The Switch

This is a story I wrote for a school asignment. It is about two of my sonic oc's in particular - Lilac and Tanya - and only has three parts, all very short.

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Chapter 1.

Part 1 -- A Big Surprise

      Tanya spun her nunchucks above her head and, as the crowd gasped, threw them toward her partner, Shade, who lept into the air, flipped, and caught the speeding weapon before landing perfectly onto the wooden floor of the talent show stage. Applause erupted from the crowd as Shade and Tanya linked arms and bowed. Suddenly the crowd started to throw their food and drinks at them. Tanya ducked to avoid a sandwich and gripped Shade’s hand. They ran backstage, swerving to avoid the flying food. When they were back behind the curtain, Tanya looked at Shade confused. She gasped. Not only were Shade’s quills arranged differently than before, they had changed from gray and lavender to silver. She realized she was no longer with her boyfriend Shade, but with Silver, her friend’s crush.
        Surprised, Tanya clasped her hand over her mouth and was surprised to find that her hand was now robotic. She gasped as she saw her reflection in a large mirror that was mounted on the wall. Her hair was no longer the silky white it had been before. Now it was black with lavender highlights and was much shorter. Her tail had also changed and was now a short cotton like clump of fur. Even her clothes had changed. It was almost like she was having this dream in her good friend Lilac’s point of view. All of a sudden, Tanya’s world started to fade, and she was enveloped in darkness.

          Tanya sat straight up. She looked around and saw that she was… Lilac’s room!?!
Confused, she swung her legs over the side of the huge canopy bed, walked half asleep to the door, and swung it open revealing a long hallway. Tanya walked down the hall to a door that was decorated in gold studs.She opened it and almost screamed. Her room was still decorated the way it had been the night before, but someone appeared to be sleeping in her bed! She cautiously walked over and yanked the covers off the bed. Tanya stared in disbelief at what appeared to be herself. She stumbled backward as the thought hit her. What if her dream had foretold what was happening? She looked down at her hands. Sure enough, her right hand was now made of cold steel.
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