The Book of the Family

This is a book of events written in by the Wesker Family and has been used for a long time, however, only during and after the battle at Fairhaven are written in English.

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Chapter 1.

The Battle for Fairhaven

Fairhaven was a location near Eternal Moon Hill, across the woods and the village, it was beautiful until the battle started, what happens next is, in fact, memorable and horrific.
One Major of the human army, named Will, went M.I.A during this battle.
The event that caused him to go M.I.A wasn't recorded in his log, so he may still be alive.
This is what happened when both armies sent massive forces to procure the site for both team's own advantages, them being for the Humans: A great counter-attack site, very easily defendable, and easily trapped.
However, neither side secured the site (Read Zeeros' Log #1945 for detailed report) as the site was trapped with an unknown explosive to either side, however, the Wesker Brothers built it as a test, the explosive was an Mark VI Plasma Discharge Mine, which the explosion destroyed ALL living matter within a 250M radius and left the site irradiated.
Both sides lost interest and teamed up to find out who made that explosive.
The estimated deaths were 10,000 for both sides during the war, and after the explosive another 12,000 added on, the explosion also destroyed a human prototype chopper named a Helix Prime. Which costs them 7.4 Billion to make just one. (By the year 2137, there is estimated to be only 500 to be made)
The radiation is deadly to everything, but rumors say that two people wearing a lab coat, with the other two wearing Wolfpack Elite Body-Armor (Which is capable of deflecting anything lower than 105mm, explosives do not affect this armor, it also makes the explosive crush itself before impact) are living in that area.
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That moment when you read your story months later and it sounds like a frikkin movie narrative.
Or a horror game narrative.
on November 05, 2015