Stories that will keep you up at night

Stories that will keep you up at night

Ill be telling true stories i have hear & telling my own experiences. Good luck & never go in the woods alone &/or without protection

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Chapter 1.

Not alone

Lets start with one that  happened at a campground close 2 where i live.
Me & my family along with some family friends went 2 the campground for the day. Me & one of the family friends went for a walk. Its quiet, almost 2 quiet, but we don't think twice about  it. We continue down the path when we past some large rocks. I  happen 2 look over at the rocks & see this large ash gray beast on top of the rocks. The thing just stares at us as  we walk by. I go back past the rocks 2 get a better look but it was no longer there. Now keep in mind i have 20 20 vision. I tell my friend 2 run & we race back 2 the rest of the group. We never went back there again.
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Unfortunately, I am already at the age when I am not afraid of scary stories or walks in the woods. Life has developed in such a way that now I am only afraid of people. That cruel man is gone. I filed for divorce from him
But the injury remains and will not go anywhere. Fear people, not monsters.
on April 19