A Story about Midnight, My VERY hilarious cat!

One word: HILARIOUS! And HAHAHA I guess, but that is more than one word, so I will stick with HILARIOUS! This is a true story! -Note: I had to take two exclamation points off the end because it said "Too many repetitive exclamation points: '!' " This thing doesn't let me have any fun -_- -Other note: I will make more stories like this!

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So here is what happened...

        So, I was walking around, looking for my cats, and I felt someone watching me. (I know, it's SO weird) So I turned around and saw...NOTHING!
        (Ok this story has ALOT of suspense...) I walked around the couch and saw...NOTHING (except the couch and the carpet...)
Then, I walked over to the pantry, looked inside and there was nothing except food!
        Then I walked to my room giving up and Midnight jumped out at me ("MIDNIGHT, BAD BOY, I MEAN BAD CAT!").

-I will tell you more funny stories
like this, the next one is a
true story about me that I
am going to call "Snake Charmer"
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