Call Me Captain Gally

Call Me Captain Gally

You arrive one morning in a place called The Glade. You eventually meet a boy, Gally, not a lot of people like him but you don't mind his ' bossyness ' and hatred of most of the Gladers. In the end you realise that under the rough and mean exterior he is just as sweet and warm-hearted as Chuck, especially when he's around you.

published on January 25, 201611 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Hi peeps of the... C O M M U N I T Y!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Anyway,  sup dudes/dudetes (the sky😋). This is my first ever fanfic I have written about anything😄. I'm actually a bit nervous😯. So like the description says this is about you (the reader) and Gally (the best). Plz don't judge or hate.
Taylor Swift: *enters room dancing* Haters gonna  hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. I'm just gonna sh-
Me: Piss off Taylor! *death glares Tay-tay*
Taylor: *death glares back* Fine. *leaves room and continues singing*
Me: Yeah, back of shuck-face this is MY story. *starts mumbling* stupid b!tch.
(The girls name in the story is pronounced K-en-ay.)
Hope you enjoy I would love to have some positive feedback and ideas for the story!
/^\unicornsaremajestic/^\ OUT!
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