The heart taker

The heart taker

This is another creepypasta OC story. This is about a kid who was supposed to be dead...

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The backstory(It's not a long story)

Akuma lived in a poor family but she was happy with it.
Until she was 12…
Her parents were so poor and greedy for money that they sold Akuma’s heart for money.
They thought she was dead...but...she wasn't.
When she awoke she saw a shadow saying “They sold your heart so go take theirs!” over and over again.
She listened so she got up,went out the window,and waited til night to enter her house.
When night hit she entered through the back door.
She hid in the kitchen,grabbed a dagger,and waited.
Her parents entered the kitchen after 30 minutes.
Akuma then came out and said “Hey mom and dad you sold my I'll take yours instead!”
Then before they could react she pinned them down and killed them.
When she realized what she did she laughed, took their hearts and ate them.
She then ran into the woods and the shadow followed along with her.
Now she lives in a forest and murders people she finds in the forest.
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