemy is broken into 2 parts alchemy that uses symbols that changes the environment or changing stuff in different stuff like lead into gold or changing a gold ring into its basic elements gold, iron, and carbon(the diamond). The second type is when an alchemist uses only elements or ingredients from the earth to make things like potions for powers and stuff like that but they both require no magic but the symbols require the idea or thing they’re made for but some people don’t need a symbol because they can do it with just pure will power. Another 10% goes to the people who use no magic but science and there called Mechanical over ability People or MOAP and by what the name implies is that these people use machines to do what magic can do and more but the drawback like all abilities. This drawback is that you need to pay for these machines or parts if the machine breaks or is damaged along with most machines can only do one thing like make portals or pick up stuff but not both. 6% goes to Demon Fruit users these people are a very peculiar group because it reopens magic to people if they were disabled. The Demon Fruit users also get stronger faster than magic users but water makes them weak not just in ability power but in body power like they can’t stand up or it’s hard to stand or hold on to something. The rest of the 4% go to people who don’t to the big 4 above they use stuff that don’t go to the big 4 categories like cell control the ability to control the cells in your body or Haki the ability to sense spiritual energy around and predict movement before they occur and armour haki another type of haki that make your soul into armour or kings haki the haki that can make foes fall if they're weak. Well stuff like that these people are call the Rouge. All around these people are called many things but they’re mostly called magis. On Cleric there is a country called United States of Misdreavus where there’s groups of magis that start groups to do jobs for people because those people can’t do it. These groups are called Magis Companies or just Companies. And there is a state Applewood and there is a County named the Oak Men’s valley where a company is there named The Snow Phantoms Co. where the symbol is a dove and the Hall where these magis go to find jobs for money and work. There are many magis but there are levels a magi can be on and do jobs that are tougher for curtain levels these levels are beginner where a magi have just started on his/her abilities, normal where a magi has a go grip of his/her abilities, S level where you have to take a test to go on this level and are tougher than normal and the others are SS level, 10 year and 100 year magis have the same tests as S level but way tougher each time a magi goes up. but if your a SS level magi then you can’t find jobs in the Company hall you have to go to a special place where they place these. Normal and S level magis can find jobs in their Company hall but S level jobs are invisible to normal magis but there is a special spell that allows magis in the S level class or above to see the S level job fliers. Some magis go just to socialise and have fun with the 12 tables in 2 rows and a bar in the back. a extra room next to the bar with a bed, shelves with food lining the wall, and a lamp to light the room. The Co. Hall was originally a training hall for boxers before it went out of business and was sold to the first Co. leader Desmond Fads. The Snow Phantoms isn’t the only Magis Company in the Oak Men’s valley. There are 9 more magis companies competing with Snow Phantoms and there names are Smaug’s Sin, Giant’s Broadsword, Head Boar, Electric Bird, Ender Dragon, Green Coal, Phoenix Claw, Amethyst serpent, and Dark Alchemist. These Company’s are scattered across the County not one is near each other for at least 10 miles.

Chapter 1 part 3
Devil Dragon’s Return

        In the year 1666x many people were given a power. A power that gave people the ability of beings dangerous and could destroy the world with ease. The power was great but it was limited to the user's power alone and these beings had to be locked inside these peoples bodies with symbols strong enough to lock them in there bodys. The contract to lock them in was a black card with blood of the person to bind it with would be know as a Blood Card. Some people got divine beings as a Blood Card some people got beings from different planes of reality and some people got stuff from things that were from this world just never found and one got some thing from the war between heaven and hell and his name is Cinaed Ignus. The year now is 1671 x and this story begins in the Snow Phantoms Hall at 2nd table on the left of the door. We find Cinaed wearing a light yellow t-shirt and grey pants and the iron boots he always wore, his brother wearing a red t-shirt, black pants and black shoes with orange lining and his cousin wearing a green ball cap, light blue T-shirt, dark blue shorts, and dirty white running shoes playing war with a bottle of Bark’s Root Beer and a pile of cards in the center of the 3. Each placed a card on the pile in a order so in sink that they were like machines.
Then Cinaed’s brother Blair with his face looking like he had enough of something. Blair stood up and said “that’s it I’m done we need to go on a job.”
“Why?” Cinaed asked.
“Because I’m Dying for a job or some excitement or something. WE’VE been doing nothing for a week and the last job was so boring….!” Blair said.
“Boring meaning you just mean playing with your phone for 20 minutes while me, Cinaed, Maris, and Freddy were trying to take down that wild pine wood giant worm.” Cinaed and Blair’s Cousin Zalmon Newgate said in a sarcastic voice. Then high fived Cinaed.
“Hey that reminds me where is Maris?” Blair asked.
“Oh she went out on some business. Well at least that’s what she said while she was going out the door.” Zalmon said.
        “Well if we pick a job it can’t be a S level one because I feel better doing it with another S level rather than just me and you guys.” Cinaed said.
        “Well what about Grey he can be as powerful as a S level magis easily with that power he has.” Blair ask as if he knew the answer to all problems we had.
        ‘No and besides he only comes around when he wants to and I’m betting he’s not gonna wanna go on an job if he’s doing it just for some cash that were just gonna spend in a couple days.” Cinaed protesting at the thought.
        “So then we just do what we always do when it comes to normal jobs,” Zalmon said.
        “Yep,” Cinaed said.
        And so they went up to the jobs board to do what they always did, find a job that looks interesting point it out to the rest of the group and converse about which one they would do.
        “They guys how about this one?” Blair pointed to a job about Ice Golems Terrorizing a town at night.
        “Na. it’ll be too easy with the Drag…” Zalmon said before Cinaed covered Zalmon’s mouth with his mouth.
        “Excuse me Zalmon but did you forget I would rather keep the whole Dragonwielder thing under wraps.” Cinaed whispered harshly.
        “Cinaed if you keep doing that you’re gonna end up with your hand lining along his mouth.” Ren said from the bar holding a empty cup waiting for the bartender Cinaed and Blair’s mother Hestia to refill his glass.
        “He’s right you know.” Hestia said walking to Ren.
        As Cinaed let go of Zalmon’s mouth, Cinaed turned his head and started scratching his chin with this right hand because he didn't want whatever zalmon had around his mouth on his chin.
        “That one.” Cinaed said and pointed with a smile of a general about to go into battle. The job was a job of about building a wall to protect a small group of travelers moving from the Notsob the state capital of Massend the state where they lived to the border between Massend and Hampturn where they’re job would be down when they met up with a immigration of other travelers go down south to enjoy the summer.
        “Na. Not enough action.” Blair said.
        “You don’t know that.” Cinaed snapped back.
        “Yeah but my Company School Days are almost out.” Zalmon said with a face of uncertainty.
        “Can you kids remind me what Company School Days are again?” a voice said coming from the door. It was their grandma or Gar as Cinaed and Blair called her, but her real name was Marleen.
        “Oh… Hi Gar. Company School Days are the time someone can go on a job per quartermaster and use up.” Cinaed explained.
        “Oh…. Well what are you doing?” Marleen asked
        “Looking for a job. Oh! how about this one.” Zalmon ripped the job flier of the wall like he automatically knew that this would be the job they would do and threw it on the table behind them.
        As Blair and Cinaed turned around the job was about protecting a archeological company (not Magis Company but a normal company). The amount of money on the bottom was $20 which was a lot saying that $0.25 was worth about $10 here on earth.
        “Sure I don’t see why we shouldn’t?” Cinaed said
        “Well when’s May 10” Blair ask excited.
        “In 2 days if we start packing now and leave early tomorrow, we can make it!” Cinaed said excitedly as well. As they looked at each other they grinded and run out the door, heading home.
        Ren looking at Hestia “Those guys will never change.” Marleen said with a smile. “I wouldn’t bet on it. My last master changed me,” Ren said as he readjusted his violin next to him leaning on the table.
        “That’s true.” Marleen said “They also forgot to decide who get the Bark’s.”
        Back with Cinaed we find him running up a gravel dirt road with forest that lined it the road and got less denser the further you went up the road. Soon the Forest could show a fairly big building but not too tall that could be easily see from the bottom of the hill about 10 kilometers from the Company hall. While Cinaed is looking at the house something from the old she'd seen directly ahead came out. This thing looked like a Hinea with a dark red fur, black marks running around it’s body and it look mechanized like an animatronic. The thing looked at Cinaed with great content to do something. It started running toward him with great speed like a wolf running to a blind deer unaware of the wolf coming toward it. Then like in slow mow the thing pounced and it’s shadow engulfed Cinaed and all Cinaed can do is turn and see in surprize….. Freddy one of his spawn cards.
        “WOAH!!” Cinaed said in surprize. Then he fell with the Ponce. Then looked up to find Freddy’s face looking down smiling with his tongue of rubber and wires.
“Hey Freddy. What’s up?” Cinaed said catching his breath. Freddy lifted his claw and started scratching the top of his forehead.
“Yeah I thought so.” Cinaed said as if Freddy said something. As they walk to the house inside the house Mary La Net sitting at the dinner table making a doll with a bunch of doll cleaning the dishes in the kitchen which was only bordered by a bar and both were bordered by the family room. Mary is one of Cinaed’s spawn card.
“Hey Mary.” Cinaed said as he came in the room.
“Salut Cinaed.” Mary said speaking in french her language before Cinaed owned her.
“I’m gonna go pack.” Cinaed said as he walked down the hall and up the stairs to his room start packing.
        With Zalmon, his house wasn’t in a forest but in a residential area about half a kilometer from a church, 16 kilometers away from Cinaed’s house, and 1 kilometers from the company hall he could get back easily if he uses his ghost dragon slayer powers which consists of turning invisible, teleporting, and other things. Zalmon lives with his parents like normal teens along with Maris but Cinaed bought his house when it was old and broken up for a cheap price and fixed it up. Zalmon and Maris’s house was large the first floor large with a garage attached to the house. It had a porch in the front and a deck in the back. The stairs were in front of the front door and the second floor was about half the size of the first floor and it had all the bedrooms in the house. As Zalmon unlocked the sound could be hear all around the empty house. The door opened and zalmon looking upstairs to his room which the door was open and he could see his baseball posters. He started up the red carpet stairs. He reach the top and step into his room to pack.
With Blair, was at his house well Hestia and Demir’s house in technical terms. His house was about 30 kilometers from the company hall. His house built on a small hill that made it so the front was 1 story high while the back was 2 stories in the back in the back yard there’s a small farm of chickens and hares. This house was in an urban area but across the street was an old farm and about 1 kilometer away from the road the woods the surrounded the old farm like the Native Americans in the battle of little bighorn. Blair had just finished packing packing as Zalmon got home how Blair got home so soon is the fact is 2 types of magis, a magic user and a MOAP user. The type of magic is a weapon man more specifically a gunman which allows the magis to teleport weapons that are assigned to him/her to use that are in his/her armoury and the the MOAP part are science guns he uses like the portal gun, gravity gun, and mining gun. The portal gun is not really dangerous as in if you got shot by it you die it wouldn't do anything it would just teleports you with portals which is how he was able to get home so fast with the 50 kilometer distance.

Chapter 1
Part 4
The Beginning of the Adventure

        And so night past fast like sonic with all 8 emeralds. Zalmon and Blair got up ate breakfast and did their thing and met up at the beginning of the hill to Cinaed’s house. As usual Cinaed was still asleep and it was almost 9:00. So Ren (one of Cinaed’s cards [sorry forgot to tell you]) and Mary decided to play a trick on Cinaed by running the water in the bathroom and once the bathtub was full. Ren and Mary went up to his room which was across the small hallway from Ren’s room and next to the living room which was an open space like the Kitchen, the dining room, and the family room downstairs. As they sneaked into his room and lifting him up slowly and carefully. They moved him down the stair into the bathroom with was right next to the stairs and the door was only a few feet away from the first stair. They undressed him and made sure a new set of clothes were near him which were grey socks, black long pants, a white shirt, a dark blue button up vest, and a long black trench coat made so it could hold 9 cards in individual slots even though Cinaed only had 4 spawn cards held on the top of the toilet. Leaning on the toilet was a cutlass that had a hatchet as it’s base and handle.
“1…...2….3!!!” Mary said to Ren as they timed it and they threw Cinaed in the bath.
        As he hit the hot water he began to scream but he water so covered his mouth so only a loud short yelp could be heard. As Cinaed came up he said “What the Heck?!” looking around and puzzled. Then found Mary and Ren laughing.
“Why?” saying it with the most crossed and dulled face.
Ren final stopped but with smile and pulled out his pocket watch that looked like it was just bought from a jewelry store that morning but when he opened it was engraved with the date 4-23-1564 in the inside. He showed him the time it was 9:02 am.
“Oh my gosh.” said with great shock. Cinaed got the soap and started to wash every part of him as fast as he could starting with the black marking that ran down his left arm that looked like the hatchet part of his sword but with a long shaft as Ren and Mary walked out and closed the door behind them.
Not to far after that Zalmon and Blair came in like it was their own house. Mary looked at them and hollered at them for going in her house without knocking but in reality she was stalling them for Cinaed so he can get dressed. Cinaed came out of the bathroom just as Mary finished her rant.
“Hey you ready?” Blair asked
“Sure but first I’m gonna grab a pop tart.” Cinaed replied
So they left heading to Ege-ton to protect to archeological company from whatever danger they may fear or are encountering. The followed the river that they always went west but a little ways up they would have to break off from the river and head north up a mountain and then take a left at Alban Kurky Rd. As they followed the river path the willow trees were in full bloom, the river was so clear they could see the bottom, and the deer could be seen in the woods with their fawn. They didn’t say much besides how the weather was and other failures of a start up conversation. Well at least they enjoyed the weather. While in the forested mountains Cinaed thought of something to start conversation
“Hey Zalmon how’s that spirit chains thing going?” Cinaed asked
“It’s going well but they won't go farther than 30 feet.” Zalmon said
“Well it’s better than a couple inches.” Cinaed said with a grin of think of something dirty. Blair, Cinaed, and Zalmon laughed because they got the joke.
After a couple hours they finally made it to the town of Ege-ton which looked like most towns but had a lot more detail in their buildings like how even the shingles on their houses had patterns on them and even their glass had patterns. The roads in the inner town were thick glass so you could look down and find most of their people down there digging stuff up. There was something wrong though some of the houses outside of town were destroyed or damaged from something. There was something else weird statues of people looking scared or screaming or something. As the boys walked along the roads looking around at the houses outside of town and statues Cinaed asked Blair and Zalmon something “Hey Blair Zalmon what is this place missing?”
“A welcome party.” Zalmon said expecting a laugh.
“No.” Cinaed said looking at the road ahead.
“Sound.” Blair said looking at the foliage.
“Close… people.” Cinaed said. Zalmon and Blair looked around looking for a kid playing, a Mom gardening, a Dad raking the leaves, anything to prove Cinaed wrong. He was right not person.
As they came into town (this wasn’t the first time they were there, they went there once went with her Grandpa there to see some dinosaur bones and artifacts) they looked down to find some people working like zombie and others looked up and looked like they haven’t slept in days. The inner town untouched from the marks and damage from the outside. They went into the town hall to meet the mayor who set up job.
Zach kicked in the door of the town hall in like the police in a drug house or donkey kicking a man unfortunately Zalmon kicked it so hard it knocked it off it’s hinges and when it hit the wall it fell of the floor. Zalmon looking so proud of himself walked in like he did the job and came to collect the money. Blair and Cinaed a few feet behind him looking at the damage made in a few seconds.
“Wow... could you do anymore damage and take it out of our paycheck?” Cinaed said while rolling his eyes.
“Oops.” Zalmon said like a careless child.
“Soo….. You must be Cinaed and Blair Ingus and Zalmon Newgate.” the mayor said.
“Yeah.” Blair said
“OK… Now is there any questions?” the Mayor asked.
“Yeah 2 of them.” Cinaed said with a face so serious “The first is why say company why not town and second what is it’s we’re fighting?” The mayor looking like he was being interrogated for murder by Cinaed finally gave in and said “This town is in danger but it would considered a S level job so I had to lower it with the town not that rich and the thing you’re fighting is a gorgon.” All the guys looked and at the Mayor looking down expecting us to walk out what was left of the door and go home.
Cinaed smiled and then grinned “Alright we’ll do this job under one condition.”
The Mayor with a face looking up like god gave him a second chance. “YES!!! ANYTHING!!”
“The condition is you pay us 2 times as much but you pay us the original price but pay the second half over time in small amounts.” Cinaed said his smile. The mayor smiled and agreed.
        As they walked out the door well at least where there was left a door. Cinaed, Blair, and Zalmon looked around trying to find a place to place themselves for the battle that would take a lot to win. Cinaed was the first to find his place in the park in the center of town, 2 blocks away from the town hall. Zalmon was the second to find his place on top of radio tower and nether Cinaed or Zalmon knew where Blair was.
The night came rolling in, the streets were empty except when once in awhile you would find an automobile on the street because the owner didn’t own a garage in the town. The lights under the streets to light the digs under the streets along with the streets. The glass that wasn’t lit was reflective like water still.
It was about midnight Cinaed got so bored he summoned Ren to chat. Zalmon got his telescope out and started looking for the beast but sometime he would find a chick’s window and with his desires would look in. Then remembered the mission at hand and continue looking then find a chick’s window. The funny thing was he found out their were no girls in those windows that’s how all the windows looked in the town. A shake was felt in the ground by Zalmon. The radio tower vibertatide from the shaking. Zalmon gripped it tighter then he looked round he found nothing but he was only looking in front of him. Then he saw something…. a shadow rising behind him he turned around and saw it… the gorgon. It has the face and body of a beautiful woman, the tail of a snake, her left arm was fine but with a crossbow that looked like it had a magic aura around the string and stick that held both strings together, her right arm had claws of a raptor-human high bred with a purple liquid around it with it dripping once in a while. It smiled looking down at Zalmon with a face as pale as a ghost. Then the smile grew so large you could see her teeth which were the teeth of a snake and a dinosaur. It’s hair raise and it’s eyes started to light up. Zalmon knew that it was ready to turn him to stone. He tried to move but the fear of it blocked his ability to do so. Just as Zalmon thought it was all over. He heard a BANG from the distance and a second later the gorgon fell from the tower. As he regained the ability to move he looked in the opposite direction of where gorgon had fallen and saw a guy waving with a sniper rifle in his in the tower of the church. He squinted his eyes to see who it was it was Blair. Then the smile on Blair’s face soon changed and the wave soon turn into a balance of the gun. Zalmon turned around and saw the gorgon coming toward him.
“Surprise!!” Cinaed said as Ren shot him with a crossbow made of lightning shot a lightning bolt straight into the gorgon’s left shoulder causing it to fall back into an alleyway.
“Oh my god that you.” Zalmon said trying to catch this breath.
“Don’t thank me yet we still have to find her.” Cinaed said looking over toward the alley way. When they looked down at the alley way they found scratch marks and a wall busted in. Ren and Zalmon jumped down and Cinaed looked at the church tower from the roof of radio station.
“Okay I’m gonna go grab Blair, you guys follow that gorgon.” Cinaed said as he looked down at them.
“Ok.” Ren said looking up. Cinaed started running to the Church and Zalmon and Ren run into the hole the monster had left.

Chapter 1
Part 5
Cinaed vs The Gorgon

As Cinaed ran he started to change his eyes turned into the eyes of the Devil Dragon and with that change lead to greater speed. When he made it to the stairs of the church he heard bangs and when he looked up he saw a gorgon and he looked around to turn and saw if Zalmon and Ren were around since they would faster with Ren able to fly and Zalmon able to teleport and phase through walls. While he was looking around in a hurry he heard a shout “Ghost dragon slayer's roar!” and a hazy shade of grey rays came from a kilometer away.
“Oh my gosh.” Cinaed said “There’s 2 OF THEM!!”
As he looked up again the gorgon was almost to where Blair was shooting.
“Oh crud what have I have I been doing!” he said trying to figure out what to do. Then Blair turned from the sniper rifle to his portal gun and shot a portal at the glass street and at the wall next to the opening where he shot the sniper rifle.
“Cinaed jump through the portal.” Blair said like his life was in danger in which case it was. Cinaed did so and as he looked round trying to get a good idea of what they could do and he while he looked around he found something that stopped his head turning in his tracks….. 2 glowing eyes and the top of a head looking at him. 2 pairs of eyes staring at each other.
“Cinaed?... Cinaed?” Blair asked looking at Cinaed trying to figure out what was happening. Then he looked to where Cinaed was looking and found what Cinaed was looking 2 pairs of eyes staring at a single pair.
“Run out the window behind us.” Cinaed whispered while staring at the gorgon’s eyes.
“Wait. The church roof is 10 feet down and it’s a 70 degree angle down if I miss that 6 inch flat middle of the roof I’ll fall.” Blair said concerned quietly.
“It’s okay just do it on 3.” Cinaed said. Blair knew what he meant and moved his body so it he wouldn’t fall or trip when he started running. Cinaed started moving his right arm toward his cutlass on his back.
Cinaed began “1….. 3!”
Blair ran and jumped out the window. While Cinaed’s lower arms light up with the flames of devil dragon and out of those flames came the devil dragon’s lower arms only smaller fit for a person and had 5 fingers rather than 3. He grippes his cutlass and pulled it out of its sheth. The gorgon pounce and brock threw the window and parts of the wall.
“Devil Dragon…. Fire Fist!” Cinaed shouted as he dodged the gorgon making it land in the middle of the tower. Also as he call out this spell his hands lit on the devil dragon’s fire. As Cinaed landed the gorgon looked with a face of rage at him then looked at his blade it was glowing red. Cinaed noticed what she was looking at and spoke.
“I heated up the steel in my blade making it so even if you catch my blade the heat will make you not hold it for long.” Cinaed said with a smug face. The Gorgon looked even more mad but then lifted it’s left arm and was preparing to shoot Cinaed. Then shot at him. He tried to jump out of the way but got shot in his iron boots. He screamed and Blair trying to climb down the church by the vines that covered the back of the church. Blair looked up with concern but continued know Cinaed wouldn’t go down that easily. Cinaed crashed in to the wall, upon looking down he realised there was no blood coming out of his boot where he got shot. That’s when he realised the arrow missed. As he inspected the gorgon slithered comly over to where Cinaed was it reloaded it’s crossbow. Cinaed then released the gorgon could attack at any moment while he was inspecting and he was right as he looked up at the gorgon it leaped at him with great speed and strength. Cinaed tried to move but the arrow went threw his boots and into the wall. It hit him with such force it broke through the wall went flying to a 4 story builded.
        Cinaed soon grew the tail of the devil dragon but still was able to fit a person. Then crashed in to the 4 story building on the 4th floor but the force cause the floor to collapse under them and making them stop of the 3rd floor. A giant dust cloud surrounded the hole where they landed. As some rubble lay on top of them a large piece of the ceiling lifted up and out from under it was Cinaed. He threw it then breathing heavily looked at his boots. The large chuck of the shaft of the arrow was gone along with the arrow head but left apart of the shaft in his boot making him unable to move his ankle. Cinaed tried taking the arrow out with his claws but the arrow was to logged in.
“Urgh.” Cinaed growled. He looked up and started to look around. The room he landed in was small and barely lit up. Around it were old yarn making machine that people of the United States of Misdreavus or USM used back in the brass age. It was kinda like the gilded age here in the US but businesses needed to be well maintained or they would die out like brass and how it turns from the color brass to that coppery green color. As he looked he released he didn’t have his sword with him. He started to look limping around. As he looked he heard a voice calling out “Ren...Ren.” Cinaed limped over to a window and looked out. He found Zalmon walking through the streets calling out for Ren. Cinaed tried calling out to him but Zalmon was calling out to loud to hear.
“Damn it!” Cinaed said looking for a way to tell Zalmon as he hit his hand against the window. Then he looked at the window and a wide grin came across his face with an idea. As Zalmon looking and calling out for Ren, he heard a loud crash. He looked up and towards where the sound came from. It came from the window Cinaed was at.
“Hey!” Cinaed said as he waved. Zalmon teleported to Cinaed to see what’s up.
“Hey.” Zalmon said as he see appeared finishing the teleporting like dust in the corner. Cinaed then untied his boots and explained his predicament.
“Ok I see what’s going on but 1 question.” Zalmon said
“Alright so what is it?” Cinaed asked
“Why do you wear those boots if you take them off?”
“Because it proves me with armour and makes my kicks heavier.”
“Do you mind if you help me find my sword?”
“Wait what about the Gorgon?”
“Oh right. Well….. I think it ran off while I was under the rubble.”
“Ok. Let’s get started”
“Wait…. how did you know about the gorgon I was fighting?”
“You wouldn’t destroy a part of a church by yourself.”
“True.” Cinaed said shrugging on some rubble.

Chapter 1
Part 6
                Ren and Blair vs The pair of Gorgons

While Cinaed and Zalmon looked for Cinaed sword, we find Blair bunting over a couple blocks away from the church. Yeah he’s kinda out of shape.
“Oh My...God” Blair said breathing heavily. “Why did I run Cinaed probably took care of it?”
“Yeah but there’s still one out there that you or I don’t know where it is……” a voice replied. Blair looked toward where the voice came from. It was Ren leaning against a wall with a beer in his hand (The Story of Hell’s Eyes, Heaven’s Heart or HEHH or whatever you call it writer CTR doesn’t condone the drinking of liquor but do what you want.).
“Oh. It’s you weren’t you supposed to be with Zalmon.” Blair looked.
“Aren’t you suppose to be with Cinaed.” Ren replied with a smile.
“He told me to run and he would take care of it.”
“Sure but you could have fired a incendiary round with that fire gun you have.”
“A magis broke it when I was fighting him.”
“Where was Cinaed on another job.”
Then they heard a sound coming from behind Blair which sounded like a high pitched whistle sounding louder and louder. Until Ren lifted his crossbow and shot an arrow from his lightning crossbow in Blair’s direction. Blair seeing the crossbow fire made him look in shock as Ren shot an arrow of lightning came at him. The arrow just barely missed his head and hit another arrow coming toward the back of Blair's neck.
“WHAT THE HELL, Ren?!?!?” Blair said looking shaken up.
“As last recall you weren’t the type of guy who would like to shot behind in the neck and die.” Ren said looking in the direction of the arrow. Blair turned his head little to the left and found an arrow in the wall of a house with a large charred area in the front around where the shaft met the arrowhead. Blair with a face of fear and shock turned toward Ren reloading his crossbow. Blair turned around some more find one of the gorgons speeding toward him. In fear Blair jumped back and teleported in a WW1 Style Browning Machine Gun and started firing as his left hand held the barrel. The bullets hit the gorgon like the sniper rifle rounds but in large amount but like last time they did little damage that is until Blair and Ren heard another high pitched whistle.
“Another one coming behind you.” Ren said lifting his crossbow toward it.
“Let it.” Blair said as he fell to the ground. THe arrow out of the darkness, past over Blair and hit the Gorgon. The arrow sent it flying back 40 meters until it grabbed onto a wall and slowed it self down. The Arrow Pierced her in the upper stomach but it was low enough not to hit the diaphragm on her right side. The arrow was at an angle. It’s blood was a dark blue like the color of the Ocean if you were out far enough. It looked and pulled the arrow out but the arrow looked different from the arrows Blair saw from his sniper scope it was thinner. When the Gorgon tried pulling it out it groaned when it tried to pull it out. Then Blair released they were hunting them when he turned around to tell Ren…. He saw it. The second Gorgon beginning to turn Ren to stone slowly Ren with fear in his eyes looked at Blair. Blair with fear of losing Ren teleported in the biggest and fastest firing gun, his minigun. As the barrel began to turn faster and faster he yelled “Hey Ugly!” It stopped looking and turning Ren to stone and looked at Blair. “Saw hello to the devil for me!” Blair said as the Minigun began to fire the wave of bullets. The bullets hit it and started to make it go back slowly. Then Blair pulled the trigger even harder and started to walk toward it. Ren moving slowly but surely started to move his head watching the waves of bullets hit it in amazement but his face slow changing to look amazed so it was like a face in between the 2 faces. Then it coiled it’s tail and jumped up into the air and on to a rooftop leaving them. As Blair let go of the trigger and looked at the corner behind the gorgon he saw 2 rounded areas of black where the extra bullets landed. He then looked at Ren with his face finishing the change in his face to look shocked. Blair with a face of concern turned and saw the wounded Gorgon was gone. As Blair came up to where it stopped or where it was last time he saw it, he noticed a pool of it’s blood and a trail of smeared around. Blair then looked forward to where the blood trail lead and then started to look back at Ren. He then began to look for a wagon or something he could use to hale Ren around.
Back with Zalmon and Cinaed looking around for Cinaed’s sword but now in the Church’s side yard.
“I still think we should go check on where those gunshots and yelling came from.” Zalmon said in concern for Blair’s safety.
“Don’t worry about it Blair’s fine you heard that thunder and saw that lighting, Ren’s with him. Not to mention the fact that that last roar of bangs was from Blair’s minigun, so he’s fine.” Cinaed said.
“Yeah you’re probably right.”
“Yeah because I’m the DragonWielder.”
“Hey. How come you can say it out loud but I’m not.”
“Because it’s 2:30am and those who are awake are covering their heads and ears from the fighting outside.”
“Good point. Hey I found it.”
“Yeah but it’s…… folded over on itself?”
“Yeah I heated the metal in it and made it easier to bend.”
“Oh that’s mmmm….. pretty smart.”
“Thanks it was a good idea at the time.” Cinaed concluded as Zalmon passed him the blend over cutlass.
“Well I guess I could break of the main blade and just use the hatchet part.” he said inspecting it. He then placed it on 2 pieces of the churches tower and lifted his leg behind the blade right between the hatchet part and cutlass blade and turned his leg so the back of his leg would face the sword. He then said “Devil Dragon….. Scythe!” as a curved blade of the Devil Dragon’s fire came out of his heel and bent his knee and made it so the fire cut the sword in between the cutlass blade and the hatchet. The hatchet then fell off with a glowing red line on it where the Devil Dragon’s fire met the hatchet. He then picked up the Hatchet and inspected it before throwing it up in the air causing it to flip. He then caught it when it came back down with the same hand.
“Ok. Let’s go.” Cinaed said as he looked at Zalmon.
“Where?” Zalmon asked.
“To find the wonderful wizard of Oz, who else?” Cinaed said sarcastically.
“Okay so where do you want to start?” Zalmon said demandingly. Cinaed with a smile growing on his face pointed up. Zalmon looked up at the church tower.
“That would be a good place to find one and hunt it down.” Cinaed said smiling.
As they walked into the church a priest came up to them and began to speak “Good sirs please leave your weapons outside this is the house of god.”
“Yes we know and that’s why we need to go up the bell tower to find one of the beasts and kill it so this place doesn't get more damaged.” Cinaed said.
“That may be true but you have the power of hell with you….” the priest said
“YES!! I know but I’m using this power to protect things and instead of destroy the things I love and people love.” Cinaed said interrupting the priest.
The priest with a face of unchanged of when he ran up to them and with a deep breath out, said “Every well I will allow you to take your weapons up to the bell tower but you must not come down.”
“Must not come down? Then how are we suppose to get down and race to it.” Zalmon said.
Cinaed looked at him and said “He saying that to give us a head start to finding one of them.”
The priest looked surprised. Then he smiled and said “Go and find those beasts.” They began to climb the stairs to the top of the tower. Zalmon not to far ahead of Cinaed.
“Zalmon, how far can your chains reach?” Cinaed asked passing Zalmon.
“About 40 ft to 50 ft. Why?” Zalmon said.
“It’s a part of a plan I came up with but some changes so it fits you instead of Blair.” Cinaed said reaching the top and looking at the trapdoor to the top where people could go. Cinaed with no hesitation started running faster toward the trapdoor.
As he ran toward the door he started to say “Devil Dragon Fire Fist!”. Then he jumped and smashed the door open and lande a foot away from the hole where the trapdoor was. Zalmon walking through and looking at what was left the trapdoor. Cinaed ran to the window and looked out it, searching for at least one of them. Zalmon walked to the window opposite of Cinaed and looked. After a couple of minutes of looking something caught his eye.
“Hey Cinaed take a look at this.” Zalmon said.
“Alright what is it?” CInaed asked as turned and walked over passing the hole the gorgon and him made. Just as he walked over he saw one of the gorgons jumping slithering in the shadows but it’s tail was what gave it away with how it’s tail partially should and that’s what gave it away.
“Well time to get to work.” Cinaed said with a grin on his face. “How about you chain yourself over to that building down there.” Cinaed said pointed to the closest building to the church.
“Okay but how are you gonna get down?” Zalmon ask before looking where Cinaed was and seeing him jump out the window and looking like he was gonna land on the building he was pointing to. “Of course he would do that.” Zalmon said rolling his eyes. Then Zalmon closed his eyes and the breathed deeply out and with it a cloud of air like it was winter and breathing through your mouth. When he opened his eyes his pupils were light blue and looked like the eyes of a human-dragon hybrid. Then he said “Ghost dragon slayer’s soul chains.” and a hazy shade of grey light wrapped around both his arm and began to fall to the floor coiling up as it fell of his arm. Then it began to crack and break apart and before it could hit the floor or even the halfway mark it broke apart like ash and disappeared. It soon so all that was left was a chain of the same color. Then Zalmon jumped on the rail and the chain began to move on it’s own raising and moving up until it reached the same level as Zalmon’s shoulder. Then Zalmon looked down toward the building and the chains stopped then began move with great speed toward the building he was looking at then hit the roof with such force they lodged themselves in the roof. Then the chains started to pull Zalmon with great speed. The force of him and pull of his chains was so great it cause a ring of cracks around him also a cloud of dust. He ran out of the dust and toward the Cinaed running toward toward the gorgon. Cinaed then began to running behind it. So close that if he jumped he could have grabbed on to it’s tail.
Cinaed began to say something “Hey what you go…..” The gorgon turned around and hit Cinaed with it’s right arm but it pierced his left shoulder stopping his movements in his tracks.
In Cinaed’s mind he thought “What? I can’t move! Why?” He pondered the problem for a few seconds then released the purple liquid on it’s claws was a paralyzation liquid. Cinaed’s body hit the ground and began to roll and fall into an alleyway. Zalmon saw what just happened and turned his attention toward the gorgon headed straight for him.
“I’m not afraid of you!! Ghost dragon slayer’s elbow and fist.” He yelled. Then jumped along with gorgon with a fist and elbow glowing and forming like fire around his hand and the end of his elbow with the light grey of ghost energy.

Chapter 1
Part 7
Zalmon & Cinaed vs Gorgon

        The gorgon shot it’s crossbow at Zalmon but went through him and hit a roof. The gorgon looked confused and then Zalmon using his elbow ghost dragon slayer magic as a booster hit the gorgon and made it knock back. Then Zalmon landed and ran toward it and started another attack.
Zalmon said “ghost dragon slayer’s wing attack!” and his left leg grew the ghost dragon slayer’s magic. When he came up to it he gave it a roundhouse kick which sent it flying into a wall. As it looked up it found Zalmon running toward it.
        “Ghost dragon slayer’s breathe!” Zalmon yell as he stopped and slid. Along with curled his hands nexted to each other and put them next to each and put it right of his mouth. Then blew into hands and what came out of the end his hands was a line of ghost dragon slayer magic. And when it hit the gorgon it made caused an explosion. Then it caused a cloud of smoke and out came jumping the gorgon landing on Zalmon and restraining his arms making him unable to move. Zalmon trying to brake free then realised that he was gonna be turned to stone as he looked up and saw the gorgon preparing to turn him to stone. Until he heard CInaed yell “Devil Dragon Breathe!” and a ray of dark crimson red hit it and sent it flying toward a wall of a building. Zalmon looked over and saw Cinaed barely standing and using an iron rod to hold himself.
“Cinaed!” Zalmon exclaimed. He got up and ran to him. “Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah I’m fine. Just a little wobbly but I’m alright.” he said almost falling but catching himself.
“Why did it shoot me when it would have been simpler to jab me like you?” Zalmon questioned it.
Cinaed thought about it for a little bit and thats when he realise it. “Zalmon it didn’t do it because it may be able to use it once.” Cinaed explained.
“What?” Zalmon looked at him with confusion.
“Yeah some animals can make poisons and stuff like that but there are some it is rare but some animals can only make so much at a time that it needs to build up it’s supply. Well so says my teacher.” Cinaed concluded.
“Yeah that maybe true but how are you still standing?”
“I’m fighting it. It feels like my clothes are made of limpuim (an element that’s heavier than lead and can’t be found on earth).” Cinaed said looking focused on the cloud that the gorgon made when it hit the wall. Then it leaped out and over a roof to the center of the town where Cinaed was waiting earlier leaving sharp edges like spears in the part of the cloud it left.
“There it goes!” Zalmon yelled picking up Cinaed’s arm and teleporting Cinaed and himself to the gorgon but about 30 feet away from it.
With a big grin Cinaed said “Zalmon try to hold it in place I got a plan.” Zalmon looking at Cinaed and that grin of his Zalmon nodded and ran toward it and summoned his chains that went around 2 trees and restrained the gorgon. The gorgon began to struggled and pull on the chains making Zalmon stretch out his arms.
“Cinaed, come on with that plan!” Zalmon said groaning from the strain his body was going through to hold the chains.
“DEVIL DRAGON ROAR!” Cinaed yelled with a face of serious rage. Then a crimson red giant roar of fire came barreling at it just above Zalmon’s head and hit the gorgon but unlike with their previous attacks this one actually caused damaged and the fire was so intense that it burnt it to a crisp. The fire was so intense it broke the chains Zalmon was using to hold it like they were wet toilet paper. As Zalmon and Cinaed walked up to it Cinaed’s Devil Dragon arms and tail turned to ash and charcoal and flew away in the breeze.
Zalmon poked it with his toe and Cinaed with his hatchet.
“Well looks like 1 down 1 to go.” Zalmon said.
“No 1 down 0 to go” Cinaed said. Zalmon opened his mouth to said something but before he could ask a question Cinaed answered “Blair and Ren got the last one.” Zalmon closed his mouth and went to the town hall to what for Blair to finish and the mayor take down all the stuff he used to barricaded the door or the opening since Zalmon kicked it down.

Chapter 1
Part 8
Dragon Wielder's Special attack vs Gorgon’s surprise

        With Blair he found a cart and got Ren on it and walked around pulling Ren while Cinaed and Zalmon were fighting. Also following the trail of blood with Revolver in hand. He followed the blood and looked at the buildings around him to get a good idea of how he could get an advantage and how the gorgon could get an advantage. Then he saw the blood trail lead to an alleyway and found it dead but it was made of stone like it turned itself to stone.
        “What the heck?” Blair said. Then he heard Cinaed yell his final attack and when Blair looked up he say like a crimson red light but not the flames Cinaed created. Once the crimson glow ended Zalmon turned around and saw Ren turning back from partial stone.
Ren once done turning back from stone he said “Oh my gosh. That was the worse.”
“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Blair told him.
“Oh really you have to use all your energy to move after a few minutes of being turned to stone.” Ren said looking at Blair knowing that he won.
“Well I guess we should go and wait for Cinaed and Zalmon in front of the town hall if they aren’t done already.” Blair said.
“Sure.” Ren replied. And so they did what they said and made it to the town hall and greeted Cinaed and Zalmon.
“So you guys are still alive.” Cinaed joking while looking at them.
“Yeah but are you?” Ren joking back
“Well the devil dragon isn’t destroying the world so I would assume not.” Cinaed said looking at Ren while sitting on the steps. Then they all sat down on the steps of the town hall waiting for the mayor to take down all the stuff down. The sun was beginning to come up and Ren returned to Mary and Freddy at the house. Then Blair looked down and saw something under the street with the rays of the sunrise and it depicted something.
“Uh Cinaed……” Blair said with great fear in his voice.
“Yeah.” Cinaed said with boredom in voice. Blair pointed at the pictograms in the rock that were seen in the sunrise light. Cinaed and Blair both looked at it and there pupils shrunk from fear.
They then looked up and found the gorgon rising with stone floating toward it and that’s when Blair recognized some of the pieces that looked like the gorgon that he found turned to stone.
“Guys the stone that’s floating toward it looks like the stone that I found one of the gorgons turn into.”  Blair said.
“OK so I’m almost out of magic how about you guys?” Zalmon said.
“I got some but not enough to fight it again.” Blair said.
“Got enough for one last attack to take it down.” Cinaed said rising from the steps as his eyes and arms turned back to the dragon’s parts.
“Then go for it.” Blair said. Then a bright red orb with 2 rings around it in Cinaed’s pum. Then the stone wrapped around the gorgon and exploded and out of it was a giant gorgon with armour and giant ax made of the 2 crossbows. It looked at them with a simile and licked it lips. Cinaed got it into a position that looked like he was gonna throw a spear but his pump was open and elbow pointed back toward the town hall. He closed his hand into a fist and the orb went threw his hand and stopped above his knuckles. Then the gorgon got into a position that looked like it was gonna punce as it did that a circle with 3 roundish triangles were in it around a smaller circle. The giant gorgon jumped and was about to land on Cinaed but Cinaed rocketed it fist forward toward to the circle and through the other side came a giant blaze of fire not as large a roar but more concentrated and more powerful. The blaze hit the giant gorgon face first and soon engulfed it. The giant blaze burned straight through a couple trees and burned a part of the top of a roof right through some shingles.
When the blaze stopped as fast as it started what was left was a giant gorgon that was black as the night and little sparks across it’s body. It’s armour was beginning to melt, slowly falling to the ground. Cinaed’s fist smoking and then Cinaed fell to his knees and looked at the corpse he made breathing heavily.
“Cinaed, are you..” Zalmon began to ask.
“I’m fine it gets easier each time I use it.” Cinaed interrupted. Zalmon and Blair looked at Cinaed like he was hurt badly.
People began to come out of their houses and saw what Cinaed had done and began to talk to each other then a clap of the crowd began to rise. Then whistles and shouts of crowd cheering for their freedom to go out in the dark. Cinaed, Zalmon, and Blair walked to town hall and found the door open and 3 checks in the mayor’s hand waiting to be taken. They each took the check and started their walk home.
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