Chains of The Heart

When Dylan meets the man who killed her family things turn out to be not what they seem.

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Chains of The Heart

The patter of the raindrops on our umbrella sounded like music that went in time with our footsteps. Scarlett and Skye were walking either side of me, making me feel intimidated by my two sisters. It was our birthday so Scarlett made us look “nice” for our sixteenth. Skye was wearing lavender juicy couture tracksuit set with a string to hold up her frizzy dark chestnut hair, Scarlett was wearing pink cropped dress, her mousy brown hair curled and pulled to the side. Then there was me, Dylan, my long auburn hair, being wavy, wearing my black and floral dress with leggings. I was different as I was the only one with freckles but not too many. We were on our way home from the bowling alley and we were excited to get home.
As we neared the house, we saw the door hanging on one hinge with the glass smashed and the door handle torn off. There was liquid on the floor as we hastily walked in. It was bright red. Family members were covered in blood and their bodies were strewn across the room. I knelt down to stroke my mother’s hair as a tear dropped out of my eye. I gently moved her hair so I could see her tattoo of our names on the back of her neck. I noticed two marks on the side that was the cause of all the blood. Scarlett yanked me up and pulled me into a distressed hug. As she pulled away I saw her mascara had smudged and her eyes were puffy. Skye was bawling her eyes out as Scarlett gave her a hug.
All fell silent. Then a hysterical cry was let out. It was our baby brother, James.
“I’m sure he is okay. I will go get him.” I croaked out. I got no reply but sniffles and whimpers. I dragged myself up the stairs to his room, only to find him in the arms of a stranger. I heard a gasp and the man turned around to face me. He was bright blonde and very pale, he had blood dripping down from his mouth onto his shirt and a few drops in his hair.
“Where are you going?” he asked as I started backing away.
“Surely you are staying to finish the party.” He smirked and put James back in his cot. I turned away to escape but he was already in the doorway.
“You are going to let us introduce ourselves aren’t you...? Dylan. I’m Malachi and you can’t escape me so don’t try.”
“What do you want from me?” I quietly questioned him. He sauntered towards me with no regret in his expression.
“There is only one thing I could want with you.” He responded with a hint of sarcasm in his tone. Eventually my back was against the wall so I could go no further. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he got closer. Malachi swept my hair to one side and lightly kissed my neck; I felt the dampness of his lips. Malachi edged closer as if he wanted to feel my heartbeat. Finally, he sunk his teeth into my neck and I faded in and out of consciousness in agony as I hit the floor pulling myself away from his mouth. Screams of terror came from the stairs and they grew louder. I got a glimpse of my sisters before darkness set in.
I awoke to a beeping sound and an unfamiliar face leaning over me. There was a tight grip on my right hand and Skye’s voice informing me that we were in the hospital.
I mumbled “Malachi... You need to get Malachi.” The nurses gave me a check over and left the room. As I sat up Skye and Scarlett looked confused.
“Who is Malachi?” Scarlett inquired. It took me a moment to think of a reply.
“He was in the house. He bit my neck. Didn’t you see him?” I claimed.
“I think you hit your head when you fell, Dylan. There was no one there apart from James.” Skye stated. I scrunched my face up at this.
“No I never he was there! He was holding James and he left this mark on my neck.” Protesting, I pulled my hair over to the side to show them.
“What are you trying to show us Dylan? There is nothing there.”Scarlett declared. I rubbed my fingers along my neck and felt the holes were missing. A doctor entered the room with a mask covering the bottom half of his face.
“Could you girls wait in the waiting room while I give Dylan her final examination?”He muttered. Skye and Scarlett didn’t hesitate to leave.
“Dylan you aren’t fully human anymore. We have unfinished business but the venom has got to you already.”I perked up and managed to pull his mask off and Malachi was revealed.
“What have you done to me? Why have you done this?”I breathed.
Malachi turned to look at the door, then back at me.
“You weren’t meant to survive, it’s not my fault but we have to leave before the machine realises your dead.”
“I’m not dead. I’m not leaving without my sisters and I’m certainly not leaving with you.”
“You are really stubborn. Looks like we are leaving the hard way.” Malachi grabbed my hand pulled me up out of the hospital bed and dragged me out of the open window. We plummeted down seven floors but as we was about to hit the ground, a flash of colours flickered past me. Then we stood still. No movement or sound. Peering, I scanned this new place we were but all I could see was a hallway. A sudden beat of my heart collapses me in a frenzy of pain. Malachi stood tall and left me on the ground as he entered the room in front of him. I felt as if I was heading towards a light but couldn’t reach it. Panting, I pulled myself up.
I couldn’t feel my heart beating anymore, I checked my pulse but I didn’t have one.
“Malachi, what am I?” I croaked. I staggered trying to follow Malachi.
“You are like me now Dylan. You are a vampire now.”
“That can’t be true. Vampires are myths.”He handed me a mirror but there was no reflection. I flinched and dropped it smashing it into tiny segments.
“Malachi!”A distant voice yelled.”Malachi, is that you?” A figure appeared in the doorway. A tanned man, his black hair with a fringe covering his left eye complimented his skin tone; he had a grey vest top with camouflage trousers on revealing a few tattoos and scars, entered with a grin on his face. He walked up to Malachi and pulled him into a hug. The man glanced at me for a moment then whispered something to Malachi, pushed him away and tensed. Approaching me he uttered.
“Can you promise never to breathe a word about the supernatural to anyone who isn’t part of the supernatural world? If not we will have to destroy you.”
I stuttered. “I...p...promise. Who...who are you?”
“I’m Blayze. That’s all you need to know about me.”Blayze left as quickly as he arrived.
“Sorry Blayze doesn’t like new people but all werewolves are like that.” Malachi declared. My head was spinning. Everything I was told about my stories being fake was a lie. I sat down on the sofa that was in the room; Malachi brought out a glass and filled it with a red liquid. I watched him sip it and look satisfied. At that moment my emotions got out of hand as I launched myself at him. He took several punches to the arms but he didn’t move. I tried to reach his face but he was too tall.
“Are you done with your hissy fit?” Malachi inquired smugly. I nodded feeling too beaten to speak.
“Look I’m sorry I took your family away from you but it was the only way to survive. Dylan I want you to meet someone.” Malachi walked out of the room and beckoned me to follow. I got up but hesitated before following. We entered a ballroom full of people, in renaissance clothing, enjoying themselves and dancing. A woman with black hair was standing in the middle of the room facing the other way; she turned around to reveal herself as none other than my mum. Tears stung my eyes and I sprinted up to hug her. I tried to hug her but I couldn’t touch her as she was nothing but a spirit.
“Mum!”I thought she could hear and see me but she walked straight past. I started crying knowing that I could see her but she was doomed to ignore me. Malachi dragged me away towards the far corner of the room. There was family all with black hair. None of them talking.
“Dylan, meet my family. Before I became like this someone took away my family.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t know. But if you knew how it felt why would you do it to me?”
“I don’t know. It could’ve just been impulse it was the 1000th anniversary of their death after all.”Malachi flew off before I could respond leaving me facing them. They seemed different from the other spirits as if you could talk to them, my throat dried up as I gasped for a drink. There was a fountain next to the family but it had blood coming out instead of water. A sign stated that it was animal blood made me relax as I took a cup full and quenched my thirst and for some strange reason my hunger too.
I explored the rest of the mansion and found that it was too neat so there must be some things he isn’t telling me. Eventually, I came to a hallway that was ripped to shreds, the detective in me made me carry on looking. It was Blayze’s room. The door being open was my invitation in. It was messy with claw marks all over the room.
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