Just something that i thought would make an interesting story, everything in this story is pure fiction. It may seem long but unsure how long a chapter should be. Its worth having a read and any comments would help. sorry the chapter wasnt fully finished so ill remove sum parts till i feel like this chapter is complete

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I have not knowingly used any stories or ideas from other people’s stuff, anything that resembles someone else’s work is purely coincidence. Everything is pure fiction and no real references to any events or people are used.

Michael was shot during a shop robbery that went wrong, spent four months in a coma from the injury. All his life during the four months had gone down drain, his girlfriend had left him and his old family house was reposed by the council and his bank account left by his parents was fully withdrawn.

Finally waking up from the coma Michael had no clue of the incident or the week before the shooting, the doctors showed pictures of his family and girlfriend each he had confirmed correctly but shown a picture of the shop he was in during the shooting his personality changed and he became angry and struck out at the doctors. He was sedated by the medical staff, meetings were held to determine what course of action is needed for Michael’s treatment.
A year had passed since Michaels stay in the hospital and his treatment had finished, he had tried to talk to his ex-girlfriend about retrying their relationship but each time he spoke about it she would talk about the shooting which sent his personality to his anger side. Any job he had always ended after a few months from his temper getting the better of his mind, counselling had worked on working out his trigger for his alternate personality any mention of violence or images depicting shootings.

Many nights Michael drank at a bar in his town called the black cat, he would sit at the corner of the bar looking at the faces of every person in the place. Often he would see the same patron with different people every few nights, on one occasion the patron he saw often was at the bar for three weeks which made him ask the bar staff about the patron. Many bar staff would just walk away or ask him to stop asking and forget the fact that he’s even seen the patron, the patron Michael had seen many times was in the bar the night he went to drink hoping to forget the event that happened a year before on that day.
He had five Serbian Fires before he saw the patron and decided he would talk to them about what they do that was the start of his new life. The world he was about the enter scared him but also drew him in, Michael spoke to the patron for couple hours explaining what had happened to him the year before and his life up to that moment in time.

The patron gave Michael a scrap of paper with an address and time, they then left the bar and Michael stayed sat at the table looking around him and finished drinking his glass, he waited twenty more minutes and left the bar for the last time.
The next night Michael was waiting at the address given to him, an hour went by without anyone turning up which by then Michael was leaving when a car screeched to a halt and two men climbed out. One was taller than he was and built twice has wide, he could see the top was almost straining with the size of the giant, the other guy was near the same height as Michael but looked skinnier than he was but Michael could feel that he knew how to handle his self if it came to a fight. Both walked over to where Michael was frozen on the spot and the giant stood behind him, Michaels fight or flight response kicked in and he threw a punch at the smaller guy but it was blocked and he felt a thud to back of his skull then it all went black.

Michael woke up but was unable to move his body, his vision finally cleared as he was looking round the place that he was in and saw that he was tied to a chair with medical equipment around him. He wasn’t able to see anything else in the room as it was too dark outside of the lights circle, he tried to scream but his voice made no noise he kept trying till his throat got sore when he heard a click of a door opening and some footsteps, one set was higher pitch than the other so he guessed least a woman was in the room with him and another guy.
“Michael is it? You’ve spoken to our representative at the bar and we know you’ve been watching him for a while.” A woman’s voice asked with a deep accent that Michael was unable to identify.
A man entered the light his face was hidden by a mask, but the size of his frame reminded him of one of the men that knocked him out.

“You won’t be able to talk for seventy two hours; I’ve disabled your speech control.” The man informed Michael behind his mask; he turned to some items laid on a table next to him.
Picking up a syringe he then picked a small vial of an unknown substance; he started to fill the syringe and stopped as the woman started to enter the light.
The woman wasn’t wearing a mask and Michael thought the face seemed familiar but wasn’t able to put the face to any place he had been to, her eyes felt as if they were looking deep into his soul and mind. She held his face then Michael felt a sting on his left arm, his eyes only moved and saw the man put the syringe into his arm and begun to inject the fluid inside, pain started to roll upon Michael with him convulsing with the sounds from various equipment monitoring his vital signs going crazy.

Michael woke up his vision blurry and unsure who he even was, a light suddenly turned on forcing him to fall out of bed and cower in corner. As his vision started to recover he saw a mirror and crawled over towards it and stared into it, he looked at the reflection and didn’t recognise the face looking back causing him to search his memory for any answer but was unable to find a name or any clue on who he was.
Over a speaker came a voice that he had heard before but was unable to remember when or where, “Michael, you’re awake again! Can you remember what you did few hours ago? Or would it happen to be Clyde that I’m speaking to now?” the voice asked before going quiet.

Thoughts were starting to whirl in head, Michael and Clyde which is his true name and why it is fuzzy with remembering where and what did he do few hours ago or even his life before this room and mirror he’s looking at.
Noises outside the room made him look towards the door that opened with a figure blocking it, the figure walked into the room followed by another figure both were female holding items in their hands. They placed the items on floor by the bed, “Choose only one item then prepare for a test, now choose!” both women told him in sync.

He slowly moved towards the items and realised they placed two weapons on floor, a handgun and an axe both seemed new and maintained well. Images started to flash in his mind, a handgun being held and shots firing at people trying to kill him and uses of the axe cleaving open skulls and smashing limbs. He recoiled in shock with what images he remembered, but then his mood changed as his mind took control and a survival instinct kicked in and he chose the handgun then started to inspect it, releasing the magazine counting how many rounds are loaded and if the handgun is in good working order.
The women then left the room and the door shut, waiting for what test they had in store for him, he started to wonder how he knew what he needed to do with the weapons and why he was scared to pick them up at the beginning.

The door opened and his instincts told him to go thru the door and kill anyone who attacks him, so he walks thru the door and enters a dark corridor where no sound is present. He began to walk down it before catching a glimpse of movement, he jumped up and caught the pipes hanging from the ceiling and lifted up out of view, thoughts came into his mind that he has done this many times before. He heard slight movements coming towards his location he slowly dropped his head so could see any people in the corridor, she saw one person walking down holding something long when they passed under him, he dropped down gently behind the person and grabbed them while pressing the handgun to the back of spine near the heart.
Pulling the person back into the room he came from he placed them against wall, looking into the eyes he saw that they were scared and almost crying but he didn’t seem to feel anything not even for a young girl standing against the wall, his attention was drawn to the corridor by the feeling that someone was stalking him that moment was a mistake as the girl swung the object into his ribs knocking the air from his lungs. His reaction was slowed greatly by the hit he suffered; Michael defended the next flurry of attacks suffering cuts and grazes, he managed to disarm the girl but then he suffered a heel kick to his jaw knocking him to floor unable to stand up or defend himself from any other attacks.
As the girl was delivering the killing blow to Michael’s skull, he reacted with speed greater than the girl and struck her in centre of chest with a kick forcing her to stumble giving him time to get up and fight back. As he stood up saw her running at him then jumped and drove her knee into his face, breaking Michael’s nose and spending blood spraying down his face and over the girls leg, the blow knocked Michael unconscious which stopped the girl’s attack she then pulled a phone from her pocket and dialled a number. Few minutes later a team of men walked thru the door, the young girl pointed to Michael’s body laid out on floor which then the men picked his body up and took it to an operating room, where the men started to operate on Michael’s nose and checking over his body for any other injuries.

After Michaels nose and few ribs were fixed, a cocktail of drugs was feed on a drip to keep any infections from spreading and for some other purposes.

“How are his injuries? Also how Sirens body, I saw the fight between the both of them, they did seem equal but he was slower.” A woman asked the woman that saw Michael first.
“They are good; it will be couple days till they are healed. Siren is ok, she only has bruises but they were equal, his awareness is sharp and precise but still could use more training.” The woman replied back, looking at the table with the young man strapped to it.

He woke up with his nose and ribs feeling sore, again he had no idea how this injuries had happened. He couldn’t remember the last seven days, he decided to just lie back on the bed and hopefully sleep the pain off and wake up at home if this could be a dream.
“Clyde how is your body feeling this day?” a voice familiar sounding cracked out a speaker.

“Who is Clyde? My name is Michael!” Michael managed to shout back, his voice sounding croaking.
The door of his room opened then a woman in a suit walked in, followed by a girl with bruises on her face. The girl looked at Michael laid on bed, then looked to the woman for an order.
“So its Michael again now, I guess you don’t remember Clyde or this girl standing behind me?” The woman informed Michael, excepting more questions.
“I guess Clyde would be my other personality, I do know that my mood can change but not to a different person.” Michael answered back, turning towards the pair standing in the door.

The woman stood looking at Michael, she moved closer about to reach out and touch his shoulder when the girl rushed in front as Michael stood up, the girl held a blade aimed at his heart waiting for Michael to attack first. The woman feeling she wasn’t about to be harmed, started to push the girl aside and then placed a hand on Michaels face and lifted it so their eyes met.
He looked into her eyes and could tell no harm would come if he doesn’t show any malice, couple more people walked into the room both Michael recognised. One was the giant from the location he was taken from and the other was the man he had seen in the bar that got him into this problem. The man from the bar nodded to Michael who he felt he had to nod back as they didn’t have any quarrel; the giant looked at him and smiled showing a set of teeth that seem to be TV model quality.

He never thought on the appearance of the man from the bar, he seemed simple looking but an air of him showed something more sinister. He wore a tan leather jacket that didn’t seem to fit round his torso, he did have a tattoo but it was never on show unless he took off the jacket.
The giant was opposite to the man from bar, Michael was able to tell the man could easily break a neck with one hand, none of the clothes he wore seemed to fit him perfectly they all seemed to be close to ripping off him if he was to sneeze.

Michael’s eyes moved to the girl in the room, she didn’t look like she had left high school but did seem like she was older. Her mannerism was that she was ready on a simple order to kill the target or a threat, her clothes made it look she was a normal child with an image of innocence.
The woman in the suit, she looked young but her winkles gave away her true age which was estimate in forties, her body was still in shape but the knives hidden by the suit and shirt still showed small signs of the handle and pouch. Her voice sounded posh but it gave hints she was never raised in a rich family, but possible a slum of a poor country.

“I guess you just tried to read and guess where we all are from or what we do? That shows Clyde’s skills are showing thru the wall you’ve set up from him.” The woman observed, with the other three looking on all giving a different facial opinion.
“I told you he was sort of good with identifying people, not as well as Siren or our saint Magdalene.” The man with the tan jacket joked to the rest keeping his eye on Magdalene the woman in the suit.

Everyone looked at him; he thought that was probably a bad joke plus giving away couple of names that were important. A slap caught him off guard while he was in thought, his mind regains composure and he looked back at Michael.

“Now two names have been said, how many more is left and what does this mean for me?” Michael asked while looking at each person’s eyes, trying to figure out what reason they had for being in the room.

Siren and Magdalene moved closer, with Magdalene flicking her wrist to make the two men leave the room for privacy. They slowly walked out the door and the door was closed behind them, Siren never took eyes off Michael but her thoughts were on how he could be a great assassin without being raised from childhood, her thoughts made it so she didn’t hear the other voices till she saw their mouths moving.
“Your skill is good, but why is Clyde the one that must be the killer?” Magdalene questioned Michael, before she retracted one of her knives and pressed it against Michael’s throat.
Michael’s expression changed instantly, his hand came up and caught her hand before it went any further, then a fist came up but was deflected by a kick from Siren. They then started to engage in combat, Magdalene just looked on smiling knowing her plan had worked on finding the key to his shift of personality.

Siren and Clyde exchanged blows, parrying and countering every punch and kick. A kick connected with Michael’s knee, causing his leg to buckle from under him but as he fell he grabbed Sirens arm and sent her crashing to the floor followed with an elbow to her abdomen, a wince of pain escaped from Siren which caused Clyde to pounce on top and deliver more flurries of punches, many connecting with her face causing blood to explode from her nose and lip.
The giant bust into the room and gripped Clyde by his collar and threw him across the room, crashing against the wall causing his head to hit the wall making his head fuzzy and disorientated. Magdalene walked to Siren laid on floor and knelt down to inspect Siren, the giant gripped Clyde’s throat choking him but Clyde still had some strength as he was punching but each punch was getting weaker as he was losing conscious, but the grip was loosened as Magdalene and Siren made way to where them two were at.

The giant backed away, rubbing his arm where Clyde had been punching the thought in his head was thinking on how much strength he has in times of danger.

Magdalene had put her phone away after phoning for another medical team, turning to Siren she saw a glimpse of fear in the girl’s eyes before it was hidden by a curtain of lies. A team entered the room and each looked at the blood covered girl and the man laid on floor slumped over, they even saw the giant rubbing his arm which confused the team as he wasn’t one who normally feels pain.
“Which one we seeing to first?” The staff member at front asked Magdalene, looking at both the most injured.
“See to the one on floor first!” Magdalene told the medical team pointing to Clyde on floor.

Siren stood in same spot watching the medic team see to Clyde, as they moved him onto the bed and took off his clothes she saw his previous scars. The team checked over him and found only had minor bruises and concussion, they moved onto Siren and begun to clean her face and checked her body for injuries finding multiple bruises, broken nose and burst lip with some teeth broken or missing.
Everyone was surprised Siren had suffered that much damage from a fight, reports were written up and filed showing some results of Clyde’s progress and his potential for combat.

Couple weeks have passed since Clyde and Sirens fight, Michael is beginning to remember what happens when Clyde had control but still unable to believe that it was his own body that did everything, he had lessons in close combat fighting but was reluctant with wanting to contribute for risk of Clyde becoming more the dominate personality, any lesson he was given by Siren, Magdalene or the giant he didn’t want to take part.

Everyone was starting to feel irritated with Michael, at a table where Magdalene, the giant, the man in the tan jacket with three other people sat. A man was sat at end of the table holding a cigarette looking at the files laid on table, he took a drag on his cigarette and momentary held then exhaled the smoke and looked at the man in the tan jacket.
“You said he had good potential, you even checked into his background didn’t you? So why is he not wanting to LEARN!” the man shouted at the guy in the tan jacket, causing the whole table to flinch.
“It’s Clyde that shows promise, but Michael is the one that’s stopping Clyde from being in control.” The man nervously told the man sat at the top of the table. “If can get Michael to even learn from the lessons, then that could help with Clyde’s progress but if I can talk with him alone I might be able to convince him.”

A man in a white t-shirt sat next to Magdalene, looked at the man still looking nervous and then picked up a folder to inspect the contents and saw a picture that caught his attention, taking the photo out he looked closer and saw that the photo was a shop he knew.
“I know this shop in the photo, it’s one that some of my men robbed a year and bit ago.” He interrupted the silence, looking up from the photo at everyone. “Is this the place where this Michael or Clyde was shot? If it is then my men caused his split personality”

Everyone looked at him and then chatter started with everyone having to get their words heard, stubbing out a cigarette the man at end of table stood up which stopped everyone from talking. He walked round the table past some of them sitting there, stopping behind the man that had caused the mass talking everyone’s eyes watching both figures then saw the man in the chair flop forward with blood pouring over table.
He then walked to the door stopping when he grabs handle and turns to face the table, “Talk to him and convince him to start learning or Casper will visit him!” He informed the table, causing some to look worried.

The next morning, the man that had volunteered to talk to Michael had took him outside and sat him down, “Michael your causing trouble for everyone, you’re scared Clyde is going to take control but one thing we’ve seen is Clyde only appears when your life is in danger or you feel threatened. You created him to protect you but any sign of threat and you hide for Clyde to sort it, that’s why we are trying to help you control him because more you can learn for yourself it will help you to kill him off.” The man told Michael passing him a drink, “My name is Myron by way, forgot to mention earlier.”

Michael still looked with same eyes during his lessons, “I don’t want to learn because Clyde will have more control if he uses what I know, plus given enough time I should be able to go.” He told Myron with a toneless voice.
“If that’s what you think then you are stupid, you control Clyde but you won’t be leaving here alive. Not after whom I heard will visit, so my advice learn now and with more talking you will be able to get rid of him before Casper has to be called.” Myron warned him, taking a sip of his drink.
Myron realised he said to much with mentioning Casper, he looked at Michael but his eyes were still looking off at nothing. Feeling his words weren’t getting thru to Michael he stood up beckoning Michael to follow, he started to walk up some stairs then across a platform where Michael stopped and looked to where some noise was emanating from, seeing Siren and another girl engaging in unarmed combat.

As he watched on they were grappling, throwing and parrying each other, then they lunged for some weapons and engaged again.

“They’ve been at that for couple hours now, it’s a routine for them two then they’ll start firearm practice.” A woman’s voice caught him off guard a dark skinned woman was stood behind him, she was new to him. “It’s a strict regime they do, they never improve their skills but with someone new they could help you and you help them reach new levels.”

He looked on again at the girls; one thought came to mind that Myron said to him few minutes earlier Casper.
“Casper, is he better than them two down there?” He spoke as the words came into his mind.

She turned to Myron and folded her arms, he saw her actions from corner of his sight. He looked at her and shrugged, mouthing sorry but his eyes moved back to Michael.
“We don’t talk about him anymore but his skills were at the pinnacle, he is feared by even us but last we knew he went missing. His last job went wrong and a house of children got killed by his hands” The woman explained to Michael with Myron looking on.
“If I start learning with you, will I eventually meet Casper?” Michael questioned the pair standing behind him.
Myron smiled knowing his plan had worked, the woman was surprised with his question but did snort with disbelieve.

That night Myron and the woman had reported that Michael agrees to train and will begin day after tomorrow.

On the day of Michael’s official training, five people were standing scattered round the courtyard Michael had watched the girls fight couple days before. Michael knew the faces of them all as he walked towards Myron standing in centre, Myron stopped him walking anymore and began a statement.
“This is your start of a new life, here standing now are your five trainers for the future jobs you will undertake. I’ll now introduce each and what role they play, Siren and Athena over by the broken wall will be your trainers in unarmed combat, Kastor the giant behind me is your trainer for interrogation, Wink the pretty small thing that is squatting in the corner will teach you all to do with computers and finally me, Myron I will teach you everything for firearms and weapon maintenance.” He finished it all by looking into Michael’s eyes and then walked back slow. “So do I choose who I want to train with first or is there a program, because I want to know with firearms first?” Michael asked the group feeling nervous with their eyes peering at him.

Kastor walked forward and stood before Michael, he placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed causing Michael’s body to go limp. Myron was laughing with Wink looking upset about what just happened, Kastor picked up Michaels limp body and walked out of the courtyard and put Michael down on a table in a dark room.
Michael regained movement back after couple hours, looking round he recognised various equipment in the room then remembered it was where he had been held week ago.

“You’ve got movement back that’s good, now we can begin the basics of interrogation come over to the board and I’ll start the lesson.” A deep voice ringed out across the room, Kastor stood by a board that had been set up recently.
Michael climbed off the table and slowly walked across and saw a chair and table set up, sitting down Kastor started on explaining the propose of interrogation with details on various equipment used.
The lesson lasted forever in Michaels mind, but he had learnt things that seemed to scare him but he had ten minutes to get to his lesson with Siren and Athena. He ran from the room with Kastor hoping could remember the route back to the courtyard, making few wrong turns he finally reached the courtyard but the look on both the girl’s faces showed that he was probably late.
The lesson started rough, without any introduction or explanation he was grappled and thrown hard to the floor letting a gasp escape.
“What is point of this, thought you may off started easy like Kastor did.” Michael shouted holding his head from the throw.

“If you were here on time then we would have started easy but you being late shows you lack commitment.” Athena confronted Michael, with Siren not moving.
“I got lost couple of times getting here so you can’t blame me.” Michael returned the conflict of words.

Michael stood up and momentarily his expression changed, the two girls noticed the change and prepared for any attack that will come. No attack did happen as he just stood still, Siren knew that Clyde could be unpredictable so she stopped Athena from getting close and moved close herself, as she got within arm’s reach his arm shot out and grabbed Sirens shirt and he executed an over shoulder throw, causing her to crash into a pile of sandbags, Athena rushed at him and engaged with a series of punches and elbows with having some parried but few did connect with him, as he fell to the ground Athena was about to deliver a blow to render him incapacitated. Siren rushed in and stopped Athena’s attack before it connected, “Look in his eyes, he hasn’t been Clyde since he threw me. It’s been Michael all this time but Clyde’s fighting skill must of got thru with some mental force.” Siren quickly noted the observation then Athena saw it.

Michael lay on ground trying to catch his breath, saw the girls standing above him both talking and they grabbed his arms and started to lift him up. As he stood up Myron was walking across the courtyard and greeted all three, he looked over each one and noticed few marks.
“Guess you three got along well, not able to handle yourself yet Michael?” Myron asked the dirty looking Michael.
Athena interrupted Myron “We had a scare from Clyde, but Michael seemed to hold him back and was able to survive longer than what we had bet you.”

A smile came to Myron’s face as he turns and signals with his hand for Michael to follow, Michael slowly stood up feeling his legs weak and ribs hurting limped after Myron but the walk was short as the range was only thru an archway at the end of the courtyard.

“Here you will learn the correct way to fire a weapon and all information on ammunition, weapon specifications and maintenance, so to begin with I want to see how you’re shooting is.” Myron told Michael as he finally got to deck with some weapons laid out. “So choose a weapon and we will begin, each magazine is full of rounds.”

Michael looked at the table and saw three handguns, two rifles and a sub-machine gun, each had two magazines beside them but his gaze kept going to a small compact looking handgun. He grasped the handgun and a magazine and limped to the shooting alley, he loaded the magazine into the handgun and cocked it before aiming at a metal target down range.
The sound when Michael fired the handgun made him jump, but Myron kept looking on with serious eyes but Michael finished firing off the first clip.

Myron walked up to the side of Michael and looked thru a viewfinder, sighing he passed it onto Michael. Michael took the viewfinder and looked at the target feeling dismayed at his first attempt, he counted the hits on it and only three had struck the target while seven had gone wide. Suddenly some loud bangs startled Michael as he looked and saw Myron firing off a magazine from the same handgun he had used few minutes ago.

After Myron had finished firing Michael checked thru the viewfinder and saw that all ten rounds had hit within two inches his guess was.

“That is the level that you are needed to get to, but I’m not the best shot here that belongs to Casper, but with him no longer one of us it’s gone to Rapunzel.” Myron informed the startled man next to him. “I bet you were expecting me to say Siren or Athena, but wrong they are at the level same as me.”

“How many people are there in this place or group?” Michael questioned Myron expecting no answer.

“There are eleven main people but a lot more working under the top three members, including me.” Myron answered Michaels question without pause.
Myron looked at his watch and realised that Michael had to be with his next tutor in nine minutes, he had to think whose next and felt stupid forgetting that Wink was only one left for training that day.

“You need to get a move on and find Wink for your final lesson of today, next time it’ll be learning the basics and how to strip and clean this Walther PPQ.” Myron instructed Michael before walking away and stripping the weapon down.

Michael went to set off but stopped and turned back about to ask where Wink was, but a voice over some speakers chirped with a quiet squeaking voice.
“Michael you don’t have long to get to the computer room that is eleven minutes with a fast run, so I will deduct one thousand from your account on payment from your first job. That way you will learn to not be late for my lessons.”

Myron looked at Michael and shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the door opposite where the range was, Michael’s leg was still sore but he managed to hold a jog till his knee went from under him as he got past the interrogation room. As he got to the computer room, his leg was in pain from the throw earlier with opening the door a small figure was stood arms crossed and a sad look on face.

“My leg went out while I was jogging here, sorry I’m late Wink is it?” Michael apologised hoping it would work to lessen any hassle.
“It’s not good enough Michael, you had plenty of time to get to my lesson and you may have been able to get some money early. But now that won’t happen and I’ll just show you the basic programs used and the systems that can counter many programs used by hackers.” Wink scolded Michael but her eyes were clear.
Couple hours passed with Wink teaching everything about computers and the potential that hacking can hold, he had skill in computers to start and was given a laptop with some hacking tools on and a list of low security sites and servers for Michael to practice and syphon some cash for use when jobs begin.

Michael got back to his room and laid on his bed hoping to sleep but many thoughts kept going thru his head, his many lessons for the day kept coming back and the words of Wink kept coming strong about syphoning money off from many low security servers. Michael sat up and grabbed the laptop given by Wink and powered it up then a message flashed on screen from Wink, saying ‘Use these programs wisely, as they aren’t properly secure and easily traceable. Also I have installed new software that can allow you to create a new programs and the system has been upgraded for excellent performance. Wink, ps. Your first wage is still mine after you complete your first mission.’

A smile came to his face, he spent some hours during the night getting used to his new toy. He trawled around the many business sites seeing what their profit margins are and if the security was easy to break, couple businesses proved likely candidates but by time he checked what time was he was shocked to realise that it had been five hours since he had started on the laptop.
Michael shut the laptop down and decided to get what sleep he could before his next set of lessons, Myron was standing outside in the hall looking annoyed when Michael left his room and beckoned him to follow along hall and Kastor, Wink followed in behind causing Michael to feel pressured and nervous and seeing some light from a door at the end of the hallway two people standing facing away from the hall.

When everyone was stood outside, Myron turned to lean on a railing looking at the people stood near him. “Michael, I’ve got everyone here because I got a call from the higher ups.”
His eyes looked straight on, knowing that the others will have had the same call.
“They want you to complete your first job to finish this part of training, they think your training take too long and that they feel we are stalling. So the job they decided is going to be hard, it’s pretty much seventy-two hours before the target leaves the country and enters a country that will give protection.” Myron informed the group and held a folder towards Michael waiting for him to take. “It’s got to be done with-in that time frame otherwise you will be killed and all of us could gain a bounty, I want to carry on living and I’m guessing each of you are wanting same?”

Each didn’t look elsewhere but Michael kept looking at his trainers, taking the folder from Myron’s hand then everyone left leaving Michael and Kastor. The giant blocked most of light from reaching Michael, it was quiet as a slight breeze blew and few minutes later Michael went back to his room to read the folder he held.
During his look thru the file, he saw different plans for movements and profiles on bodyguards plus staff that serve his needs while he stays at an eight star hotel. Some plans for executing the target were also placed inside the folder, couple seem to be bit risky but then one or two seemed safer and had higher success rates.
He enquired with Myron about couple of the plans, knowing that it may not be common for the plans on methods for the kill are inside every contract folder. All he saw was Myron smiling and continued with some explanation and costs of each method that is laid out, bribes, weapons and ammo, transport even some costs of even hiring decoy assassins to commit the more risky methods for the success of your job.

With everything finally explained and the best way to execute it, he started the process and with the costs finally done for everything that is required he had spent a total thirty nine and half thousand. His flight left that night but he was only person to step aboard for a ten hour flight, it was nineteen twenty one hours his deadline was fast running out. He set off to meet a contact in the city for the firearm purchased, after some time he reached the point that the supplier had said to meet but no vehicle or person was in the area it caused Michael to feel as if he was walking into an ambush or even being duped out of his money. Eight minutes later after Michael had done a walk round block he saw a car parked on side street, he waited and saw someone climb out and took slow walk round to boot of the car and kept looking over to Michaels position, a wave made Michael to cross the street and slowly walk to the car being weary but he saw a case in the boot and some other weapons but words in his head from Myron ‘don’t be conned into buying anymore equipment that isn’t needed’.

The contents of the case made Michael nervous as he never had time for the lesson on rifle use, but the sight of it made him feel bit calmer as it looked less scary like he had seen on movies and games he had played when younger but its size did still make him think twice as it had been larger than the assault rifle he would of used this day.
After the pair had parted from the meeting point, Michael decided to phone Myron from a phone he had purchased day before, as the dial tone was going off he wondered to himself if he looked out of place holding a case late at night.
A voice brought his mind back to the phone, the voice made him feel a lot better that help is always at hand.

“What’s problem? Has any part of plan fallen thru?” Myron’s voice was asking confusingly.
“No I called for some tips on use of the weapon I had ordered.” Michael cautiously told the recipient on other end of call while have a scan around for anyone that might of heard his conversation.

“We never did do any sniper training, I didn’t think it would have been this fast for you to use it.” The voice had confirmed Michaels own thought, “But it is easy to use, all you need is the fundamental of firearm technique maintain a steady breathing rate, hold the rifle tight otherwise you could break your collarbone and that would be a bad thing.”

He ended the call after few minutes of advice, during his walk back to his hotel for night Michael had passed a small off licence and decided to turn back and buy a magazine and a pack of cigarettes, after buying them he got back to the hotel and took a shower relaxing from the stress of the last few days.
When his head hit pillow Michael instantly fell asleep, the alarm woke Michael up while the sun outside was blazing through the window he turned over and fell of bed without realising he was on edge of bed.
After a shower and some coffee from the breakfast bar, his phone rang seeing it was a private number but Michael had to answer it with placing to his ear he heard a set of numbers then the call hung up.

Michael wrote the numbers down before he forgot them, they seemed to be a phone number but realised that they might be co-ordinates after he finished his coffee Michael left to find a shop and purchased a map of the city but it had no co-ordinates so he walked back to hotel and headed to his room, waiting in the lift while it was climbing the floors stopping only couple of times but it stopped two floors before the one his room is on and two people entered and one stood by door while the other lent against rail at back. Michael began to get nervous with feeling that they must have be there to attack him, as the doors closed and it started to go up again the two that had gotten into the lift suddenly attacked Michael using synchronised moves, Michael was having trouble trying to block the attacks from both attackers at same time.
As the lift doors opened on the floor Michael needed the two attackers were on floor faces bloodied and some limbs twisted in different angles, Michael exited the lift and hobbled down the corridor to his room trying to work out what happened in the lift after he felt on edge of getting beaten.

Inside his room Michael powered the laptop up and ran the shower ready to wash the blood from his body and hopefully ease the pains from the recent attack, he loaded up maps on the internet and entered the co-ordinates and while the map was loading he got into the shower and the water stinging against his flesh. The red water running off him swirled down the plug hole and after some time passed Michael shut shower off and dried himself off, then walked back into his room and checked the screen on his laptop and the location that was showing was couple blocks away so that was now the scene of the kill.

Michael changed his clothes, wrote the address on a scrap of paper and set off with the case he bought night before.

Stepping outside his room he saw that some guards were standing in front of the elevator, as Michael walked closer one guard stepped forward and informed Michael he should either use the stairs or use the other elevator on other side of floor. He decided to quickly listen and set off for the opposite end of the floor, he was thinking that they didn’t any CCTV footage in the elevator or even facing the doors on his floor, but rather than dwell on that too much he moved bit faster and got to the other lift and pressed button to call it to his floor. The lift finally arrived and Michael entered with an elderly couple, they seemed to look bit wary of Michael but he thought might be with him being younger and they must be from an area that suffers youth problems.

As the elevator slowed to stop on first floor, the elderly man dropped a packet as he exited with his wife. Michael saw it and picked it up but as he went to give it to the man, he saw that the couple were gone which confused him and sent his mind into survey mode. But the contents felt strange for something that and elderly man to have on his person, Michael checked time on his watch and saw that he won’t have a lot of time to get to the vantage spot and scope the area for any threats and best escape route. As Michael flagged a cab down, he felt nervous holding a weapon case in public even with some cops passing him just as cab pulled up and he entered the back seats and gave address to the driver. He took the packet out and felt what the contents could be but he slowly opened one side and peeked in and saw some papers folded, he took out the papers and was shocked with what was printed on them.

In his hands were sheets of paper with profile of some people which were unknown to him but on last sheet he saw a face he recognised, the face staring back was the target he was hired to kill as he read the sheet highlighted paragraphs got his attention. A sticky note was present on a profile sheet with most of the writing blacked out, ‘This person is not trusted, linked with multiple deaths of assassins.’ Looking back at the sheets Michael saw a name on every sheet it was the same that was on the sheet with the note.
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